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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-40 Chapter

Chapter 40 - About the spiritual circumstances of our time.

40,1. During that time, true faith and pure love will extinguish completely. Instead of that, a faith of delusion will be forced upon the people with the most severe criminal laws, just like a malicious fever forces death upon the human body. And if one or the other congregation that is strengthened by My Spirit will come up against the false teachers and prophets who have an abundance of gold, silver, precious stones and other great earthly goods, and who haughtily, imperiously and selfishly as they are, will present themselves to the people as your only true successors and as My substitutes in order to be most honored, and if that congregation will show them that they are exactly the opposite of how they present themselves to the people with the most insolent and God-forsaken impertinence by forcing them to only search the salvation of their souls and the truth with them, then there will be battles and wars and persecutions, as did not take place yet since the beginning of men on this Earth.

40,2. But the very worst and most dark condition will not last long, and then it will happen that the false teachers and prophets will finally give themselves the deathblow. Because then My Spirit, that means the Spirit of all truth, will awaken among the people who are tormented in many ways, the sun of life will begin to shine tremendously and the night of death will go down in its old grave.

40,3. That dark time, which I am describing now, I have predicted to you already several times, and I mentioned it only now again so that you would discover more easily the correspondence between what happened tonight and that future time.

40,4. Look, this little city, which is almost surrounded on all sides by gentile villages and little places, is still inhabited by a small number of Jews who have, just like a few orthodox Samaritans, a more pure Judaism and for who the laws of the temple are for the greatest part an abomination. They can see the bad and unclear way of acting of the temple very well, although they cannot resist it. Their neighbors are gentiles who also do not think highly about their idols, but for the sake of appearances they must still do as if these were important to them. But actually they only believe in nothing else except in a good profit that they can seize in one way or another.

40,5. Look, that time, which I predicted, will happen, but then on a large scale, worldwide.

40,6. A pure congregation will continue to exist in the same manner as this little city, first surrounded by people without any faith, who will only practice all kinds of profitable business and who will not care about My pure teaching and still less about the infamous paganism of Rome at that time. Under these circumstances that pure congregation will then also begin to look like a sad widow.

40,7. My pure teaching will look like a widow who was really sad and whose dead son I have awakened to life again, and the faith means the dead son whom I have revived. He was killed by the malicious fever that corresponds again to the worldly mentality that is full of pursuit of profit, which also these people were beginning to do, more exactly because of the abhorring and evil deception of Jerusalem, and besides that, also because of the total absence of faith of the gentiles who are around this village, who during that predicted terrible future time will carry the name ‘businessmen’.

40,8. Because of all that, the formerly pure and although still young faith – because it only became established about 16 years ago by a Samaritan who came to live here and who was the husband of this widow – is lost by the fever of the worldly mentality, because he died and we met him as being dead.

40,9. But then I come Myself, convert the gentiles and come with them to this place during the saddest evening of this congregation. I revive the dead faith again and give it back to the widow, thus to the pure teaching of God. And after this deed of Mine all gentiles will also come to this place, accept the newly awakened faith in one, only true God and will arrange their life according to His will that He has made known to them.

40,10. However, the blind girl whom I made seeing again represents the completely unbelieving business world of that time of which I am talking about now, and it will be sparse and scanty, to such an extent that the too proud and splendor-loving kings will demand with all force heavy taxes from the people, even about what they eat and drink, and because of that, there will be great need, high cost of living, lack of faith and love among the people who will cheat and persecute one another.

40,11. But – remember this well – when the need will be at its highest point I will come for the sake of the few righteous ones, to eliminate the misery from the Earth, and I will let My pure light of life shine in the hearts of the people.

40,12. And with what I have said now I have also given you, My dear brother James, the clues that you desired from Me, and you who are a powerful thinker will easily discover the rest.

40,13. Although the soul of man will not feel happier when he knows the sad future before its time, it will nevertheless also not harm him when he will train himself in the correspondences, and will perceive by that how everything that is visible and what happens in this world stands in very close relationship with the inner, hidden world of the spirits, that encloses in itself all times and spaces as in a continuous revealed present and how those 2 are related to each other. Have you all well understood this now?”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-40 Chapter