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Chapter 50 - The Lord with His followers in an inn in Samaria.

50,1. That same day we came into the city Samaria and took up accommodation there in a more remote inn. When we entered the inn, immediately the innkeeper came friendly to us, because he was hoping to earn something from us. As the disciples did not eat or drink since the morning, they were already very hungry and thirsty, which I surely knew, although they did not grumble secretly among themselves this time, as was often the case at such occasions.

50,2. And therefore I Myself asked the innkeeper immediately: “Friend, we have made already a very long trip today and did not take anything since this early morning because no inn could be found along the whole way, and thus we are hungry and thirsty. What can you quickly give us to eat and to drink?”

50,3. The innkeeper said: “You are close to 40 people. Therefore, an equal amount of fishes and breads, and also an equal amount of cups of wine will certainly not be too much.”

50,4. I said: “Just let prepare twice as much of fishes, because your fishes are of a small kind, and then 2 for each one is not too much. But take care to prepare them quickly and well. And in the mean time give us wine, bread and salt.”

50,5. Being a bit embarrassed the innkeeper said: “Yes, my dear and valued lords, everything would be fine if I only had in store what you want. It will be somewhat difficult with the fishes and also with the bread because I do not have that much in store since my inn is generally only scarcely visited because of the unfavorable remote location. But I can serve you properly with wine. In short, whatever there is, you will also receive, but more than that, even God cannot desire from man.”

50,6. I said: “Although you have said this very nicely, however, you are better off with your fishes than you have said here. But you are secretly a little worried that we finally will not be able to pay for those 80 fishes, and that is why you pretend to have a smaller provision. Yes, you are indeed a bit short of bread today, but not of fishes. So be not worried and let quickly the number of fishes that are desired be prepared, and bring us bread and wine.”

50,7. On this, the innkeeper left quickly, started all the work and ordered his servants to bring immediately bread, wine and light to the guestroom, for it was already late in the evening, and darkness dominated the room. When the guestroom was illuminated, the innkeeper came again to us and assured us that we will be excellently served within ½ hour. At the same time he looked very carefully at us and did actually not know what he had to think about us, because some of us were wearing Greek clothing, some Jewish and some, like Me, Galilean clothing.

50,8. When his curiosity became too much, the innkeeper turned very politely to one of the disciples who was closest to him, namely Thomas, and said: “Friend, allow me to ask you a question.”

50,9. Thomas said: “There at the head of the table is the Lord. Ask your question to Him. He will give you the best answer. We all are His disciples and servants of His will.”

50,10. Then the innkeeper came to Me and said: “Lord, forgive me my liberty and to some extend my intrusion. I so gladly would like to know which country’s children you are. According to your clothing you are Judeans, Galileans and also Greeks. What is your profession? You are certainly not businessmen, because you are carrying no merchandise, nor do you seem to be artists or magicians, because you look too honest for that. And how could you know that I was more provided with fishes than with bread? In short, your appearance here in my remote and always only seldom-visited inn seems a little peculiar to me. Forgive me if I speak to you more openly than usual.”

50,11. I said: “Look, curious innkeeper, after we will have strengthened ourselves with the bread, the wine and the fishes, I surely will tell you from which country we are. But do you take care that the evening meal will quickly be prepared and bring some more wine and bread, because we already finished the first very moderate quantity that you gave.”

50,12. When the innkeeper heard that from Me he left immediately and brought sufficiently bread and wine.

50,13. I said to him: “Now look, it seems that you are also better off with the bread than before. Also this bread seems bigger and better to Me than what you have served us at first. What is actually the reason?”

50,14. Nota bene: I surely knew the reason, and I only asked the innkeeper so that he would examine himself.

50,15. On My question the innkeeper was very surprised and he did not know what he had to answer Me on this. He tasted the bread that seemed strange to him and in his opinion the taste was extremely good.

50,16. Only after a while the innkeeper said: “Strange, because otherwise I always know what is and what happens in my house, but from where my wife has secretly obtained this true king’s bread, I truly do not know. But it is really very wonderful that my bread storeroom is now completely filled with this kind of loafs of bread. But no matter how, I am glad that I am provided in the best way with bread again for certainly several days. But I have to find out with my wife to know from where this bread has been obtained and who paid for it, and for which amount. For this kind of true king’s bread is expensive, and 1 loaf of bread could well cost 4 coins.”

50,17. Then he called his wife and asked her from where the bread came of which his bread storeroom was now suddenly completely filled and how expensive it was.

50,18. The wife tasted the bread also, was even more surprised than the innkeeper before and swore by her faithfulness that also she did not know in the least from where the bread had come.

50,19. Then they also asked several servants if they knew from where the many good breads had come into the bread storeroom. But they also swore that they did not know anything about it.

50,20. Then I said to the innkeeper: “Why do you keep asking for it? Be glad that your storeroom is full of bread, and take care that the ordered fishes will quickly come on the table. Many mysteries can maybe be solved later.”

Main Page The great Gospel of John Volume 9 GGJ09-50 Chapter