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Chapter 48 - Nicodemus before the Lord.

48,1. Nicodemus had hardly spoken the question, when this one single column rose higher and higher, and this continued for so long and also very fast, so that soon nothing could be seen of it anymore, and it became very dark again on earth.

48,2. And Nicodemus said: “There we have it now! What was this so threatening event and what did it mean? That it was allowed by God, is now very clear; since no human power could have pulled it upwards into the deepest depths of the firmament. O you human wisdom, how do you stand there again: so naked, so helpless and without knowledge like a newborn child! Friend Lazarus, what do you think about this event, that has filled the souls of all people with fear for nearly two hours? If this was a divine event, great things lie ahead of us. But if it was a game of the spirits of the earth and air, then we poor, weak people of the world can expect nothing good; because normally after large, fiery appearances great storms, great tempests, earthquakes and as well as war, famine and pestilence follow. And those things are truly no comforting prospects for us poor people! - But what is your opinion?”

48,3. Said Lazarus: “I for myself know just as little as you do; but let it be! Look, behind the tent at the large crowd of people! They are all my guests, and more than two-hundred are still accommodated in the house, who have seen very little from this appearance. But among those many people standing behind the tents, there will be a few who will most likely understand this appearance better than both of us.”

48,4. Said Nicodemus: “Yes, this will be the case; but how do I get to them?”

48,5. Said Lazarus on inner instructions from Me: “Just come along with me, and I will introduce you to the right one!”

48,6. Said Nicodemus: “That would be alright, if only I could remain unrecognized, so that I will not be betrayed in the temple.”

48,7. Said Lazarus: “Ah, worry about something else! The people you find here with me, are themselves enemies of the temple, because they have found a better temple; therefore you do not have to fear the least from these people, - just come completely unconcerned and courageously with me!”

48,8. Only then did Nicodemus decide to accompany Lazarus.

48,9. But when he came near Me, he was startled, because he did not expected to meet Me here.

48,10. But I went to him, gave him My hand and said: “Why are you startled to see Me, as if I were a ghost? Besides, you planned to follow Me, if you could find out from Lazarus where I went, and now you have found Me here! Isn’t this even more convenient for you?”

48,11. Said Nicodemus: “O Lord, certainly; but You are the Holiness of God and I am an old sinner of the temple! This depresses and very much restrains my heart, so that I have only little courage to talk to you.”

48,12. Said I: “If I hold a sin against you, then you can say: ‘Lord, forgive me the sin!’ But because I do not have any reason to say this to you, you are free and can talk as you like. What do you say to this phenomenon which the temple clerics are fighting each other about?”

48,13. Said Nicodemus: “O Lord, the phenomenon was something incredible, and had never been seen since the beginning of the world! But what it means, You certainly will know better than all of us, and therefore I only want to ask You. Because I was earlier of the opinion that it originated from You, since You could quite easily have been in that area. Since one year ago, as I have heard later, when You were in Caesarea Philippi, a similar event took place and was the actual reason for the fire in that town. And I therefore think now, that a repetition of the appearance at Caesarea Philippi could have taken place here, if You were in the area. But You are still here with us in Jerusalem, and therefore we do not have any reason to be afraid anymore about this phenomenon. But what actually was this phenomenon? You, o Lord, will know this best, as I have said earlier! If it were convenient for You, You could tell us something about it!”

48,14. Said I: “The phenomenon was My will and therefore also My work; but later on we will have some more time to talk about that. For now stay calm, since this phenomenon is not the last of what this night has to offer; only then will follow the explanation in the house! Raise all your eyes upwards and see what will be shown by this picture!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-48 Chapter