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Heavenly Gifts Volume 3


In the Cross germinates the eternal Life for Soul & Spirit - September 11th, 1846

The Lord says:

For Carl R. v. Leitner

1. Hear Me, you My friend and brother, out of your well-adorned heart! Don't worry too much about your weakened foot, over time it will become better again. Look, everything I give is good; but the best of all My gifts is the cross, for within it germinates the true eternal life for soul and spirit.

2. When the trees sprout many leaves, then only a little or no fruit will come forth; but if the trees look rather scanty and ailing, then they will give much fruit. - Look, it is the same with man, as long as they live upon this earth. As long as his body is quite fresh and healthy, he feels almost no urge and need for Me, and as the world puts it, he lets Me be a so called 'good man'. But with a small sickness of the body, especially when the worldly doctors have no cure for it, man is again drawn to Me with a ribbon, and he begins again to seek help from Me, which is quite beneficial for his spirit. For as such, his spirit begins to grow again from within and works on upcoming fruit shoots for the eternal life, which in itself is much better than a completely healthy body with an almost dead spirit, from which no fruit for the eternal life will bud.

3. Look, for this reason I am leaving you with your tiny foot malady, which consists of nothing else than a slight ribbon, which I have gently wrapped around your foot, so I may have a handle in My hand, so to speak, to truly guide you with a leading string across the pestilential realm of the world, towards the eternal life! For this reason, this string is quite persistent, and it cannot easily be greased away with some ointment or washed away with a bath! - But when the time comes, I will for sure let you go, completely for free.

4. May this serve to your reassurance and to your great comfort, so that for the time being, you won't become fainthearted, even if I occasionally tighten the string a bit. So, whenever you feel some uneasiness in your foot, always remember... Now the good Father in heaven has tightened the ribbon a bit again, for my salvation! - Therefore, all my love unto Him!

5. If you do this more often in your heart, I will surely loosen the ribbon on your foot again, and on the other hand, grasp the string of the heart more firmly, but the foot washing is the first step in the process of the spiritual rebirth!

6. My blessing, My Love, My Grace and My Mercy be with you, forever... Amen.

Main Page Heavenly Gifts Volume 3 HG3-77 Entry