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79,1. After this orderly account by Rudomin, Enoch, following an inner impulse, stepped up to Abedam asking Him secretly:

79,2. "O You dear Father Abedam, behold, Rudomin has proclaimed with a very loud voice the majesty of man as he perceived it within, - however, did he not on this occasion maybe exaggerate?

79,3. "What matters is for him to stick to the truth; in the past it was not his strong point and he always exaggerated whatever he was telling.

79,4. "How often did he make a whole world out of a grain of sand and out of a gnat an elephant or even a mammoth, so that his brothers and sisters could hardly get along with him, for with his tremendous voice he forced them at all times into silence, - which, as time went by, prompted me, as his father, to tell him to take his inheritance from me and leave for the midday region.

79,5. This he soon did, for he saw that I was very concerned about it on account of the peace and order of the household; he also took a wife, but as far as issue is concerned he fathered no more than three children in eighty years.

79,6. „Thus he is altogether a somewhat peculiar man, notwithstanding the fact that he was begotten by me. This is the reason why his rather high sounding speech astonished me and forced me to the unusual step to come to You in advance, O dear Father, and ask Your forgiveness if this my son should have committed such an offence before You."

79,7. When Abedam had heard Enoch's words He turned to him and said: "My beloved Enoch, behold, having had no longer any concern for the world than this one, your concern has been fair since it was always prompted by your love for Me. But here I tell you that for a long time your concern has been an idle one when you worried about your son's occasional inaccuracy.

79,8. "For behold, it was I Who have been his instructor from birth and have perfected him into the man now standing before us.

79,9. "Of course, you also gave him an education for Me, but I tell you, My exceedingly beloved Enoch: It was, after all, not quite so good as Mine, which he received from Me secretly, without your or his knowledge.

79,10. "Owing to this education he is now here giving faithful proof before all of you that he did not emerge empty-handed from this My school.

79,11. „Therefore, be completely unconcerned; for behold,- I never make liars preachers of My truth before the people, calling them with My eternal voice of love and truth, but only those who are, like you, My beloved Enoch, of a purest heart.

79,12. "Since I did call your son you can be quite unconcerned about his possible fault; for all this was only My work. - Do you understand Me, My beloved Enoch?

79,13. "Behold, you and all you others! I let Rudomin grow great even physically; according to this My school he had always told and taught you that man is more than a worm in the dust of the earth.

79,14. "His strong voice, given him by the same school, showed you that, firstly, there is more strength and power in the breast than there is in the head and, secondly, it gave you the exact measure, namely, by how much love is, or at any rate should be, mightier than the intellect. Thirdly, he demonstrated to you on behalf of this My school through the might of his voice to which his brothers and sisters must silently obey that the head, with all its senses and calculations, shall yield to the heart whenever the heart appears as the obviously better teacher. - Do you understand this, My beloved Enoch?

79,15. "Furthermore, thanks to My school he made from a grain of sand a whole world, as he now in his vision made from a tiniest mote the entire creation. Behold, thereby he taught what human nature is and that in the heart of man rests his godlikeness, thanks to which he can do greater things than merely gape at something and, having gaped to his heart's content, come up with the remark: 'But this is really fine and wondrous!' - with which he will have come to the end of his great sentiments.

79,16. "Verily, say I here to you all, you shall all make out of the gnat, elephants and mammoths, - indeed, the hearts of your souls, not seldom hardly bigger than gnats, you shall transform into elephants and mammoths but, on the other hand, transform into gnats the intellect, which is often as great as mountains, and you would find it easy to comprehend faithfully things from My school in Rudomin!

79,17. "However, since with many of you the opposite is still the case, you are still largely unable to understand to what end and why I have called Rudomin.

79,18. "Now you ask: 'What again is this inner school? How are we to understand this?'

79,19. "But I tell you: Whenever you observe some phenomena in the sky, you put your heads together and ponder for years on them, finally saying: 'Such and such the thing has effected; therefore, it must have indicated it!'

79,20. "You have observed the glittering of the stars, the passing of the winds, the cries of the birds and other animals, the raging and roaring of the sea, and everywhere you have come to great conclusions.

79,21. "Tell Me, why did you not also apply your astrology to the signs of immortality found in man - why not submit to your closer scrutiny the stars of this living heaven?

79,22. "The chirping of a cricket was to you more wondrous than the language of the immortal brother, of man, the majestic image of My eternal Father-love.

79,23. “O you still very blind ones, what is more: The action and gesture of a child or the destruction of a mountain, caused by a million lightnings?

79,24. "Behold, this is the school of eternal life; this is more than the cosmic mote attached to Rudomin's toe, - infinitely more than all the vastness of the endless visible creations!

79,25. "Come to know man in man and in his signs; interpret the latter in the spirit of love and all truth out of it, and you will only then wisely learn what is greatest and what is taught in My school, and how the latter is to be recognized in man from his living signs.

79,26. "Verily, I tell you, greater things than a central sun are contained already in the tear of a newborn child!

79,27. „This is also the meaning of Rudomin's vision. - Understand this and do accordingly, and you will all easily find eternal life. Amen."

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