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Chapter 98. – The lovely interaction between the girl and the Infant. The dangers of the holy secret. The salvation and effusive happiness of the girl.

98,1. The girl promptly went over to the Infant and said:

98,2. "O what a remarkable Prodigy You are!

98,3. Yes, you are the same radiant Infant who appeared in my wonderful dream, He who the mother had bathed and whose very same bathwater gave me my eyesight!

98,4. Yes, yes You divine Infant! – You gave me my eyesight; You are my Saviour; You are the true Apollo of Delphi!

98,5. Indeed, in my heart now, You already mean more than all the gods of Rome, Greece and Egypt!

98,6. What a lofty divine Spirit must reside in You, who has already untied Your tongue so soon and who reveals Himself through You in such a salutary and mighty way!? –

98,7. Hail to you, people of the earth, who live together with me in great darkness and misery!

98,8. Here is the sun of the heavens, which will give all of you blind people your eyesight back just like it happened to me!

98,9. O Rome! You mighty conqueror of the earth, look, here in front of me smiles the Hero who will turn you into a heap of rubble!

98,10. He will place His standard over your walls and you shall be buried; like chaff scattered in a storm, so too will you be blown away!"

98,11. The Infant offered the girl His hand and demanded to go to her.

98,12. And the girl took Him with tremendous joy and cuddled and caressed Him.

98,13. The Infant played with the girl's rich strands of hair and said to her softly:

98,14. "My dear sister, do you really believe the words which you spoke in front of Me when I was still in My brother's arms?"

98,15. And the girl replied equally softly to the Infant:

98,16. "Yes my Saviour, my Light, my first morning Sun! – and now that You have asked me about it I believe it all the more strongly!"

98,17. To which the Infant replied: "It is good for you, that in your heart you believe what you said!

98,18. But I tell you, for the time being keep nothing more secret than this, your confession of faith!

98,19. For never has the enemy of all life pricked up his ears as much as now!

98,20. Therefore keep silent about Me, and do not betray Me if you care not to be killed by this enemy forever!"

98,21. And the girl promised this most emphatically, and as she caressed the Infant she became so perfectly and youthfully pretty, that everyone around was amazed thereat; and the girl could hardly help herself out of sheer bliss; so blissful was she, that the started to coo and whoop with joy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-98 Chapter