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91,1. A good hour before sunrise no one except the old father Adam was up and about.

91,2. Indeed, Adam would have loved it - had he dared to, and found someone awake - to upbraid some person for sleeping late on this momentous occasion, when no longer even a single star was visible on awakening.

91,3. However, seeing even the high Abedam between the other Abedam and Enoch rest on the ground, he did not dare say anything but became resigned in patience and forbearance.

91,4. From everywhere morning hymns could be heard and there was a great praising and glorifying from all directions; but on the height proper nothing could be heard as yet.

91,5. That was a new stumbling block for Adam. He would have loved to rave about the lukewarm ness of the chosen, had he only had the slightest encouragement from the high Abedam.

91,6. However, Abedam was still resting between the aforementioned beloved and did not make to rise soon.

91,7. Adam, scratching himself mightily behind his ears, nevertheless remained silent.

91,8. Of course, he said to himself: "It truly shames us chosen that all the children surrounding us anticipate us in everything and set us an example, whereas we should be the ones to do so. But what can be done here? He Himself is still resting!

91,9. "If only the dear sun does not appear before we sing our morning hymn!

91,10. "At other times we used to be finished with our morning meal long before sunrise; today, however, the sun threatens to find us still lying down or at least resting on the ground.

91,11. What can be done here? Surely I cannot wake Him up.

91,12. For our morning hymn has always only been in His honor.

91,13. "Yet He is still resting and it would certainly be very unseemly to do something now and thereby disturb His rest.

91,14. "But it is nevertheless annoying that no one, except I and my Eve, wants to rise from the ground.

91,15. "If only the sun were to tarry it would still be bearable; but, if the sun finds us thus, what will all the other children begin to think of us?

91,16. "No, such a sight would be abominable to me; so tarry, tarry, you diligent sun!"

91,17. As Adam was still harboring such awful notions, lo and behold, the sun suddenly appeared behind the horizon!

91,18. Now Adam's patience was at an end so that he thrust a punch at Seth, who was lying beside him and who, somewhat alarmed, jumped up immediately and asked Adam:

91,19. "Dear father, do you want something? If so, command me so that I may promptly do according to your bidding and need."

91,20. But Adam, pointing with his finger at the sun, said to Seth: "Look there and see how high the sun is already standing and listen how from all directions the morning hymns and the greetings to the sun are sounding.

91,21. "But more than half of us are still asleep; shame on us who on top of all are the chosen! 22 "No, no, I really do not know what to do and think."

91,23. Here Seth looked at the sun which was already very high and he noticed that, firstly, it was very dull and, secondly, appeared only as an ungainly clump and not as a beautiful round orb.

91,24. Having noticed these very suspicious circumstances, Seth promptly said to Adam:

91,25. "Listen, dear father, if I am not mistaken, it may not be too far from the rising of the true sun.

91,26. "As far as this phantom sun is concerned, give it a better look and you will soon convince yourself what time it is with this sun and what this somewhat uncanny-sounding morning hymn is all about."

91,27. Only now did Adam begin to regard the sun more closely, and he soon realized his error.

91,28. And when he lent a more attentive ear to the still ongoing morning hymn he could soon make out the following short verses:

91,29. "Praise be to you, great god, Down there in the lowlands; We glorify you, great Lamech, And the devious ways of your wisdom!

91,30. "You have awakened for us The right sun through your might, And all these great works They belong to you and to it.

91,31. “Lamech, great god, you are filling Now the entire heavens, Having now brought the old Powerless God to perdition!

91,32. "Exhausted and tired He sleeps Down there on earth like His friends, And, like them, is quite happy To bask in the rays of your sun!"

91,33. At these words Adam was so terrified that he cried out: "For the sake of the almighty God, what an accursed day is this, what an accursed sun and what an accursed hymn!"

91,34. Here the high Abedam raised Himself up a little from the earth asking Adam: "Adam, what ails you that you curse?"

91,35. And Adam replied, trembling all over: “O Abedam! Behold this spurious day, a veritable work of Satan!"

91,36. Hereupon Abedam said: "Adam, why have you judged it? Behold, it will not make it the earth's last; this day will multiply on earth like a weed, and this weed cannot be eradicated until the end of all times."

91,37. But Adam screamed: “O holy Father, then destroy him forever!"

91,38. But Abedam replied: "Behold, also the originator of this day is free, like you, and lives out of Me. Therefore, let us leave him his time; let him stretch it as long as he will.

91,39. When once My eternity will come over him, his great folly will be revealed in the light of the true day.

91,40. "So hold your peace until such time when I shall awaken you in the morning of the true Sunday.

91,41. "And so lie down again on the ground. When I rise, all of you shall rise; for I shall rise on the true Sunday and awaken you through My Spirit.

91,42. "In the meantime, let us allow Satan to play his games from the truly muddy depth of Lamech. Amen."

91,43. These words calmed down Adam; but Abedam promptly lay down on the ground again, and Adam, Seth and Eve followed His example, no longer heeding the sun of Lamech from the lowlands.

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