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Deathbed-Scenes, Scene 11 - Beyond the Threshold

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Volume 1
RBLUM-1 Robert Blum’s life on Earth
RBLUM-2 First impressions of the executed in the beyond. Awareness of feeling alive.
RBLUM-3 Robert thinks he has been anaesthetised.
RBLUM-4 Distress call to God – appeal to Jesus
RBLUM-5 Attempts at walking within empty space. Self-dialogue about nothingness and continuing life. Cursing God - the bringer of sorrow.
RBLUM-6 Outer peace, inner disquiet. What is life? Desire for the assurance of faith leads to prayer. Thoughts for wife and children.
RBLUM-7 Well tried remembrance of Jesus produces powerful lightning. Robert’s fear and happy amazement.
RBLUM-8 Renewed zest for life. Revenge turns into forgiveness. New lightning and lasting light.
RBLUM-9 All worldly wisdom is vanity. Jesus impresses faith upon His disciples.
RBLUM-10 Favourable thoughts about Jesus. Growing faith in immortality and a God of love.
RBLUM-11 More reverent thoughts and yearning for Jesus. The light region moves closer
RBLUM-12 A human shape in the light region: is it Jesus? Robert’s joy at the yearned for.
RBLUM-13 Robert’s call. Jesus comes. The departed soul finds solid foundations again.
RBLUM-14 Robert addresses the Lord. Jesus’ answer, and an important life question
RBLUM-15 A good answer. Pious desires.
RBLUM-16 The Lord promises realisation of just desires, with certain reservations. Robert’s fiery denunciation of tyrants.
RBLUM-17 The Lord argues: submit yourselves to the authorities. Robert questions this commandment, seeking clarification on the nature of Jesus’ human divinity.
RBLUM-18 Jesus’ talk about the necessity of worldly powers. No human society without order and obedience
RBLUM-19 About obedience. Examples from the natural world.
RBLUM-20 Further example: the need for high mountains
RBLUM-21 Medium and small mountains - their origin and overall purpose for the Earth planet
RBLUM-22 Graduated subordination necessary also among men.
RBLUM-23 Robert agrees. His rejoinder about rulers’ misuse of power.
RBLUM-24 Comforting reply for Robert’s dark doubts. Free man’s wickedness is self-punishing. The lesson of history
RBLUM-25 Purpose of the terrestrial life school. Temporal or everlasting blessedness?
RBLUM-26 Robert’s retort: I will return life to whoever gave it. Can there be a God of love who treats His creatures so harshly?
RBLUM-27 Clarification on man’s raising up to independence. Seemingly difficult breeding school. - Loftiest divine love wisdom.
RBLUM-28 Physical death also an aid out of God’s love. Death throes in former and present times.
RBLUM-29 Meaning of the text: ‘Depart from Me, accursed ones!’ Every wicked spirit curses itself. - Sin against the holy Spirit.
RBLUM-30 About the rich glutton and poor Lazarus in the beyond. Who created hell? Only the malice of the spirits.
RBLUM-31 Robert’s glad agreement. An ultimate question: ‘What is God’s true nature?’.
RBLUM-32 Love Me, Jesus; for the fullness of the Godhead dwells in Me! Robert doubts this, intending to accept it in faith.
RBLUM-33 About genuine and false faith. The perils of the good life
RBLUM-34 Robert’s notion of faith and the right worship of God
RBLUM-35 Man’s dual capacity to discern. Only spiritual light gains true faith. Practice and virtue.
RBLUM-36 Robert’s annoyance at being reminded of his worldly weaknesses, seeking other discourse.
RBLUM-37 The danger of soul-praise. Even princes of angels need humility for spiritual progress. Humbly confess your guilt for your blessing.
RBLUM-38 Robert’s retrospection to his earthly fortunes: ‘punish, but don’t leave me’.
RBLUM-39 Robert takes a good turn. Explanation about the biblical John the Baptist. Dawn of everlasting light of recognition in Robert.
RBLUM-40 Start of a new life out of God’s Spirit. A new liberty-test upon a higher level of cognition.
RBLUM-41 Robert: let Your will be my life. – Love upon love.
RBLUM-42 A true brother. Parable of the target shooting. Love towards the Lord determines everything.
