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239,1. After this speech Lamech at once went to the right side of the altar and positioned himself there holding the tablet; but he wore a rather worried expression, and his face showed great fear and anxiety.

239,2. The Lord, well aware of this, stopped the imminent blessing of the altar and said to Lamech:

239,3. "Lamech, what ails you that your face and your behavior indicate that your heart is ailing in something?

239,4. "Does My order now given you make you tremble, indicating to you how My sanctuary is to be kept so that nothing unprepared and impure can and may approach it?

239,5. "So speak and I will be gracious to you."

239,6. And Lamech answered the Lord: „O my Lord and my God! What shall the powerless worm in the dust still say to You once You have expressed Your almighty, most holy will?

239,7. "After such a counsel by You it can only be: 'Man, created being, live undeviatingly according to it or I, your almighty God and Creator, will instantly destroy you forever!'

239,8. "Behold, You were to give us poor worms of the lowlands Your sanctuary and thus an endlessly great grace; yet what will this avail us according to Your forever inexorable statement?

239,9. "Nothing - but death, perdition and then a horrible judgment and torture!

239,10. "Oh, I would not know human nature if I did not realize how easily it is led astray! And if weak man is prone to such evil, what happens to him beside Your sanctuary?

239,11. "Why am only I allowed in the temple, I who always was the greatest sinner before You, - but the thousand fold purer ones are forbidden it under pain of death?

239,12. "It is right and proper that no one of an impure heart shall approach this temple; but who is of a pure heart in the face of Your holiness?

239,13. "Thus everyone is threatened with unavoidable death who would dare approach this temple!

239,14. „O you glorious, holy tablet, I carried you out rejoicing yet I shall go home lamenting; for you were not given to us poor for a blessing, but for an inexorable judgment!

239,15. „O Lord, even if our final destruction has been planned, yet Your nevertheless always almighty holy will be done. Amen."

239,16. When Lamech had said this, the Lord looked at him full of compassion and said to him: „O Lamech, you truly poor son of misery and darkness, why are you worrying in vain?

239,17. "Behold, if I took pleasure in the killing of My children, would it have been necessary for Me to come to you visibly?

239,18. "Oh look, a thought would suffice and the whole of creation would have vanished as if it had never existed!

239,19. "But I only came to you spiritually blind in order to bring you anew the life that you forfeited, spontaneously out of My great mercy and to place you here in a school where you can at any time regain the life lost

239,20. "That this school must be maintained in a pure order lest through all sorts of disorder such strength conducive to your salvation may be weakened, - say, is this maybe a judgment?

239,21. "If I allow only the high priest to enter this holy place, what do the others lose by it?

239,22. "If they cling to Me with love, truly, this is more than a thousand such temples.

239,23. "Whoever loves Me, is already in the innermost of the temple, indeed, in the Most Holy of the spiritual temple, and will then certainly no longer find death if he enters this temple with you.

239,24. "For he who loves Me, is already from above and can at any time enter the temple.

239,25. "You cannot possibly demand of Me that I give you a temple, filled with My living grace, for a pigsty.

239,26. 'Therefore, let us remain with My erstwhile statement and be assured that it will be to no one's detriment.

239,27. "For I am a Father to all of you, not a murderer.

239,28. "Thus I bless this altar! Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-239 Chapter