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Chapter 15 - The Lord comforts the Nubians who are not called to the state of being a child of God.

15,1. The leader says, “Yes, Lord, all is clear to me, and my soul feels now as if it were home! But I notice that most of Your disciples do not seem to grasp this image of the three types of mirrors! I thank you dearly for Your elucidation, which completely corresponds to all my attitudes towards life; but as I said, it is bothersome to see that precisely those who seem to understand this the least, should understand it the most as appointees to childship.

15,2. I say, “That should be of little or no concern to you! As long as you understand it, what is your further concern? These will understand it, when it is time for them; they will be longer around Me, while you will leave for your land tomorrow!

15,3. A good tradition from time immemorial that all peoples have is that the guest should be taken care of before the children of the house. The children will not come off badly because of that! It was easy to make this matter understandable to you because you were already familiar with mirrors; but none of My true disciples and children has ever seen a mirror other than the one of a calm water surface. When I will want to explain this matter further, for comprehension’s sake I will easily know how to get the necessary mirrors, just as I knew how to provide for Me the human brain and as I knew how to provide for old Mark this new house with all the fixtures.

15,4. That is why, do not worry about My true disciples and children; I Myself assure you that they will not come off badly. Strangers come and go, but the children stay in the house! – Did you understand this as well?”

15,5. The leader says, “Yes, I did, - but my soul is not merrier because of it; being called a ‘stranger’ sounded so distant coming from Your mouth! But we will not ever be able to change what you have once decided eternities ago, and are as strangers still fervently thankful for all these undeserved great blessings that you have granted us!”

15,6. The leader then gets tears in his eyes as does his servant, and Jarah says to Me very secretively, “Lord and Father of all people look, the two blacks are crying!”

15,7. I, however, say, “That does not matter, My dearest daughter because that is how they will become children of My children who will not be rejected from the house of the Grandfather!”

15,8. When the two blacks heard these words from My mouth, they sank to their knees before me and sobbed loudly, but for joy.

15,9. And after a while the leader called out loudly, “Oh, God full of justice, wisdom, love, power, and mercy, in my and the name of my people I thank you with the greatest repentance of my entire being that we can at least call ourselves children of your children!”

15,10. I say, “Be at peace, My friend! The one who I accept is no longer a stranger to Me! You see the earth, how it is full of higher and lower mountains. The highest are indeed the first and actual original sons of the earth and the lower ones developed only little by little from deposited sediments from the high ones, - and look, while the first and highest ones adorn their heads with eternal snow and ice, the lower descendants perpetually suckle the milk of love from the breast of the great mother!

15,11. I am telling you: who has love and acts according to love, is My child, My son, My daughter, My friend and My brother! But who does not have love and thus, does not act according to it, is a stranger and will be treated as one. However, when I name you My friend, you are no longer a stranger, but belong to My house through My word that you faithfully embraced in your heart. Go confidently and announce this to your brothers!”

15,12. The leader goes with his servant to his companions and tells them everything he has just heard from Me, and they all start to cheer for joy over such comforting news. We leave them now to their rightful jubilation. But Cyrenius, who did not clearly understand the explanation with the mirrors either, even though he had a very good notion about the different types of mirrors, asked Me if I would tell him some more on the matter. I, however, told him to have a little patience because we would have to deal with a somewhat plaintive looking deputation from Caesarea Philippi within a moment. And Cyrenius was content with that.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 5 GGJ05-15 Chapter