RBLUM-43 Robert’s new, glorious world. Astonished thanks and fervent love. “This world is out of you” – A parable on procreation
RBLUM-44 Robert’s task in the new home. The first reception. Fallen political friends. Robert counsels them.
RBLUM-45 Robert’s powerful witness to Christ. The Viennese crowd.
RBLUM-46 Robert inquires about three worldly comrades-in-arms. A soul-portrait of these ‘people’ friends. Robert counsels peaceful forgiveness
RBLUM-47 Entry into Robert’s house. Spiritual correspondence of the storeys. Cautioning with the Viennese crowd. Heart communication with the Lord
RBLUM-48 Wonderful house interior. Robert’s anger at what he sees in the garden. Scandalous scenes among the Viennese. The Lord takes up the healing of the wicked souls.
RBLUM-49 A flock of former show-dancers enter the house, after much suffering in the spirit world. Humble begging for bread and accommodation
RBLUM-50 The Viennese crowd asks for the dancers. Robert’s thunderous sermon. Salvation of the souls at the abyss.
RBLUM-51 Three of Robert’s comrades-in-arms before the Lord. Reform also for them. The grateful dancers as tools.
RBLUM-52 The good effect of Robert’s spirit. His heart is shaken by the Lord’s condescension The good effect of his sympathy.
RBLUM-53 The rabble-rousers Messenhauser, Jellinek and Becher in the beyond. Their opinions about God, hell and fate
RBLUM-54 Jellinek demonstrates God’s existence from nature, but man could not grasp more about the Deity
RBLUM-55 Journey of discovery. Timorous heroes. The Lord appears with Robert.
RBLUM-56 Jellinek’s heart is kindled with love for Robert’s Friend. Celestial wine. Jellinek’s toast and the Lord’s response.
RBLUM-57 Effects of the celestial wine. Question about Christ and His Deity. Robert’s foreboding answer. Jellinek’s favourite saying.
RBLUM-58 Womanising-test for Robert’s friends. Jellinek’s and Messenhauser’s good replies.
RBLUM-59 The Lord about the misused phrase ‘The end justifies the means’
RBLUM-60 The dancers seek clarification about God. Robert counsels: ‘seek the light within’. Danger in purely external research.
RBLUM-61 The dancer’s comprehension. Struggle against unclean nature-spirits within man. Stages of perfection. The Most High.
RBLUM-62 Among the bawdy Viennese crowd. Salutary healing for these heroes of the flesh Robert invites them to come into the house.
RBLUM-63 The guests behold the dancers. Conversations. Heroes of the barricades
RBLUM-64 The dramatist reprimanded by Robert. The good-hearted heroine encourages him in vain.
RBLUM-65 The Viennese and the unruly Bohemian. The heroine turns to Jellinek, who refers her to the Lord.
RBLUM-66 The heroine turns to the Lord for help. The Saviour’s counsel: confess your problems openly! Story of a fallen one.
RBLUM-67 The Lord’s comments on the reason for this seemingly offensive revelation
RBLUM-68 The waiting heroine and the haughty dramatist. The latter rebuked by the Lord. Love miracle upon the heroine Helena.
RBLUM-69 The dramatist’s reaction to Helena’s transformation. Difference between dream and real life. Olaf’s parable of courtship.
RBLUM-70 The dramatist’s marital affairs. The helpful general.
RBLUM-71 The dramatist’s marriage heaven clouds over. The bride’s true nature unmasked.
RBLUM-72 The wife Emma’s claims. The General as marriage counsellor. Marriage feud.
RBLUM-73 Continuing the marriage story. Emma’s nervous crisis and conversion.
RBLUM-74 Surprises for the man of drama. He finds old acquaintances. Olaf’s good advice.
RBLUM-75 Olaf’s petition for his friends’ welfare. The Lord’s promise – a soul-fish catch. The blindly stubborn dramatist
RBLUM-76 The honest shoeshine man. The unwelcome Mierl. The dramatist’s dirty laundry hung out. The offended spirit of arrogance abandons the company
RBLUM-77 Olaf’s intercession before the Lord. Testimony to Jesus’ Deity, and surrender to His will. Satiation of poor souls.
RBLUM-78 Caution with the partially blind. Announcement of a celestial High Council. The Lord’s greatness, simplicity and goodness.
