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Chapter 43 - The signs of the spiritual presence of the Lord.

43,1. Then the Greek, who had been the spokesman before, came to Me again and said: “Lord, Lord, God and Master of eternity in Your Spirit. You will leave us with Your visible personality, but we ask You to stay with Your highest Spirit of God with us, and to now and then give us a sign which can be our guarantee that You think of us, and so that You are with us in the spirit.”

43,2. I said: “Yes, and that will also be so unto the end of the times of this visible world. But you will not have only one sign, but several signs by which you can see that I am present in spirit with you, amidst you and in you. Those sure and never deceiving signs will always and eternally be the following:

43,3. Firstly that you will love Me more than no matter what in the world. For if someone loves anything in the world more than Me, he is not worthy of Me, but whoever loves Me truly above all, is, through that real love, in Me and I am in him.

43,4. A 2nd sign of My presence with you is that you also, out of love for Me, will love your neighbor and fellowmen, young and old, as yourself, for how can someone who does not love his neighbor whom he can see, love God in Me whom he does not see? Although you can see and hear Me now, still, from now on you will not see Me anymore in this world. And when you will not see Me anymore, will your love stay the same as it is now while you can see Me? Yes, with you this love will stay the same, but take care that it will likewise stay the same with those who will come later. For if someone will truly love Me above all in his heart – by living and acting according to My will that has been revealed to him – I Myself will personally come to him in spirit, and being completely present I will reveal Myself to him.

43,5. A 3rd sign of My presence with, in and amidst you will also be that everything will always be given to you for which you will ask the Father in Me in My name and in all seriousness. However, it is obvious that you should not ask Me for foolish and unimportant things of this world, for if you would do that, you would clearly show that you love such things more than Me, and that would then really not be a sign of My presence with, in and amidst you.

43,6. A 4th sign of My powerful presence with, in and amidst you will be that the physically sick people will improve when out of true neighborly love you will lay on your hand upon them in My name, if the improvement will be beneficial for their soul.

43,7. It is however obvious that at the same time you will always say in your heart: ‘Lord, not my will, but only Your will be done.’ For you cannot know if and when it will be beneficial for a soul that his body should improve, and an eternal life on this Earth in a body is given to no one. Therefore, the laying on of hands cannot free always and everyone from their physical afflictions. But still, you will not commit a sin when you will show this love that has been indicated to you to every sick person. I will be the Helper if it will be useful for the salvation of the soul of the person – and this, only I can know.

43,8. If you have heard from afar that one or the other friend of yours is lying down sick, then pray for him and lay your hands in spirit upon him, then he will also improve.

43,9. The prayer that you should only speak out in your heart should thereby consist of the following few words: ‘May Jesus, the Lord, help you, may He strengthen you, may He heal you by His mercy, love and compassion.’ If you will speak out these words over a sick friend – or female friend – in full trust and faith in Me, no matter how far that person may be away from you, and thereby lay on your hands in spirit above him, he will improve at the same hour, if that will be useful for the salvation of his soul.

43,10. A 5th sign of My presence with, in and amidst you will be that you – if you will always do My will – will reach in yourselves the rebirth of the spirit. That will be a real baptism of life, because you thereby will be filled with My Spirit and through that you will be led into all wisdom.

43,11. Let everyone especially strife for this 5th sign. Because the one to whom this sign will be given, will already in this world have eternal life and will be able to do and achieve what I am doing and achieving, because then he will be one with Me.

43,12. Now I have shown you the signs of My presence. Act accordingly, then very soon you will truthfully be aware of My Spirit with, in and amidst you.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-43 Chapter