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Chapter 47 - Nicodemus talks with Lazarus about the light phenomenon.

47,1. Said Nicodemus: “My brother, you are right, completely right! He who firmly trusts in God, cannot encounter anything bad, although God allows it quite often that people have a few encounters, where the especially good care provided by God, cannot be grasp so clearly with our mind. It has already happened to me a few times, and with these kinds of great appearances on this earth I become like a child, which always fears the fire, since it has once burned a finger in the fire. This is what I have experienced, and that a few times. One time by a lightening strike which stunned me and afterwards left me with severe pain in my limbs for some time. At another occasion I was grasped by a whirlwind and lifted over the height of two men into the air and then put quite roughly back onto the ground. Also twice I drifted between life and death for over five hours in severe weather on the Galilean Sea, and still at another occasion my otherwise very gentle and well trained mule became wild, started to run madly for so long, until it sank to the ground exhausted and severely crushed my foot. A strong lightening strike quickly followed by thunder was to blame for that.

47,2. And see, these and other accidents I encountered were caused by pure natural phenomena, and therefore I’m always a little afraid, when I experience a quite unusual appearance. In all these accidents I did not lose my life, like so many people in such similar situations; but I’m always full of fear, if with God’s permission such natural events occur, against which our human strength can never compete. And right now this is very much the case, where in the east the immense fire columns are threatening to destroy everything on this earth. I believe in God and trust firmly that He will protect us from any great disaster; but especially there, where the extremely threatening looking columns touch the ground, I would rather not like to be, - because there must be a terrible firestorm present.”

47,3. Said Lazarus out of Me: “Also there in the region of the Euphrates no being will be hurt by these columns, of which you can be completely be assured and therefore you absolutely do not have to fear anything. But look, the ten columns in the middle are moving closer and close together; only the two outer columns stay unchanged! See, this is already a change! And now two and two start to collide with each other to such an extend that we only see five large middle columns, without the light getting stronger or weaker. See, another change! The outer two columns are not yet moving!”

47,4. Said Nicodemus: “This strange change appear to me to be guided by a thinking being, because these appearances usually come together more clumsily and quite haphazardly, sometimes joining together, sometimes splitting or even destroying each other. You only have to look at the extremely clumsy and haphazard cloud movements during storms and the chaotic flashing lightening strikes! But it seems that a highly intelligent thinking being is hidden behind this immense phenomenon, and one could nearly come to the conclusion that this is a new magic of the Essenes, who most likely have new properties in this area. Because these people draw together to a point all of the world’s magic and they themselves are very inventive in such unusual things. There, look! Now the five pillars also start to merge! Their movement is quick, and see, they are already one! Ah, this will make the temple clerics and the people think and thoroughly despair and will lead some weaker ones to insanity!”

47,5. Said Lazarus: “Now less so than previously; because now many start to believe that it has something to do with the recently arrived Indian magicians, because this event has too much of a plan and consistency to it.”

47,6. Said Nicodemus: “But what do you make of this really extremely strange phenomenon? It might have been a product of the magicians, but it also, regarding its immense grandeur, could be rather originating from Jehovah’s will, to be there or at least allowed to be there, to especially announce to us Jews a coming judgement or any other concealed plan of God. Do you know who else could be behind this phenomenon?”

47,7. Asked Lazarus: “Who do you have in mind?”

47,8. Said Nicodemus: “The certain miraculous Saviour from Nazareth! He was at the festival and – I believe – twice in the temple, where He told the Pharisees the hardest truths straight to their faces, in such a way that they wanted to stone Him in the end. Thereupon He moved on, and He could not be too far away from the place from which this phenomenon is arising. This time I unfortunately could not find an opportunity to secretly visit Him again; since you know what tendencies the temple pursues these days. But it doesn’t matter anymore, since I – between you and me - believe in Him and His mission; because if He is not the Messiah, there will for all eternity never be a second one coming to this world. But I can tell you this - understand me – in private, because I know that you also share my opinion, just as many people; but one is not allowed to say this too loudly in Jerusalem. So, friend, the mentioned Saviour most probably also knows about this phenomenon; and He also certainly knows best what it should or could indicate. - What do you say to this my opinion?”

47,9. Said Lazarus: “Yes, yes, you could be right there; I just don’t understand very well, how if you say that you believe that the Saviour from Nazareth is in all seriousness the promised Messiah, you could still be afraid to acknowledge Him as what He undoubtedly is, aloud in front of all the world. If he is the Messiah, then He is, according to many well known places in Moses, Elias, Jesajas, Jeremias and many other prophets and seers, Jehovah Zebaoth Himself. But if He is, - what is all the world compared to Him?! Can He not blow it away with one breath, if in the end it would become too much to His disliking and the people’s malice tested His patience too much?! But if He is undoubtedly the Almighty Lord of the whole creation and you believe this, - how can you still be afraid of the stupid and blind world?! See, this truly doesn’t make sense to me! That you have visited Him the first time only at night, was very understandable; but since then He was here several times, and you visited Him not at night and even less during the day, and this was apparently not right. Only if you do not fully believe that He is the true Messiah, does this excuse to a certain extend your fear and lack of enthusiasm, and you can catch up what you have missed! - Have you understood well enough what I wanted to say to you?”

47,10. Said Nicodemus: “Brother, you are completely right; but what can one do if one is unfortunately a member of the temple and has both hands are full just to keep the temple so far in line, that it does not too greatly infringe on human rights? But to achieve this, one unfortunately must start to howl with the wolves, to secretly and cleverly divert them from the good herd, so that they are not completely torn and eaten by them! And as such it was truly not so easily possible for me, to get away and spend some time with the Saviour, just as I could not get together with you my most proven friend for nearly two years, except in the temple. Because the prophet John and now the Saviour from Nazareth are creating great concern for the temple, and weekly meetings are held regarding His movements and teachings, and plans were made to make silence Him; but up to now all efforts combined achieved nothing, since the people regard Him partly as a great prophet, partly in all seriousness as a great new king and for the most part also as the true Messiah, what also honestly said - is the case with myself.

47,11. However, the strangest thing is, that He has many followers among the Romans, and that they do not place any restrictions on Him to spread His teachings! This I regard as a great sign of truth for the authenticity of His rank as Messiah. But do you not know where He went after leaving Jerusalem? At this opportunity I myself have a desire to look for Him and to talk to Him.”

47,12. Said Lazarus: “Friend, just look at the three light- and fire columns; because now the two outer columns also start to move and come closer to the one centre column. We shall see what will become of that! See, the one from the midday side has already amalgamated with the centre column; but the one from the north side kept standing, and we see only two, and these two shine as bright as the previous twelve, since their light has become more dazzling and purer. Yes, I cannot think and imagine, that it could be brighter during the day! Only the firmament is darker, and here and there the one or other large star is visible in the vicinity of the evening.

47,13. Look down into the city, how the people are running to and fro! People are even standing on the gables of houses and stare at the phenomenon! But now also the northern column moves towards the centre column and starts to amalgamate with it! Now we are left with only one column!”

47,14. Said Nicodemus: “This is truly in the highest degree memorable! What will happen next?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-47 Chapter