RBLUM-79 The venerable council meeting. The Lord’s question: What shall become of the Earth? Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob speak
RBLUM-80 Helena’s impatience assuaged. Moses and David speak. Helena’s interloping speech and David’s final word.
RBLUM-81 Peter’s harsh speech on Rome. Paul’s enlightened reply about grace.
RBLUM-82 Blum and Jellinek voice their opinions. The Lord’s response.
RBLUM-83 Becher’s radical recommendations. Instructions from the Lord. The nature of the Earth’s human race is conditioned by that of the entire Creation.
RBLUM-84 Helena’s view towards improving Earth-man’s lot.
RBLUM-85 The Lord’s critique of Helena’s suggestions. The Earth is not paradisiacal whilst being a testing-ground.
RBLUM-86 Olaf’s wisdom. A celestial toast. The new light and love-bridge of God’s grace.
RBLUM-87 The celestial meal for the health of terrestrial man. Helena’s bridal gown and crown as an analogy.
RBLUM-88 The greatest prize of pure divine love – bridal Deity
RBLUM-89 The Earth and its abominations. The Anti-Christ’s spirit. A symbolic manifestation.
RBLUM-90 Further unfolding of the period image. Why does God tolerate the world’s abominations?
RBLUM-91 Reason for life’s dark side. Contrast essential for spiritual freedom.
RBLUM-92 Conflict among the six animals. Effect on the wolf-people and the king.
RBLUM-93 Robert explains the manifestation. Self-love and arrogance as the root of evil. God’s unchangeable will.
RBLUM-94 Helena’s thoughts about the seven-headed monster, the animal combat, the wolf-men and the king.
RBLUM-95 The Lord explains the development of independent beings. Key to understanding Earth life.
RBLUM-96 The Lord speaks about children of God and children of the world. Parable of the orchard and the barren tree.
RBLUM-97 About sensuality and arrogance. Robert instructed to fetch the dramatist.
RBLUM-98 The dramatist inquires about Jesus. Dawning of self-knowledge.
RBLUM-99 Robert emboldens the dramatist – the fearful sinner hesitant. The dramatist Dismas takes courage and follows God’s messenger.
RBLUM-100 Dismas confesses his guilt before the Lord, not begging for grace but for a just punishment. Consequences of such an erroneous request.
RBLUM-101 Dismas’ foolish defiance. His true friends as severe critics.
RBLUM-102 Dismas stops short, genuinely turning to the Lord for grace and mercy.
RBLUM-103 Emma and Olaf forgive Dismas, their debtor. About Dismas’ powerful Paulian spirit. A celestial commandment.
RBLUM-104 Dismas and his former friends. All kinds of dissuading. Hunger-cure for the stubborn unbelievers.
RBLUM-105 The works of the intellect and the heart. Dismas brings the sceptics to the Lord.
RBLUM-106 The speaker Bruno, and the Lord’s response. Bruno’s humility brings down the Lord’s grace.
RBLUM-107 Celestial mercy meal. Testing the heart for love of the enemy.
RBLUM-108 Love-hero surrounded by enemies. Christ’s love overcomes all.
RBLUM-109 Peacability among the light-hungry. The host of worldly-blind before the Lord. Bruno’s life-story.
RBLUM-110 The Lord about catching soul-fish. Bread, wine and celestial clothing.
RBLUM-111 Bruno’s hunger and thirst continue. Hints about celestial order.
RBLUM-112 Bruno reaches his charges. Questions concerning rebirth and free will. Bruno’s clarification.
RBLUM-113 The ruffian’s talk about distortion of religion through the priesthood.
RBLUM-114 Bruno’s response from the Lord. Proof of the divine origin of Christ’s doctrine: its inexhaustible fullness and diversity.
RBLUM-115 Rome criticised. Bruno enlightens. The benefit of night.
RBLUM-116 Distortion of the pure Gospel on account of man’s free will. End of the Lord’s longsuffering.
RBLUM-117 The doubters gain faith but are shy about the way to the Lord. A churchman and a free man in discussion. Humour in the spirit kingdom.
RBLUM-118 The argumentative Bardo. Niklas’ rebuke. The group of a thousand, united in spirit, receives the Lord’s grace.
RBLUM-119 The healing of Bardo’s soul. Niklas’ speech on God’s guidance. Celestial avowal of friendship.
RBLUM-120 Dress in the beyond. The Lord speaks His blessings. Blum and his friends are directed to put the dining room in order. Their amazing experiences.
