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166,1. Thereupon Abba said to the speaker and his brothers: "I tell you, you gave Me quite the right answer, and it is as you have pointed out.

166,2. "But all this has issued from your thinking with the intellect and your worldly prudence, wherefore you are a completely righteous man.

166,3. "However, since you found all this on the road of mature thinking and quibbling, you have for a while quickened the senses of your soul; but with all that your spirit remained completely unawakened, indeed almost like dead. That this is so, you all shall clearly see from a few little parables.

166,4. “The soul and its senses are the blossom of the spirit. If you break a lily which is not quite open as yet from its stem and then put it into water, it will surely also unfold and its outer form and smell will be exactly like those of the lily that has opened on the stem. However, where the ripening of the living seed is concerned, behold, that will perish along with the dead and partly rotten blossom. For the life of the seed does not stem from the blossom whose only task it is to develop the forms or what is called the body of the seed, but only from the root which is stuck in the life-saturated soil.

166,5. "Now behold, this applies also to the man who strives only for pure wisdom. For wisdom as such is then nothing else but an empty unfolding of the blossom of some plant, taken or separated from its root stock, and is unable to engender any life, for it has neither root nor soil, but purely water which as such has no life but only the capacity of freeing the life of the earth keeping the root receptive for the life from the earth.

166,6. "Love is the root of the tree of life and the heart, or the understanding of the heart, which expresses itself in feelings, is the soil. Hence, whoever wants to harvest the fruits of life, must fertilize the soil and feed the root. Then the blossom and with it the living seed will anyway thrive excellently on the stem growing out of the healthy root.

166,7. "Your understanding of Abedam and Enoch is as close to the truth as is the lily separated from the stem and then opening in the water, to that unfolding on the stem. However, if you begin to look for the seed, truly you will find none because there is neither root nor soil. - Do you understand this?

166,8. "But listen to yet another parable! Behold, in the warm summer there appear many plants above the ground of the earth; but as soon as winter, the great trial of life, comes along, it destroys all that light has created, - but is incapable of killing the root and the completely matured seed.

166,9. "Look, it is the same with the understanding of Abedam and Enoch. The intellect will hold on to Abedam and Enoch for as long as they are tangibly there for it and will ponder over them for as long as it has not come to a final conclusion on them; however, once it has come to such a conclusion the sun has gone down for it and winter has begun.

166,10. "Cognition will begin to die down and pass over into death, which is false and evil and like the fungi and mushrooms which have neither root nor seeds.

166,11. "Yet once Abedam and Enoch are received by the love in the heart, they grow into a tree under whose branches even the spirits of heaven will seek shelter.

166,12. "For then, Abedam will be the root and His Word will be the soil out of which everywhere an Enoch will emerge, full of living, mature seed. And the blossom of this stem will be excellent and will give the seed itself the proper form and a proper, firm garment in which life will be able to continue forever. - Do you understand this?

166,13. "Yes, now you understand that the water flower resembles a perfect blossom. However, if you only remain in the water of your intellect, no living seed will grow for you from this knowledge, just as none will grow from the water flower.

166,14. "I tell you: Surround the stem of the blossom separated from the root with good, living soil from your heart, then keep watering it with the living water which has been flowing from My mouth, and you can at least bring the seed to maturation and then sow it anew into your soil so that it will yield you a new root of life which no winter will be able to damage any more; for without a root no life is possible.

166,15. "Now you are probably amazed at My wisdom; but I tell you: Strive to be forthwith baffled by My love, then you will no longer be so amazed at My wisdom, but at eternal life, which is the love and the primordial source of all wisdom.

166,16. "If someone gives you a beautiful flower which you have never seen, you have great pleasure; yet I give you the whole plant. Plant it into the soil and you will harvest the root, the blossom and, finally, even the seed of life!

166,17. "Do understand this. But, if you fail to grasp something, - behold, here am I and there is Enoch; ask and we will answer you and everyone else from the root. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-166 Chapter