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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-41 Chapter

Chapter 41 - True love for God is God’s spirit within every man.

41,1. Says the extremely beautiful and lovable Sarah: 'Yes, now this is already clearer to me, but then all the daughters of Eve have the same right to You as I?'

41,2. Say I: 'Certainly, if they are as you now are. But if they are not like this, they can become My handmaidens, also My brides but never completely My wives. The original father of My body, David, had also many wives and was a man according to God‘s heart. Since I am more than David is, should not I be free to have many wives? And I can add to this that I do have the means to support in great bliss as many wives as there is sand in the sea and grass on the earth, and that each one will be looked after in such a way that she could not ever have a wish that is not fulfilled for her in the most satisfactory way. Since this is so, could it bother you if I want to give this happiness, which I am giving you in superabundance, to many?'

41,3. Says Sarah: 'You alone are the Lord and most endless love and wisdom in person, and what You do is done wisely; but I still cannot help it that I love You so mightily and, therefore, would like to possess You as if alone. You must excuse my childish heart, which in love is still so foolish.'

41,4. Say I: 'That is just the right way, I tell you. Who does not love Me quite jealously as you do and wants to possess Me in his heart as if exclusively, has still not true, living love for Me. And if he does not possess this, he also does not possess the fullness of life within, for I am the true life in man through the love for Me in his soul, and this love is My Spirit in every human.

41,5. Therefore, he who awakens love for Me also awakens the spirit I have given Him, and since I Myself am this spirit and must be it because there does not ever exist any other spirit of life beside Me, he thus awakens Me within him, is thereby fully born into eternal life and cannot ever die from then on or be annihilated; - not even through My omnipotence, because he is one with Me. I cannot annihilate Myself because My infinite existence cannot ever by changed to non-existence. Therefore, do not think that your love for Me is foolish, but it is exactly as it must be. Stay with it and you will not ever see, feel or taste any death.'

41,6. This My explanation to Sarah made her very happy and she embraced Me with all her strength and began to caress Me tenderly.

41,7. Sarah‘s mother rebuked her and said: 'But dear Sarah, this is not proper. You are quite naughty.'

41,8. Says Sarah: 'Why, proper or not proper. It is also not proper to die and be quite dead, but when then the Lord comes and restores the dead one to life drawing him from the grave, which is certainly most unusual, how proper is that before the world? O mother, it is surely most proper for everyone to love the Lord before all the world above all. - Is that not so, Lord Jesus, am I right?'

41,9. Say I: 'Quite right and it is absolutely true. If a person is in the world embarrassed to love Me openly and above all, I shall also be embarrassed to love him before all the heavens and to awaken him at the last judgement.'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-41 Chapter