RBLUM-121 Opinions and counsels. Dismas sets the hearts in order. Robert’s gratitude. The blessings of neighbourly love.
RBLUM-122 Forced entry by war-victims. The Leader speaks. His call for prayer.
RBLUM-123 A monk wants to hold divine service – for money. The General rails against Rome. Robert desires to help. The Lord arrives.
RBLUM-124 Robert’s exuberance. The Lord’s concern for the monk. The householder Robert obtains Helena as a helper. Celestial marriage.
RBLUM-125 The monk’s spiritual awakening. Self-dialogue as the soul’s mirror. Christ, the life-anchor of the shipwrecked.
RBLUM-126 The monk hears Jesus’ holy doctrine. The formerly blind recognises the Lord and His grace.
RBLUM-127 Thomas praising God. The Lord’s instructions on love’s simplicity.
RBLUM-128 Thomas’ intercession for his former opponents in the ante-chamber. He is dressed with a cloak of honour and a hat of wisdom. His first assignment.
RBLUM-129 Thomas and Dismas with the general and his three thousand. Clarification about Jesus and His path of salvation. The general’s speech. The Lord at the entrance to the chamber of life.
RBLUM-130 The flock before the Lord. General Theowald’s life-journey towards God. The secret of Earth-life revealed in the beyond. Jesus’ words of light and love.
RBLUM-131 The great meal. The General and his friend Kernbeiss. Thomas thanks them for the previous healing. A glance at the terrestrial hell.
RBLUM-132 A group of executed arrives, their leader telling their story. The philosophy of godlessness and lovelessness.
RBLUM-133 The Count and the ruthless one. Their life stories. Their unanimous denial of God. The proud and his miserable end.
RBLUM-134 The first comfort of the executed is retaliation. Effect of the strange voice. Want teaches prayer. The healing voice.
RBLUM-135 Hints about the unfortunate ones. The unscrupulous one flogs the Count’s madness. Hungarian politics of that period.
RBLUM-136 Jesus discussed. The Franciscan’s religious experience. The Count as versed in Scripture. The Franciscan’s final counsel.
RBLUM-137 The Count’s pride rears up one more time. Earth politics lit up in the beyond. The General and Robert discuss these spirits arguments. The Lord’s outsized patience.
RBLUM-138 The Count and the Franciscan discuss the newly resounding voices. The Count still harbors second thoughts. One of the crowd calls upon Jesus.
RBLUM-139 The Count brightens up. Alps and a palace come into view. Most loving counsel on order in the beyond.
RBLUM-140 The stranger queried further. A strange reply.
RBLUM-141 The Franciscan talks of love, censuring the Count. The count’s aristocratic retort. Miklosch as go-between.
RBLUM-141 The Franciscan talks of love, censuring the Count. The count’s aristocratic retort. Miklosch as go-between.
RBLUM-142 The stranger’s sermon on fault-finding and reproachfulness. The Franciscan’s interjection. The stranger’s hints on heart order.
RBLUM-143 The Franciscan’s final doubts – what happens to mortal sinners? The stranger’s affectionate answer. Invitation into the house.
RBLUM-144 The splendour and size of the house. ‘Does Jesus Christ live here?’ The souls yearn for the Lord. Miklosch’s premonition.
RBLUM-145 Entering the celestial house. Meeting old acquaintances. The count’s blind search for Jesus – eventually found.
RBLUM-146 The count’s greatest moment. ‘It is You!?’ Wonderful tribute. The Lord about relationship between the Father and His children.
RBLUM-147 Bathianyi’s remorse. The Lord speaks about man’s ripening to the highest recognition of God. The still blind Franciscan receives rough hinds from Miklosch.
RBLUM-148 The Franciscan’s renewed plunge into doubt at the sight of Robert Blum.
RBLUM-149 The Franciscan stiffens in his Roman doctrine. Miklosch cures him with difficult questions. Now the ice breaks also in this rigid soul. Blissful astonishment at the celestial truths.
RBLUM-150 The Franciscan feasts, with fervent thanks to the Lord. The true celestial kingdom, with new miracles. Company of the blessed in the main hall. ‘Oh Lord – Your magnificence!’
