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80,1. After these words Enoch thanked Abedam with all the love and great humility of his heart for this important, great, holy instruction, and all the other patriarchs and children followed his example.

80,2. After this thanksgiving of the heart Enoch went back to his former place beside Garbiel.

80,3. Thereupon Abedam turned to Rudomin directing the following words to him:

80,4. "Thus also you, My beloved Rudomin, behold and listen and understand well what, in particular, your vision testifies and says of you all!

80,5. "Now you all, who are here surrounding Me on the height, know that I am God, the One and Only Eternal God, talking with you as a Father visible before your eyes and teaching you.

80,6. "However, if the Father is a God, his children will certainly not be dogs, cats, oxen, cows, calves, asses and the like, but they will be what their Father is, being and working where He is and works.

80,7. "Behold, this is My eternal order, namely, that everywhere and in everything, with every matter, with every being the children must be as perfect as is their father!

80,8. "For this reason in every fruit there is contained a germ the foundation of which is all the perfection of the father.

80,9. "Thus a grain of seed laid into the earth must become the same grass, the same plant, the same shrub or the same tree, out of or on which it became a grain of seed.

80,10. "Or is the case maybe different with animals? - I reckon that also the lion's father or begetter was at all times himself a lion, just as that of the bird was also only a bird, and so forth up to man, where the father's son, like the father, becomes a man full of high capabilities and potential and the daughter, like the mother and the father, a hallowed field for the sowing of fruits of eternal life, even fruits sown out of Me.

80,11. "If this is already incontestably so in the natural and material world, in spirit it must be the case even infinitely multiplied!

80,12. "Hence, when I tell you, teach and proclaim that you are My children, tell Me, you My dear little children: What does this mean?

80,13. „To what purpose and why do you call Me your Father, and to what purpose and why do I call you My children?

80,14. "To what purpose and why do I expect of you in all justice and fairness to recognize no one but alone Me as the only true Father, loving Me, following only Me, honoring, glorifying and praising only Me and obeying Me alone completely in everything? - Do you still not understand?

80,15. What and Who else, apart from being your only true Father, am I then?

80,16. "Well - I am also the one and only eternal, infinite, almighty, true God!

80,17. "But if I, as your only true Father, am a God essentially from Eternities of eternities, what, then, are You as My children?

80,18. Verily, I tell you, you too are Gods, just as I, your Father, am a God, the only difference being (which already on earth, at least in a physical sense, is an immutable fact), that the father will always remain a father to the son eternally where appearance is concerned, wherefore the son cannot ever be his father's father, or be able to say to his father: 'I have begotten you,'

80,19. "No more than you can assume that from a grain of seed the same tree could emerge which had previously brought forth the seed.

80,20. "Hence the father always remains the father and the son always the son. This is an immutable relationship.

80,21. "Therefore, this is the great difference between Me and you, that I alone am the Father, whereas you cannot possibly be anything else but My dear children, for whom a great inheritance in the great house of the Father is waiting.

80,22. "And now behold, you, My beloved Rudomin, all this signifies your sublimely great vision, bearing the clearest witness to you, and through you to all the others, of the real nature of My children telling them:

80,23. "Man, remember well and ponder it deep in your heart, Who He is to Whom you call out 'Holy Father!', and why!

80,24. "But also do become worthy of Him by fulfilling that which this your holy Father expects you to do so that you might become a proper and completely true, dear child of His, -- perfect as He is perfect.

80,25. Verily, you must be perfect as I Myself am, if you would attain to the sonship forever.

80,26. "For this is truly the greatest thing, namely, that you are My children and I am your Father.

80,27. "So that you may be able to grasp this greatest and holiest of all truths in even more depth, let us on the spot hear also Horedon and see what he beheld and perceived within. Amen."

Main Page The Household of God Volume 2 HHG2-80 Chapter