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Chapter 99. – The arrival of Cyrenius and Pilla. Joseph's report about the girl. Cyrenius' courting of Joseph's adopted daughter.

99,1. Whilst the girl was still in a state of great delight, Cyrenius arrived at Joseph's place in the company of Maronius Pilla, just as he had promised the previous evening.

99,2. Joseph and Mary welcomed him with the greatest heartfelt joy and Cyrenius said:

99,3. "O my exalted friend and brother, what have you just experienced, which to my great joy has caused you to be so cheerful?"

99,4. Joseph pointed out the girl to Cyrenius and said:

99,5. "Look over there, with the Infant in her arms and lost in ecstasy, there is the reason for our joy!"

99,6. Cyrenius had a closer look at the girl and then said to Joseph:

99,7. "Have you taken her in as a nanny? – Where did this beautiful Israelite maiden come from?"

99,8. And Joseph replied to Cyrenius who was burning with curiosity:

99,9. "O dear friend! – See, a miracle brought her under this roof! – She came to me blind, looking like an aged destitute beggar woman.

99,10. But through the miraculous power of the Infant she regained her sight, and it then showed that she is a maid of hardly twenty summers, and also an orphan, so I took her in as my daughter; and this really why we are so full of joy!"

99,11. And Cyrenius, who was looking with ever increasing delight at the girl, who in her state of bliss had not even noticed him yet in spite of him being present in all his glory, said to Joseph:

99,12. "O friend, o brother! – How much I regret now being a noble Roman patrician!

99,13. Indeed, I would give everything now to be a Jew so that I could ask for the hand of this wonderful Jewess of yours!

99,14. For you know that I am single and childless. O what could such a wife be to me, one blessed by you!"

99,15. And Joseph smiled at Cyrenius and asked him: "What would you do if this girl would not be Jewess but a Roman woman of high status, just like you?

99,16. If she would be the only daughter of a patrician, whose parents met their doom in the waters of the sea during a journey to Delphi? –!"

99,17. Here Cyrenius looked at Joseph in amazement and, after being silent for a while, said:

99,18. "O exalted friend and brother! What are you telling me!? – I beg you, explain yourself more clearly; for this matter seems to concern me closely!"

99,19. But Joseph said: "My noble friend! Look, everything in its time, therefore be a little bit patient and the girl will tell you everything herself!

99,20. For the time being, you can tell me how matters stand with the exhumed corpses from the rubble of the temple!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-99 Chapter