Volume 2
RBLUM-151 Museum of the soul. The everlasting light of the soul Rest and motion
RBLUM-152 Prisoners of matter; how shall these be saved? The Franciscan’s recommendations
RBLUM-153 Important life hints Satan, progenitor of matter and all human souls God’s salvation plan
RBLUM-154 Secrets in the graves; healing in the beyond. The collection point of divine grace
RBLUM-155 The great pyramidal monument. The Lord’s vivid and vital life words about spirit, soul and body. The true resurrection of the flesh
RBLUM-156 Explaining the Pyramidal monument. Journey to the underworld; Purgatory, Heaven and Paradise
RBLUM-157 Report on Robert’s underworld. The holy inscriptions upon the steps of the pyramid. An important salvation doctrine and its effect upon Robert
RBLUM-158 Robert’s fiery love of God. Helena’s commendable speech, her timidity before the most holy. The Lord’s bracing response
RBLUM-159 Parable of the artist and his pupils. The Lord’s gentle counsel leads Helena back to the love of a celestial bride
RBLUM-160 Pater Cyprian offended at Helena’s love-storm. Thunderous words at priestly presumption
RBLUM-161 Miraculous transformation of the soul-crypts. Robert receives his celestial name, the angel Sahariel as leader
RBLUM-162 Helena in conversation with the Lord. Inhabitants of hell
RBLUM-163 Errands for Peter and Paul to present the erstwhile Bedouin chief Cado. Peter’s amiable but vain attempt to win this brazen spirit
RBLUM-164 Cado’s fundamental wickedness. The Lord speaks on divine punishment
RBLUM-165 Cado in the infernal sweat-bath. The Lord’s unswerving will power
RBLUM-166 Cado frees himself and takes revenge. The chieftain gives way. Satan’s infernal plan
RBLUM-167 Cado’s infernal confrontation. The chieftain’s impudent salvation plan
RBLUM-168 Powers of darkness. Infernal malice and celestial wakefulness
RBLUM-169 The ‘infernal’ celestial storm breaks loose. Peace spirits upon high –dreadful repercussions for the mobs of darkness
RBLUM-170 Infernal power doomed. As survivor, Cado shows better stirrings. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak
RBLUM-171 Change of scene. Infernal tempter spirits. Cado calls upon God’s grace and help
RBLUM-172 Cado’s earthly life story. Further heart tests. The infernal Minerva in state chariot. Cado’s consecrated defence-stones
RBLUM-173 Cado and Minerva talk. The infernal princesses’ shocking tests. Cado’s true ‘Wiseman’s stone’. God Jesus, the conqueror; his name an abomination to hell.
RBLUM-174 Cado’s wisdom and Minerva’s blindness. ‘Acknowledge the Man-God Jesus’!
RBLUM-175 Minerva’s conditions for surrender. Cado’s response
RBLUM-176 Cado receives intensified angelic protection. Minerva’s counter offers. Hell poses new threats
RBLUM-177 Minerva suspects divine subtlety. Cado blows his cover. A dress falls from heaven, arousing Minerva’s curiosity
RBLUM-178 Minerva approaches, yielding. A few more steps to the goal
RBLUM-179 Final conflict and change. Satana’s ancient pride returns. Cado stays firm. Parable of the rescuing navigator
RBLUM-180 Cado fortifies himself with bread and wine; Minerva’s rage. Cado’s lucid instructions about her unworthiness
RBLUM-181 Bathianyi and Miklosch discussing the phenomenon. Minerva takes the last step, rewarded by the celestial dress prospects for Satan’s salvation
RBLUM-182 Minerva’s further excuses and Cado’s response. About repentance and conversion. Portentous acts of salvation
RBLUM-183 Minerva’s glory in the celestial gown. Robert and Sahariel reveal themselves. Bringing up souls for true freedom and independence
RBLUM-184 Sahariel comments on Amen. Minerva’s love declaration. The angelic messenger’s wise response. Parable of the two wells - Cado reveals the situation
RBLUM-185 Minerva trying to justify herself. Cado’s refutation and uncovering of her wickedness. Sahariel ready to depart
RBLUM-186 Minerva Continues argumentation. Sahariel’s long suffering. Bethanyi’s annoyance
RBLUM-188 The Lord with Robert and Helena. The spouses together again. A true celestial couple
RBLUM-189 Cyprian with the Lord. Proper gratitude. The Lord’s ways of guiding. Rome’s justice
RBLUM-190 The ancestor’s prayers for blessings. The Lord’s response. Preparations for the Lord’s return
