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142,1. As on Sunday and on the Sabbath, also on Monday a morning meal blessed by Abedam was taken which Seth again arranged.

142,2. After the morning meal Abedam summoned the well-known twelve messengers and taught them to engrave with pointed gravers onto stone tablets words by corresponding signs and immediately read them. And He bade them teach also all the other brothers, if not the engraving, then at least the reading.

142,3. Then He also told them when inspired by the spirit to record every Word gone forth from His mouth, as well as everything one or the other had said in His presence; all this should be preserved for the future by the leaders of the main tribes.

142,4. The collection was to be entitled WI11e Holy Book or the Wars of Jehovah"; but the wars should form the latter part.

142,5. Thus He dealt within a short time with the twelve. Then He told Jared to rise with Him and together with Him accompany the maiden to his house; He also told the other patriarchs to follow Him to His house which partly belonged to Jared.

142,6. And they all stood up and followed Him.

142,7. In Jared's house He said to Pura: "Behold, My little daughter, it is good to be here; for this is My house, being a house of purest love which dwells in Jared, Enoch, Methuselah and My Lamech who has just received one of My dear daughters for his wife out of My hand, as well as his brothers who are the husbands of their sisters and are of a chaste heart.

142,8. "Thus you, too, will remain here until your spirit is fully matured, when I shall call you from the earth and you will enter into the realm of true, eternal life."

142,9. Then He turned to Jared and said to him: "Be as wise a father to this child whom you received directly from My hand as you are to Enoch, Methuselah and Lamech. Thus, whatever you will do to this My daughter in My name, will be perfect; however, she shall not be familiar with a man until I explicitly tell you so. Amen."

142,10. Then He summoned Lamech's brothers and led them into their workshops, which were miraculously erected through His almighty will. There He showed them the light ore of the mountains, taught them with a few words how to purify it in the fire of the coal and then forge it into all sorts of useful implements, whereupon He blessed the mountains and the work of their hands.

142,11. Thereupon He went again into the house of Jared and there received the two returned messengers, named Sethlahem and Kisehel, who on Sunday had accompanied Horadal to the land between morning and midnight destined for him and his people. He also summoned their brothers, endowed them with the power of His love and then promptly sent them down into the lowlands to the city of Enoch.

142,12. After that He summoned all the chief patriarchs of the four regions and enjoined on each of them out of His highest fatherly love, firstly, to treasure all the just heard lessons in their own hearts and then also to instruct all their children how to practice this teaching.

142,13. Then He also summoned Enoch and made him a true high priest of His love, grace and mercy; and He told all to turn to Enoch whenever their spirit and their given strength should not be sufficient for the fulfillment of their tasks.

142,14. Finally, He warned them all against the lowlands and any further unions with their daughters; however, with these warnings He gave them no commandment, but left it entirely to their free will.

142,15. Towards evening He again led them all onto the known height and, impressing on their hearts the law of love, blessed all of them and finally dismissed all the people to return to their homeland; then He admonished Purista to be faithful in her service, after which He dismissed her, too.

142,16. Finally, He also summoned the chief patriarchs and the other Abedam and said to them: "Children and brothers of My love! My love shall remain with you; this is the lasting blessing of the Father - and it is He among you.

142,17. "You Abedam, come now with Me to where I met you late on the Pre-Sabbath; but all you others go to your dwellings. Amen."

142,18. And all began to weep; but the high Abedam suddenly left them and became invisible also to the known Abedam in the aforementioned spot.

142,19. And the latter quickly returned and told the patriarchs how the Most High had disappeared from his sight.

142,20. Adam invited this Abedam to his dwelling, and Abedam stayed another three days in the house of Adam, Seth and Jared and then went to his homeland, deep in thought.

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-142 Chapter