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40,1. Abedam, waiting until they had reached Him, told them to stop their excessively loud praising; but they cried even more loudly: "Praise to You, holy Father, praise to Your most holy name! Praise be to You, almighty, great God, Who are eternal and infinite! To You alone all love, worship, honor, gratitude, praise, glory and all our greatest humility before You! Only You alone are worthy of receiving all this from us!"

40,2. And they continued to shout so that it was impossible to silence them in a natural manner.

40,3. When the high Abedam had had enough of the praise, even the patriarchs no longer knowing what to do to silence these bawlers, He lifted His hand and pointed with His forefinger from sunrise to sunset; and forthwith the whole vast firmament was lit up by an enormous flash of lightning, followed by such a great thunder as to make almost the whole earth quake in its fundament.

40,4. This phenomenon made our bawlers lapse into humble silence, and all the patriarchs beat their breast believing that the high Abedam had this time become extremely angry.

40,5. Wherefore Adam began to reprimand the bawling newcomers for their disobedience towards the Lord's Word.

40,6. However, the high Abedam promptly interceded saying to Adam: "Adam, why do you get so excited, seeing that I am here among you?

40,7. "Just leave the matter to Me, for I alone know what all this is for; as for you, sit down at your basket and enjoy the meal with the children.

40,8. "You have never praised Me as these nine have done, although you have known Me for a longer time. Why should you be upset by the fact that I, by means of My finger, engraved their great praise with great fiery signs over the whole of infinity, thereby indicating to you all the magnitude of their praise!

40,9. "I tell you, who now think that I am full of wrath: Happy he who will be struck by such wrath of Mine; for it will soon awaken him to eternal life.

40,10. "Can you fathom such wrath of My father-love directed to those little children who in their love for Me, their Father, cannot help themselves because their joy becomes overwhelming and their ear deaf as their excessive love keeps them imprisoned in holy excess?

40,11. "Verily, verily, I tell you all: Whoever does not become excessive and unruly in his love for Me, his name will not be thus written under and above the stars like the names of these nine poor of the earth, who are, however, excessively rich in love. "Adam, do you now comprehend this sign and this My wrath?

40,13. "Therefore, be quiet and with your children eat your meal joyfully. Amen."

40,14. These words touched Adam to the quick so that he sighed deeply, exclaiming:

40,15. “O Father, if that is so, who will ever be able to attain to eternal life?"

40,16. But Abedam replied: Why do you vainly sigh, not comprehending My ways?

40,17. "Are all the stars of heaven alike, as well as all plants of the earth? Whenever a star is shining - be it great or small-, does it not stimulate the light of your eyes so that it is mightily reflected within you? And what plant have you ever seen grow dead from the soil of the earth?

40,18. „Therefore, also the one loving with a less ardent heart will live; however, his life will be like his love, and there will be an endlessly great difference between life and life.

40,19. "Behold, also a sand-mite is alive; but what a difference there is between its life and yours!

40,20. „Therefore, do not worry about the fruit of love, but about love as such; for the fruit will be like the love. Comprehend this well. Amen."

40,21. And Adam was at peace and among much thanksgiving and praise called the children to the meal, also indicating to Gabiel to do the same in the name of the Lord.

40,22. And when thereupon all the expected guests were assembled around the two baskets, Adam said with uplifted hands:

40,23. "Children, now let us first glorify and praise the holy Giver of this magnificent food and drink, and let us ask for His blessing.

40,24. "O holy Father Jehovah Abedam, to You we are giving thanks; You we glorify and praise; to You be all praise, all honor, all our love, all our humility and the fullest worship in the profoundest spirit of love and of all truth out of it.

40,25. "O holy Father, bless us and bless the meal for us according to Your most holy will. Amen."

40,26. And Abedam stepped up to Adam's basket and blessed it as well as the basket of Gabiel. Thereupon He returned to His basket, summoned those chosen and sat down with them around the basket; however, he did not bless this basket but said:

40,27. "Wherever I am present, there is also present the most sublime blessing.

40,28. "So eat and drink without care; for I, your Father, eat with you and among you and within you. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-40 Chapter