RBLUM-191 Moving away from the chamber of perfection. Robert and Helena with Cado before the closed heavenly portals. Minerva re-appears
RBLUM-192 Minerva before the portal. Rough encounter with Helena
RBLUM-193 Indian wisdom concerning Satan. Counselling patience. Easier to sweep small places than infinity
RBLUM-194 Minerva’s satanic doctrine of temptation. Cado’s effective style
RBLUM-195 Minerva and Helena. Helpful explosion. Cado speaks of the necessary punishment rod through the kingdoms. Minerva leaves
RBLUM-196 Robert and Helena’s anger before heavens’ portal. Cado’ wise advice
RBLUM-197 The portal opens, exposing the city of Vienna. Nature of appearances in the beyond. Robert astonished at Cado’s wisdom
RBLUM-198 The crowd’s peculiar stand-off with the apparent Cado. Robert and Helena recognize the lofty, divine Friend
RBLUM-199 The company enters the apparent Vienna. Folksy scene at the passport control
RBLUM-200 The customs officer examines the Lord, letting the group go. One tax collector follows the Lord
RBLUM-201 The Lord receives the tax collector, whilst the Sergeant is rejected. Paul’s ministering to the house of ‘The Good Shepherd’
RBLUM-202 Paul at the proletarian club named ‘The Good Shepherd’. The disciple as gold manufacturer. Inflation-theory and feverish worldliness. Racing parable
RBLUM-203 Six are won over, and Paul tries out the others. Time of especial grace. Destructive sensuality
RBLUM-204 One good response. Paul’s concluding words to the stubborn ones. The funny Viennese and the crude Tirolians. The company continues its journey
RBLUM-205 The companions’ sublime suspicions. Further encounters. The long deceased ancestors of the Habsburg-Lothringen house
RBLUM-206 At the Capuchin emperors’ crypt. Many dead within the coffins! Predominant query about Jesus. Views about Rome
RBLUM-207 The regents’ spirits concerns. Their interpretation of the fiery horseman and his prophesy of the end of the world, and Christ’s return. The regents request earthy help, but Paul promises spiritual
RBLUM-208 Continued counselling of the dynasts. Parable of the lazy shepherds. The dynasties exist only for the people. Counselling humility, and referral to the Lord
RBLUM-209 An ancient dynast and the Lord. The dynast begs for a truly divine miraculous sign
RBLUM-210 Miracles and their effects. The dynast perceives the Lord’s wisdom. He confesses Christ, with reservations. The dynasts conferring
RBLUM-211 Maria Theresia and some dynasts agree with the progenitor Rudolf. They ask the Lord to lead them out of the crypt. Favourable witness to Rudolf
RBLUM-212 Paul’s awakening words to the dynasts. The apostle exposes their atrocities as rulers, promising the Lord’s grace
RBLUM-213 Paul addresses the stiff-necked emperor; obstinate response.
RBLUM-214 Assessment of life-span in the beyond. Enquiry about world history. Parable of the conjuror glitter. Courtly Glitter
RBLUM-215 The proud Karl’s version. Paul rattles the haughty one. Karl speaks to Jesus. Prayer for grace and liberation
RBLUM-216 Money-hungry beggar monks at the tomb exit.
RBLUM-217 At the ‘Stephansdom’. The dynasts’ commendable petition. Difficulties in healing spiritual arrogance
RBLUM-218 Emperor Joseph’s experiences with the clergy. Reason for the early death of this emperor – now engaged as a judgment angel against Rome
RBLUM-219 Archbishop Migazi’s true nature. He speaks to Joseph. A glance into deepest priestly night
RBLUM-220 Joseph refers the Archbishop Migazzi to the Lord. Migazzi declares the beyond a deception and Joseph a mental case. Joseph tells of his death
RBLUM-221 Migazzi cites another reason for his death, asking proofs of Jesus. Joseph counsels the spirit of love as the only proof of God
RBLUM-222 Migazzi’s self-dialogue. He is minded to acknowledge the Lord but fears his colleagues. Joseph steps in
RBLUM-223 Migazzi’s colleagues and the foolish president. Migazzi’s confession before the Lord. His assessment of Rome. The Bishops’ response
RBLUM-224 The Romans’ impotent rage, mercilessness, greed and deceptions. The ‘heresy-emperor’s words of thunder
RBLUM-225 The Church dean’s schemes. The Lord about awakening of faith. Defeat as medicine for arrogance
RBLUM-226 The Lord discussing Mass Sacrifices and eternal damnation.
