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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-27 Chapter

Chapter 27 - The life history of the two girls.

27,1. At this point Schabbi turned to Me and asked permission to do this.

27,2. I said: “Oh, just carry on. Nobody has ever sinned in My eyes by performing a good deed! Go, and let the two get dressed!”

27,3. Schabbi went away and in a few moments returned with two sparkling white shirts of the finest silk and two sky-blue coats of the finest cashmere, as well as two pairs of very expensive festive sandals with long, silken ribbons. The two newly awakened maidens were also given two crown shaped combs to adorn their hair and golden tiaras decorated with precious stones. However, they refused to accept the jewellery which they considered to be too valuable.

27,4. I said however: “If it is what I wish, please just take what has been given to you. It is appropriate that brides should wear jewels!”

27,5. Hearing that the two also accepted the jewellery; and after being dressed and adorned with the jewels, they stood there like two princesses, clearly showing their great joy and gratitude.

27,6. When they stood in front of us radiating beauty, Zinka said: “No, no, this is again a miracle! When I looked at their dead bodies they looked like two women in their forties and their withered shapes did not show any special evidence of beauty. Even after being miraculously revived, nothing particular was revealed. Yet now they have become two beauties, such as my eyes have never seen before! Now they are two maidens no more than twenty years old! Yes, this is also a miracle of miracles! Where would young Herodias now be?! If Herod were to see one of this pair and she were to request it, he would for the love of her let all the Jews be beheaded! Should I poor sinner really be thought worthy of the favour of taking one of those two angels as my wife, Jerusalem will never ever see me again; since this would be such a magnet for Herod and also all the many other holy men in the city of God!”

27,7. Cyrenius says: “If those two miracle children do not have proper parents any more or if the actual parents have lost any right to them because death has intervened, they will be my daughters and will receive suitable dowries from me!”

27,8. The older one of the two, called Gamiela, says: “Both of us are orphans, strictly speaking. Those we called father and mother could not basically be close relatives. When my sister was two and I was three we came as little children into the household of a Greek merchant, who only later converted partially to the Jewish faith. According to the testimony of an old maidservant we had been brought by a slave trader from Sidon to Capernaum and bought by the merchant, whom we called father, for five pigs, three calves and eight sheep.

27,9. The seller also handed the merchant a document, in which our names and the names of our real parents are written! Our real parents are said to be Romans of very noble descent. How much of it is true, we do not know, but the trip on which we had the accident we undertook secretly with the object of learning the real truth from a relative of our false parents who lives in another place and thus to establish if we are the natural daughters of our parents or whether they only bought us.

27,10. But then we fell into the hands of the evil pirates, were robbed of everything we took with us, our clothing was stolen and despite our pleading with them we were tied together by the hair and thrown alive into the deep sea. What happened to us after that, we do not know; neither do we know how we came to this completely unfamiliar place, nor who brought us back to life since we must have been dead when we were found after being washed ashore by the sea on some bank or beach! Where are we now in fact and who are you good and marvellous people?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-27 Chapter