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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 102 - Dismas stops short, genuinely turning to the Lord for grace and mercy.

1. Dismas, listening to these opinions, straightens up, saying to Me: “Lord, I now see that You are the only true God and Creator of all things! All recognition, willing and acting within Your creatures were from the beginning Your work and hence good in themselves. For a Spirit most perfect from eternity could never have created something imperfect and hence evil. From Your aspect therefore, there can be no sinners or sin. But You arranged man in such a way that the desire which You originally breathed into him is to become forever fully isolated and independent from You, determining itself within the diverse cognitions he is imbued with, but of course only with the order You most wisely established for the maintenance of the endless whole. Hence man, although imbued with endless knowledge, abilities and leanings can in complete isolation from Yourself, in spite of Your revealed will, only too easily commit deeds in exact opposition to Your divine order and hence become sinful, although such aberrations could within Your all-embracing order be regarded as nothings.

2. “But You, as Lord and Creator of all men, also are bound to see the reason why man often does only too easily something that he should not and basically often does not actually want to do. A peculiar drive nevertheless hauls him there, giving him no rest until satisfied!

3. “Since You, oh Lord, would be most fundamentally conscious of everything from eternity, You will not be wanting to judge my deeds, which are inexcusable violations of the crudest nature against Your order, as severely as if they had been committed before You by some second God. Consider rather within Your most holy Father’s heart: the sinner who now stands before You, faint, weak and helpless before Your unlimited might was, is and shall forever remain a weak human who received full strength only from Yourself, because You are all in all. Man however out of himself remains what he is – a weak shadow of Your mouth’s breath!

4. “Hence grant me, as a feeblest shadow before You, grace and mercy. I loudly proclaim myself to be unfortunately a most crude sinner before You. But I also hope that from Your unlimited wisdom, goodness and power You will, oh Lord, Creator and Father of all, not fully impute my sins as exclusively my own responsibility! For if there is a hell, then it surely too shall have a part in it!

5. “So I also confess to have blasphemously spoken to Your face, to the great anger of all Your dear friends here. But profound contrition is gripping me, and from my nothingness I beg You for possible forgiveness!

6. “I know from Your Word that You once said to Your disciples that, with God, all things are possible! – And so it may still be possible for You to forgive me my transgressions and then, by Your exceeding grace, let me feed on the crumbs that fall from the table of Your friends!”

7. Say I: “Dear Dismas, this speech I like better than all your previous ones, when in your blindness you wanted to argue with Me. Your open confession also shut again the bolt of the already open door to hell. On My part, all your sins are forgiven you. But you see a great many strong believer around here, whom you owe great sums! How shall you square off with them? For behold, it also is written: ‘You shall not enter the Kingdom of God until you have paid back what you owe your brother to the last farthing.’ How do you think this thing can be accomplished?”

8. Says Dismas: “Oh Lord, You know that in this regard I am over here as naked and poor as no man in all of infinity. My creditors’ prospects would indeed be miserable if this depended on my solvency here. For then compensation would not be forthcoming for all eternity. But in my heart I dare to think: ‘if it be Your will, oh Lord, then it may not be too hard through Your goodness and mercy to dispose of all my debts.’

9. “All I can do out of myself is to ask their forgiveness in front of You, honestly confessing that I have grossly sinned against them, as I did against You! But if You will place me in a commensurate position, then I shall make every effort to bring them restitution.

10. “My greatest debt however would be to my dear wife, and to my friend Max Olaf! Next after Yourself I beg these for forgiveness, with my sincerest assurance that I shall spare no effort to make good to them whatever they ask of me in Your holiest name. You, oh Lord, however be most graciously pleased to strengthen their and my heart for carrying through what seems appropriate and righteous before You!”

11. Say I: “Very well, I shall put in a conciliatory word with your creditors for you, and we shall see what further demands they have. And so be at peace meanwhile!”

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