RBLUM-227 The Lord’s explanation of the unbridgeable abyss, and the forgiving of mortal sin.
RBLUM-228 The ‘enormous’ exorcism and the ‘Pained One’s’ tardy help.
RBLUM-229 An inspired ‘heretic’ sexton speaks up.
RBLUM-230 The Celebrant continues. More shocks for Rome’s eminence
RBLUM-231 The Celebrant on Christian equality and ecclesiastical inequality. The grand litanist condemns the heretic
RBLUM-232 The Lord offers to receive the Sexton. Mighty cure by fire for his accusers. End of Stefansdom scene
RBLUM-233 More about ‘The Dome’ parsons. Wisdom spirits’ nature and their problematic conversion to love. A military patrol in the beyond
RBLUM-234 A new function for Robert. The Lord’s comments on soldiery
RBLUM-235 Robert addresses the troop and tries to clear them up about the spirit kingdom.
RBLUM-236 The unbelieving officer’s response. Helena gets involved
RBLUM-237 The officer’s heart strings. The Father reveals himself to the adoring one
RBLUM-238 The officer as evangelist. He drives out their doubts, leading them to the Lord
RBLUM-239 The peoples’ enquiries and petition. The officer’s patience put to the test
RBLUM-240 More anecdotes. And testing of the officer’s patience
RBLUM-241 A memorable life story, engaging also the officer.
RBLUM-242 Matilda’s life-story continued. Sad revelations
RBLUM-244 The fiery sergeant-Major – a Messiah-friend in the spirit of David.
RBLUM-245 Love as the foundation of all wisdom and power of expression. The art of poetry from intellect and feeling. The officer requests more love and the Lord’s response
RBLUM-246 Highest wisdom’s source. How to gather up love for God
RBLUM-247 Love for God and for women; all love should proceed from God’s love.
RBLUM-248 The right love towards God. Parable of the narrow door and the heavy burden. A celestial Lord’s Prayer
RBLUM-249 The Lord about the Lord’s prayer. Competition at the Lord’s breast. Helena’s view about God and brotherly love
RBLUM-250 Robert counsels Peter on love’s maturing. Examples from the Phoenix and the winepress
RBLUM-251 Peter erupts with love towards the Father. The apparent Vienna abandoned
RBLUM-252 Parable of the strictly just king who is overcome by love.
RBLUM-253 Done for love is done well. Let you also be guided thereby
RBLUM-254 Saying grace. About Emmanuel Swedenborg. The house of Habsburg blessed. Effect of spirits and angels upon mankind. Basic law of free will
RBLUM-255 The Lord’s concluding words: keep to the spirit of love. Out of love comes wisdom, and vice versa. The eternal order of life in God
RBLUM-256 The holy company leaves Vienna, moving towards the alps. At the Semmering. The Lord’s instructions about boundary stones and the land and people of Styria
RBLUM-257 Old and contemporary times. The world was never good excepting a few in it
RBLUM-258 In Muerzzuschlag. The age of technology. Faith and love are lacking, and hence also true blessing
RBLUM-259 At Frohnleiten. Small – mindedness; church spirits
RBLUM-260 Another spirit scene. The Lord and His at the Reinerkogel. Alpine spirits in search of well-being
RBLUM-261 Throngs of demons and nature spirits. Alpine spirit nature. Jakob Lorber, to whom the Lord is revealing this through angels, is present with his circle of friends in full view of the Lord’s only company
RBLUM-262 Wandering spirits from the constellation Hare. Lightand love and their different effects
RBLUM-263 Three bishops of Graz upon the clouds. A Jesuit as messenger. The tyrannical Sebastian and his better colleagues. Judgment over the arrogant gang.
