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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 101 - Dismas’ foolish defiance. His true friends as severe critics.

1. Here Dismas turns to Robert Blum, saying: “Dear, most worthy friend, it is as I thought it would be! There is no speaking or dealing with this Jesus! The more one bows down and humbles oneself before Him, the rougher and more unapproachable He becomes. The result is that one has to depart from Him and try as much as possible to rid oneself of a miserable life, which one never requested from a God! Because under such coercion I don’t give a damn for such an accursed life which is there for the fun of a divine stinging fly! I certainly realise that my impotence shall eternally be nothing compared to divine omnipotence! Yet I shall not thank the divine tyranny for such a pig’s devil life either!

2. “Did I not encounter the Lord as submissively as possible, believing to be received at least as leniently as the Larkfielder. But what a difference between her and me – she is treated like an angel and I like a damned man. Yet she was just as much a whore as I a whoremonger! Whoever does not detect a moody willfulness in the Deity can’t have eyes in his head. Upon Earth one is a slave to one’s flesh, and over here a most despicable monster! And for such lovely life one is to even thank God? When in the devil’s name did I ver ask God to give me a life? Where are the contractual conditions under which God made me into an independent being?

3. “The Deity created me the way I am, only later giving me commandments which I could not conscientiously keep, because my entire nature was not arranged in accord with them! And now I am to be tormented eternally for the entertainment of divine mischief, since on account of my nature I could not act the way it would please His mood? In short, God and the devil are now all one to me! The mighty is playing with impotence like the cat with the mouse! And that is how the Deity deals with mankind! A lovely destiny it is to be human! But I couldn’t care less now! Where is that pig’s corner where I am to be tormented eternally by a stinging fly? I shall go over, whereupon the most righteous Jesus can send a thousand mosquitoes over me! My gratitude shall be unlimited! Let god’s righteousness look for its equal in tyrannical capriciousness! But I will play it the critic for as long as I am still capable of a free thought, to make give it runny eyes. And the more it shall torment me, the more I shall denounce it! And now into the dirty corner with me, for the earliest opportunity to curse with all my strength!”

4. Says Robert: “Friend, with such language I cannot continue to speak to you! The Lord against whom you are crusading shall answer you! We spirits of His grace have the right through love and divine wisdom to win lost souls for the true, everlasting life, and to lead them before the Lord’s visage, Whose purest light then floods and truly awakens them to eternal, freest life out of Him. – But where a soul won by us weaker spirits is a downright devil, we don’t have the right to further bother with them. Hence expect nothing further from me, but the Lord shall reward you in accordance with your merit!”

5. After this, Robert turns away from Dismas, going over to his friends, who are full of anger at Dismas’ impudence. The relatives cross themselves over and over again, shocked at such obstinacy. The disciples in attendance are earnestly bitter, and the Earth’s fathers shudder at this son of horror, whilst Helena is burning with wrath against this ogre, as she calls him.

6. The upright Max Olaf, with tears in his eyes clasps his hands above his head, saying: “Oh God, oh God! Can it be that a person who was well versed in Scripture, through lust of the flesh can turn into the most brazen devil! Who would ever believe this? No, to have God in front of him and to acknowledge one’s own nothingness and then carry on like that! Oh Jesus, You holiest, most loving, truest and best Father! My heart bursts for grief that You should be so shamefully misjudged and so grossly offended by such miserable worm of the dust – right in front of us – Your pardoned children! Oh Lord, Father Jesus, avenge Yourself upon this wretch! For he treads Your evident grace with properly satanic feet and dares here to defy You to Your face!”

7. The above-mentioned Mariandl crosses herself seven times upon her forehead, mouth and breast, saying in continuing Viennese dialect (translated into German) to the above-mentioned Franz, whose eyes are also enlarging: “Did you hear him? That infernal, damned pig’s … No, has any human soul ever seen or heard anything like that? I am surely a great sinner and know only too well that I deserved nothing but hell! But I now could all but melt from love for our Lord god Jesus, because he is so exceedingly good. And I would not have turned into such a big sinner upon Earth had I been brought up a little better! But this hellish pig’s … had the best upbringing, always reading Scripture and other spiritual books besides, making his friends think he’ll ascend straight to heaven! But now it transpires what kind of scribe he was – his real nature is coming through! Well wait, they’ll tell you your worth in hell! – to talk like that to our most beloved Lord God is unprecedented!”

8. Says Franz: “Indeed, not even the worst devil could do so! If this scoundrel does not end up in hell then even the worst devil shall still achieve bliss! You know me to be a good fellow, not wishing anyone harm! But this beast I could watch roasting in hell and feel no compassion!”

9. Says another of Franz’s friends: “Listen Franz, what if we grab the lout for our Lord’s sake, chuck him out and then serve him up for half an eternity in advance?”

10. Says Franz: “If our Lord had no objection then I don’t need being asked twice! For I am mad enough to tear him to shreds! But hush, it seems our beloved Lord God is about to send the lout of a villain’s soul to hell!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-101 Chapter