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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-69 Chapter

Chapter 69 - The power of the angels. Relationship between spirit and soul. Rebirth.

69,1. Said the angel: “I already have told you, that this only occurs through the perseverance of our will, and that all matter is nothing other than the perseverance of the will of the spirit of God, no matter how diverse it may appear to you; because the various materials of matter including the elements, from which it seems it has originated and consists of, are our thoughts. Their forms and colors are our ideas which have been formed from our thoughts. Their usefulness are our concepts developed from our ideas, and the reaching of a higher spiritual goal for everything that is called matter is our intention, from which for all matter a happy destination will emerge.

69,2. Therefore a true and real existence can only be with us everlasting immortal spirits, and the being of matter is purely caused by us and is every moment dependent on us, as you have seen this very clearly with the rock. But you still have the small cloud on your hand, and see, and I will fill it with the full perseverance of my will, and you will have the former rock back in your hand!”

69,3. The angel did this, and the former, old, hard and heavy rock was back in the hand of the Roman.

69,4. This made an even greater impression on the Roman, and he said to the angel: “This rock I will keep as a treasure in memory of what so miraculously has happened here! But now one more question! See, there also lives a soul within me and according to your teaching, a spirt equal spirit to yours! Why can’t I through such my spirit perform what you as a spirit are able to achieve?”

69,5. Said the angel: “Because your soul is not yet mature for that and your inner spirit has not yet fully merged with your soul! But there is something which is caused by the perseverance of the will of your spirit - which at this stage is completely unknown to your soul - and this is the construction and the temporary preservation of your body. But your soul cannot notice this, just as it cannot notice how its body is built, because its inner building master from the pure beyond cannot reveal and show this to it, since it, as already said, is not yet mature enough for it.

69,6. The inner spirit works incessantly towards the aim, to mature the soul as soon as possible and to make it completely free, but the spirit is not allowed to force the slightest compulsion on the soul, because then the soul would become even more material and bound, as it could ever have become through any outside influences. Therefore the soul was given its own will and mind, to be brought to the point, through outside lessons of self determination, to increasingly rid itself by means of its own will from all worldliness and by going inside itself to walk on to the increasingly purer and purer spiritual road.

69,7. To the extend the soul actively walks the increasingly purer spiritual ways, to the same degree its inner, purer spirit from beyond unifies with it. And once it has rid itself from all the world completely through her increasingly purer mind and through her increasingly freer will, she has become equal and one with her spirit, the unification of which we can call the spiritual rebirth, and as one with her spirit, even though still in the body, she will be capable of what I am capable of with my spirit combined with my soul.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-69 Chapter