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Chapter 29 - Zinka's modesty.

29,1. Zinka steps closer and says: “Noble lord and master! As things have now developed in a way which I too could never have had the faintest idea about, the matter has taken on a completely new face. They are therefore not the daughters of a merchant from Kapernaum any more, they are daughters of the emperor’s household in Rome and on such trees apples do not grow for any of us! For such children, other children of royal parentage must be found. I am only the commoner son of a Jew, although I am a descendent of Judah but what is that compared to you, who are a brother of the great emperor Augustus and as such you yourself are in a direct line from the oldest Patricians?! In addition you are incredibly rich, and I receive nothing more than a paltry pittance for an immense amount of work.

29,2. It matters not how happy Gamiela would have made me if I had received her as a wife through a miracle from heaven, - but since she is your daughter, noble lord, and stands high above my nothingness, I can never take her as a wife! You, noble lord, could give her to me today purely because of your high- spirited mood; but tomorrow you might regret it! Could I object if you took her away from me again? What feelings of grief and sorrow would I then have! If I were to take her as my wife with the fullest assurance that she would remain with me, I certainly would take her and become the happiest of men, but I will never ask for her hand, since I know my station in life and also yours.

29,3. However if you were to give me any small parcel of land on Roman ground I would use my hands to work diligently on it and support myself and my colleagues! Please just ensure that I stay away from Jerusalem and all the lands of the Jews! I wish to have nothing more to do with Herod or the temple!”

29,4. Cyrenius says: “That is all well and good! I can not take my Gamiela away from you any more, since in a certain way the Lord has given her to you before giving her to me - and His word and His decrees are holy, more than holy to me! What the Lord wishes us to do even from a distance, we must do, if we wish to be comparable to His holy angels! On this earth I have some standing for as long as he allows me to live. However on the other side in the great beyond we are all equal, and our treasures here remain suspended in time and space on the earth’s dead crust until they become the food of time which consumes all things.

29,5. My high status should not therefore be of concern to you; I only suffer it for the welfare of humanity as far as it is in my power to do so. Are you saying that you, whom the Lord of infinity and of life and death has brought close to my heart, should be excluded from this? No, no, never ever! You are and shall remain my son!”

29,6. After listening to these words, Zinka says: “Yes, it is true that only a mind entirely devoted to God the Lord can speak in such a way! What the Lord wishes, I certainly wish for too because He who has awakened the two of them is the Lord Himself, of that I am fully convinced. Even if millions upon millions should testify against it, Zinka will always remain steadfast in his faith! From now on I dedicate to Him all my love and all my true devotion! All honour to Him from eternity to eternity!”

29,7. With those words Zinka prostrates himself before Me and says: “O Lord, forgive me my sins, so that I can pray to You as a repentant sinner!”

29,8. I say to him: “Stand up, My brother! Your sins have long since put aside by Me as I have known the feelings in your heart for a very long time and in the end I allowed it to come to me. You were of course sent out to take Me prisoner, and I allowed Myself to be caught by you, - but only for the sake of your heart and for your salvation! Stand up, be joyful in My name and become a good and useful tool for Me!”

29,9. With that Zinka stands up and for the first time begins to consider properly the grandeur and significance of what had occurred. Only when he is sitting alongside Me, will we hear him speak again. After Mathael, he is indeed the greatest spirit in our company.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 4 GGJ04-29 Chapter