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Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-48 Chapter

Chapter 48 - The Lord blesses the desert.

48,1. Now also our robbers came very faint-hearted out of the big cave which I did not allow to become full and filled up, and I called Olgon to Me.

48,2. When he came with 2 of his most important companions, I said to him: “Well now, Olgon, do you believe that I am the One as I have introduced Myself to you?”

48,3. Olgon and his 2 companions said: “Yes, o Lord, Lord, this we do believe now without the least of doubt. You are not a chosen One of Jehovah, but You are truly, truly and now personally in a wonderful way, Him, Him – Self. O, be forgiving and merciful to us, poor and always weak sinners that we are before You.”

48,4. I said: “I have already forgiven your sins of which the Pharisees are guilty. And if you still have committed a crime against someone, according to your conscious and contrary to the law of Moses, then make it up to him, and if he will forgive you, then it will also be completely forgiven in all Heavens.

48,5. However, if you will meet a hard person who does not want to forgive you, then do not be afraid in your heart, because in that case your good will, will be accepted by Me instead of the work, and that implacable person will see his hardness be put as guilt on his account. For only I am the most wise and most righteous judge, who alone let happen the truest judgment most effectively to everyone.

48,6. And now you have received from Me a real piece of land as present, in such a way that not even an angel from the Heavens, let alone a human being, can dispute it. But as you can see, it looks even more desolate and inhospitable than before, although it has become now extremely fertile because of an extraordinary change. Now the question is how you will cultivate it.”

48,7. Olgon said: “O Lord, Lord, according to me that can now certainly be worked out very easily and well. Look, o Lord, Lord, when You created the Earth by the almighty godly will of Your Spirit, You also did not have the seed of the numberless plants in one or the other way already in store, except only in Your almighty will. And You are eternally the same as the One You were at the beginning of the wonderful creation of the whole big Earth. If You will sow this region now with the almightiness of Your godly will, then this region will certainly be cultivated in the best way. O Lord, Lord, please do the same here, then the whole region that was desolate before will change in a very short time into a true Eden.”

48,8. I said: “Do you really believe then without any doubt that I also can do that?”

48,9. Olgon said: “O Lord, Lord, to You only, nothing is impossible. What You say is eternal truth, and this we do believe without any doubt, and whatever You want, happens. And we want and will also do Your will as You have revealed it to the people through Moses and the prophets. And we have now also heard from Your mouth what Your will is and we will act faithfully according to it, but please, You, o Lord, Lord, sow this still desolate region.”

48,10. I said: “Then so it will be as you all believe. As this region was barren and desolate, your heart, spirit and will were quite as barren and desolate, and your complete lack of faith caused the hardness of your heart that was completely similar to the rocky soil of this desert. But I called up a mighty storm in your heart and made it softer by the heaven that opened up in yourselves, by the lightning of the truth of My words, by the mighty storm of My will that I have shown you, and finally by the terrible pouring rain of My love and mercy. And I also have sown you again with various truths from God’s mouth, which will produce for you the most real fruits of life if you will live and act accordingly. As I have sown in you now in a very short time with all kinds of food for the eternal life of your soul, this desert is now also sown with all kinds of food to feed your body.

48,11. You are 70 people, and when you will travel through this region in different directions you will see an equal number of habitations that are provided with everything, and from the name that is written on it, it will appear who can take one or the other house into possession. You will see that this region will soon become green and will flourish. Now you can go and see what I have done for you.

48,12. Spread My Word also among the gentiles who will often come to you, but keep silent for the moment about the miracle, and also afterwards speak about it with only few words. It is sufficient to say that with God all things are possible.”

48,13. After I had said that I very quickly moved on with My disciples, and before the converted robbers looked back, we were already far away from them.

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-48 Chapter