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Chapter 70 - On the nature of the air.

70,1. (Raphael:) “When I as a person lived in a body for many years, I became aware of this inner path of life through the mercy of the Lord and followed it with increasing perseverance. Thereby it happened during the later days of my life, that my spirit and my soul became one, and I also became full power over my earthly body, so that I was able to dissolve it as suddenly as this rock and earlier my for you tangible body, and kept only this much of it, that you can see me with your eyes of the flesh.

70,2. If I again want a body like yours, I only have to want, and the body will be back again. See, I want it, and you can examine me again, and you will find that I’m firm again as I was before!”

70,3. The Roman did that, and found that Raphael was a complete person like before.

70,4. He (Agrikola) then asked the angel and said: “When you were a perfected person on earth and dissolved your body, could you also recreate it back?”

70,5. Said Raphael: “For sure, just like now; but I didn’t want to, because a pure spiritual being free of a body is endlessly more complete than in a body - even though bound by ones own will. See, in this body I can achieve less than without it! If you see me performing miracles, the body is already gone and is only recreated after the deed. Indeed, I’m also capable of doing everything within the body, but not as perfect as outside the body. - If you still have questions, ask them and I will answer you!”

70,6. Said Agrikola: “O, I still have a lot of questions in stock! Can you by the perseverance of your will turn a portion of free air into any type of matter?”

70,7. Said the angel: “Very much so; firstly, the air is already matter and contains all conceivable materials in it and can therefore very easily be transformed into any type of matter, and secondly my spirit has truly the freedom - and this in the highest degree -, to let my will act in the fullest measure and to transform the air momentarily into any type of matter you want me to. Just tell me in what should I transform the air!”

70,8. Said Agrikola: “Friend, this I leave to your best and most wise judgment! Do what you want, and it will be alright with me!”

70,9. Said the angel: “Good! The air which blows before us, should change momentarily, in a distance of twelve steps in front of us, into a completely round pillar five men’s length high and one man’s length in diameter! So be it! Go now and examine the already standing pillar, if it is still air or a solid column of granite!”

70,10. On this request all the Romans went and investigated the pillar.

70,11. And all said: “O miracle of miracles! It is exceedingly amazing! It is surely the most solid granite column, as even in Rome we cannot show a better one! Yes, yes, in the pure spirit is the being and all matter is only a result of perseverance of the free will of the spirit!”

70,12. Said the angel: “What do you think is the weight of this pillar?”

70,13. Said Agrikola: “Well, friend, this will be difficult for us determine! But as a rough estimate one can assume that this pillar most certainly weighs at least one-hundred-thousand pounds, and one-thousand men would hardly master it.”

70,14. Said the angel: “There you have made quite a good judgment! Nevertheless, I say to you, that it is for me as a spirit very easy to lift this heavy pillar as high as you just want it, only by my will. Determine the height or give me the distance, where I only through my will should put it, and it will be immediately executed!”

70,15. Said Agrikola: “Now, if this is what you want, I say: Lift the pillar for the height of one hundred men straight into the air, and then place it in the field over there, which is half way in the direction of Emmaus!”

70,16. Said the angel: “Very well, so let it all occur!”

70,17. The angel had hardly spoken the words, when the pillar was already at the determined height in the air and shortly afterwards one could see it standing in the field in the direction of Emmaus.

70,18. All were absolutely flabbergasted and of course especially the Romans; they were totally overwhelmed by surprise.

70,19. “But”, said the angel, “why are you so surprised by that? Is there anything impossible for a pure spirit? Everything is based on the firm will of a pure spirit! If we pure spirits are able to carry earths, suns and all kinds of central suns through space and in the end even complete shell globes, why should it not be even easier for me and all pure spirits, to lift such a pillar momentarily to a place where you want it? Who can play with lions as with flies, will certainly not be afraid of mosquitoes!”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 7 GGJ07-70 Chapter