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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 143 - The Franciscan’s final doubts – what happens to mortal sinners? The stranger’s affectionate answer. Invitation into the house.

1. Says the Franciscan: “Dear friend, I thank you for this marvelous instruction! It is true and worthy of a great God and must comfort every mind. Yet there nevertheless are things that can be regarded as major shortcomings in man’s nature. One cannot dispose of them as of enemies who did us evil. To these belong certain deceptions one has committed on others, which one cannot make good with the best of intentions. So likewise are fornication, rape, masturbation, child-abuse (frequently at consecrated places), and so on, most severely God-condemned sins, weighted down with eternal damnation, which can never be undone and, notwithstanding the confessional, leave behind an indelible blot upon the soul. It therefore becomes problematic as to what the most holy Deity shall do? Do these blemishes also get wiped out like the debtor’s ledger, with the words ‘Lord, forgive us as we forgive …?”

2. Says the stranger: “Friend, if you believe the Deity to be wiser than the wisest man, then you shall also have to expect that the Deity looks upon man’s weaknesses even more leniently than the best of people. You did of course sin much in your flesh, having been greatly tempted by it. You could have indeed fought off these temptations, had you ever been serious about it. But this was too demanding, and natural life’s dilly-dallying too sweet for you, and so you remained steadily carnal. But there, behold, the Deity, unbeknown to you, intervened, leading you out of your sensual niche by placing you upon the battlefield. There you had the mighty opportunity to espy the end of all flesh and its lusts, making you sober up. And in the end your flesh had to ultimately find out just how much there was to all its lusts and satisfactions. And behold, that’s how the Deity punished your flesh, ridding your soul of it. Hence you have to inquire no further what becomes of your sins. For I say unto you that these found their end with the verdict over the flesh! For that which is of flesh shall also be judged and buried with the flesh.

3. “It is another matter where the soul has itself completely gone over into the flesh. There no fate different from the flesh can overtake it. But with yourself, this is not the case, which you can gauge from the fact that over here you fully live, not lying in the grave like dead, notwithstanding your awareness of the flesh’s fate.”

4. Says the Franciscan: “But friend, what in that case happens with those souls that have to share the shuddering fate of the flesh? Such surely shall sink to hell after the decay of their idol?”

5. Says the stranger: “No soul shall ever be robbed of its freedom, or consciousness and retrospection! It receives according to its desire. If it desires to be resurrected, it will be so. But if it desires to sink even below its grave, down to hell, its path shall not be obstructed. Hell is indeed permitted by God, and eternally isolated from all the heavens; but it is not so with the soul! For it shall not be judged, excepting by its own attitude and fullest freedom of will. If it hankers after hell in accord with its own nature, it shall go to hell, and all of us together shall not be able to hold it back. If however it desires heaven, then we shall also lovingly welcome it and guide it there along the best paths; God’s best system demands it!”

6. Says the Franciscan: “But friend, could you not give us an idea of what hell actually looks like?”

7. Says the stranger: “Friend, in Scripture it says: ‘Seek God’s kingdom above all, and everything else shall be added unto you’. Hence we shall also vividly concern ourselves with the divine. The regrettable opposite shall then soon enough become plain to all. Hence let you all now come with me into yonder house, released now from the mists! There you shall obtain greater light! Be it so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-143 Chapter