Love Letters from Jesus 04-2015

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2015-04-01 - Jesus speaks about Heaven and the Millennium

2015-04-02 - Jesus is waiting on the Key Event to begin the Rapture

2015-04-05 - Jesus says to Cern... I AM GOD and there is none Other

2015-04-06 - Jesus explains... The Great Revival after the Rapture

2015-04-07 - Jesus explains... Everything seems Business as usual

2015-04-08 - Jesus says... Have unconditional Trust in Me

2015-04-09 - Jesus speaks about the Death and Resurrection of America

2015-04-10 - Are you called to be raptured or stay and help?

2015-04-11 - Jesus explains... How we can recognize if we will be raptured

2015-04-12 - Jesus says... These Trials are the final Facets on you My Jewel

2015-04-13 - Jesus says... Count the Cost of an intimate Relationship with Me

2015-04-15 - Jesus says... We are on the Verge of War and we must Forgive

2015-04-15 - Jesus says... Surrender all to Me

2015-04-16 - Jesus explains... Can Men experience Closeness with Jesus as Women do?

2015-04-17 - Jesus says... Carry the Cross and do not judge

2015-04-18 - Jesus says... Be Honest and look at yourself in God's Mirror

2015-04-19 - Jesus says... Blessed are the Pure for they shall see Me

2015-04-20 - Jesus says... Without Love you will not stand before Me - Serious prophetic Warning to My Bride

2015-04-21 - Jesus says... Love One Another

2015-04-22 - Jesus speaks about Provision for the Left Behind and He gives Instructions

2015-04-25 - Jesus says... Your Hearts are My fragrant Garden

2015-04-26 - Jesus says... I’ve gone to prepare a Place for you

2015-04-27 - Jesus says... Open your Heart all the way to Me

2015-04-29 - Jesus explains... My perceptible Presence is with you

2015-04-30 - Jesus says... Draw Souls to Me with the Fragrance of My Love