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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-42 Chapter

Chapter 42 - About judgement day.

42,1. Several now asked Me when the 'last judgement' would come. [In the German language the term for “The last judgement” or “Judgement Day” is - verbally translated - “the youngest day” and the Lord‟s reply is based on this term.]

42,2. And I said: 'When the older day has passed, there always comes a youngest day. And since I cannot awaken anybody on a day that has already passed, this must naturally happen on a youngest day as a past older day cannot possibly be used. Is not every new day of your life a youngest one? Or can anyone experience a still younger day than the one on which he is living? Behold, all of us are today surely living on a youngest day, for yesterday can no longer be the youngest and tomorrow has not come yet. Considering all this it must surely be obvious that a man has as many youngest days as days he has already lived. I tell you that all of you will pass away on the youngest day and cannot possibly be awakened from death to life at any other time than on a youngest day. And since a man, and all men, have to experience this, it cannot possibly happen on an old, past day, but only on some future, obviously youngest day. Which day will be appointed for it has not been determined in advance, neither by Me nor by any angelic, spirit, for every coming day is very good and useful for this purpose. - Do you understand this now?'

42,3. The askers withdraw somewhat perplexed and say: 'Truly, this is as clear as the purest air and yet our stupidity made us ask. This can truly be grasped with the hands. If we also talk often about the olden days, then these have to be also young and youngest days! This indeed was silly of us! He really needs a lot of patience on His exceedingly wise part in order to bear with us!'

42,4. Says Sarah with a faint smile: 'Indeed, the Lord is exceedingly patient with us all! But what a youngest day is and when it shall come I have known from the cradle; and whenever someone asked me about it I always said: 'Tomorrow will come the youngest day!' Did you in all earnest not know this?'

42,5. Say the ones that asked: 'For sure, we really were too stupid to know it and always suffered the greatest trepidation about such day to once come! Now of course we are in the clear about it but are also properly embarrassed about a thing escaping us that surely is so clear before everyone‘s eyes and ears!'

42,6. Say I: 'Do not worry about it, for this is a stone over which in the future many thousand times thousands will stumble, and they will prophesy a lot about it, write and preach to the blind people.

42,7. But now let‘s see how we shall cope with the fish, for you see we are now at the beach and there are plenty of fishing boats at our disposal. Nor are there a shortage of nets and other tackle, and so we can at once proceed with. The two youths with which Cyrenius is most zealously engaging in conversation shall also render us good service! Let us therefore lend our hands to it!'

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 2 GGJ02-42 Chapter