RBLUM-264 Capture of Sebastian by the peace spirits. Blanket of snow as special judgement for rebels against God’s order
RBLUM-265 About nature spirits and stellar elements within man’s soul. How beings out of God canbecome impure. Seventeen prelates from Rein on a visit
RBLUM-267 He who receives the poor receives Me!. Healing and comforting of needy souls. The loving virgin
RBLUM-268 The two messengers with the new Mary. Parable of the small plant and the oak. The Earth’s spiritual state. Perfection through grace
RBLUM-269 The Lord reveals Himself to the one in love. Blind heart more insightful than erudite intellect. Great blessings upon the mountain
RBLUM-270 Hosts of dim monk spirits. Disputations about the Trinity
RBLUM-271 The three servants awaken. Three more doctors of theology given tough lecture and test
RBLUM-272 The theologians difficult mission. Parable of the binoculars. Missionary rules; the best way
RBLUM-273 Commendable missionary zeal of the five. Appearing before the Lord laden with sin. The Lord’s sun of grace
RBLUM-274 Red martial, and blue-grey boaster spirits.
RBLUM-275 not translated...
RBLUM-276 The light Blue ones astonished at the Messenger’s power, not recognising His actual nature Human and spirits’ concepts and recognition of God
RBLUM-277 About the true nature of god. Love acts within narrow but clear circles
RBLUM-278 Location of real blissfulness within man’s heart. Path to heaven three spans long
RBLUM-279 The Lord’s simple but powerful speech. Along the short road to heaven. Reason and cognition of the heart. Fruit-picking parable
RBLUM-280 Relationship between bread and wine. Knowing and doing. A task for the light-blue ones
RBLUM-281 Departure for the kingdom of heaven.
RBLUM-282 Robert astonished at the new celestial region. His future mission. Bridge and hill of grace
RBLUM-283 The highest celestial sphere. Robert and Peter with three friends accompany the Lord to the holy Jerusalem. The city of all cities and sun of all suns
RBLUM-284 Rudolf compares celestial and terrestrial conditions. The celestial city as portentous feeding-fountain for all of infinity
RBLUM-285 The Father’s house in the celestial city; splendour of its chambers and occupants, in contrast to the Lord’s plainness
RBLUM-286 Upon entering. Robert as new archangel and celestial prince, nimble and wise. Robert’s badge of honour
RBLUM-287 The three emperors receive their imperial honours, and their significance. The inhabitants of the highest heavens’ portentous destiny
RBLUM-288 The magnificent children of God. The Lord’s dining-hall. The Creation’s great primordial garden. The perfected one’s diction proportionate to perceived love
RBLUM-289 Robert’s inner relationship to the Habsburg emperors. Hereditary and elected thrones. Peter on politics
RBLUM-290 Robert’s political zeal. Peter’s thoughts on people’s self-help, and the help of God. The Father knows when it is time
RBLUM-291 Great celestial banquet in the Father’s house. David as music maker and composer
RBLUM-292 Organ concerto with visual images. Secrets of tone and form. Fundamental law of all power-manifestations. Power and countervailing power
RBLUM-293 Warning the children of the Earth. Differences between celestial and terrestrial life. Parable of the fallen tree fruit and the potter. Everlasting death
RBLUM-294 Everlasting death – reason and nature.
RBLUM-295 The three doors in the northern wall. Endless distances of the Creation spaces. A glance at the solar middle equatorial belt, and the Moon. The angel’s governance in the cosmic regions
RBLUM-296 The evening western wall. Glance through the first door a planetary central sun, mother of countless planetary suns. The nature of the spiritual Diorama
RBLUM-297 Looking through the second door of the western wall. A Central sun of greater magnitude. Splendid cities and buildings products of instinct or wisdom?
RBLUM-298 The third door reveals a major Central Sun. Solar systems; size and light intensities. Fire spirit action upon a Chief Central sun
RBLUM-299 The first door in the south wall. Almighty light of a primary Central Sun Gigantic proportions. Inhabitants as solar ball throwers
RBLUM-300 Other activity by the fiery giants of the chief primordial Central Sun. Birth of a spectacle. Shell-Globe as vessel for the great cosmic totality
RBLUM-301 View from the second mid-day door viewing the material Creation in its entirety. The great Cosmic Man as The Prodigal; his nature and destiny. God creates perpetually
RBLUM-302 Correspondence between material and spiritual greatness. Parable of the artificial, gigantic, and a natural, tiny grain of wheat. Light of a new Creation of eternal love radiating through the third mid-day door
RBLUM-303 View through the third midday door. The great man of light – man of the new creation

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