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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 103 - Emma and Olaf forgive Dismas, their debtor. About Dismas’ powerful Paulian spirit. A celestial commandment.

1. I turn to the more cheerful-looking Emma and to the upright Max Olaf, saying: “Well, did you two hear your debtor’s words?” – Say the two: “Oh Lord, Father, perfectly, to our exceeding joy!”

2. Say I: “Good! What will you do? Will you condemn him or will you forgive him everything and take him back into your hearts?” – Say the two: “Oh most holy and best Father! We have forgiven him everything a long time since and are perfectly ready to take him back in all love, and keep him forever, if it is not contrary to Your most holy will!”

3. Say I: “Whatever is right with you in My name is also right and pleasing to Me beyond all measure! Verily I say unto you that I am exceedingly joyful that this spirit has been won back. For there are few spirits like him. He has a Paulian spirit and is a weapon against all impotent enemies in My heavens! Just as he stubbornly strove against Me up till now, just so steadfast shall he prove in My service.

4. “But I cannot return him to you immediately, as he has to carry out a formidable task for Me. If he carries it out satisfactorily, then you shall be his reward, and he yours!”

5. Says Max Olaf: “Oh Lord, am I not of any use? Oh give me an opportunity to do something in Your name too!”

6. Say I: “My dear brother! You have firstly already rendered Me a great service, and secondly you shall soon enough have opportunity to render Me an important service. For brother Dismas it is however, for his development, necessary that he perform a service of true love for Me, and I shall dispatch him for a good catch of fish by himself.”

7. Max Olaf is comforted, and I turn to Dismas, saying: “My dear Dismas! Since you have in your heart now completely changed to accord with My order, and at last humbled yourself before Me and done so before those who a short while ago still were thorns in the arrogance which you brought with you – you shall through such great self-humbling come by distinguished and true honours! But since every honour with Me depends upon a noble and good deed, you shall also be brought to perform a good and beneficial deed. Much shall depend upon its success. But you shall not be held accountable for success or otherwise, because goodwill, honest intentions and love-motivated purpose alone, and a purposeful approach count before Me!

8. “Whether full success follows or not is not your concern, for all success lies in My hand! I even allow sundry success-prevention to the most active and valiant spirits even when acting in My name – to show them thereby that no spirit throughout all of infinity can work anything out of himself, having to work with Me at all times. With such unified action, success is a certainty, and this action in concert with Myself is then credited to such spirit’s merit.

9. “But in addition to that, every perfect spirit has his own great power, with which he can accomplish much. But whatever he effects as if out of himself shall not be counted to his merit, because he is therewith a worker for his own house only. But if he takes up My power into his action, then he works in My house, and this work shall be credited to his earnings. From this you can see how one has to act here in this eternal kingdom of true life, to gather up merit for himself!

10. “And so I shall reveal your engagement to you. Hearken: at the back of this chamber you left your erstwhile friends behind, thirty heads in all, ten females and twenty males. These all were considerably more evil upon Earth than you. You are familiar with their style of dealing and its basis. I now place them in your hands, together with the power to deal as you see fit. Armed thus by Me, go over to them, win them and bring them all over here, where I shall undertake the rest. If you score a success, you shall at once be clothed with a cloak of honour. But proceed from the right angle, or it shall cost you much effort!”

11. Says Dismas: “Oh Lord! The errant is in itself already too honourable for me to still need a cloak of honour for a potential success! For if this nice effort yields success, it shall be exclusively Your doing. And if not, then it shall be a sign of my deficient atonement with You in my striving, in which case I am bound to be unworthy of a cloak of honour! Oh Lord, I shall indeed do everything possible with Your grace. And I also firmly trust that with Your help I shall succeed. But I implore You not to bestow an honour upon me for that, but instead permit me to praise You, together with the won bunch, with all our strength. Because a sinner is eternally not fit for honourable distinction!”

12. Say I: “Now, My beloved Dismas, this is already a good start! Because whoever wants to be first with Me shall be last. But he who seeks to be last, honouring, loving and giving preference to all his brethren, he shall in all truth be first with Me. He who wants to gain life out of himself shall lose it. But he who flees and hates his life for My true life’s sake, shall win it in all fullness. Hence to over to where I have advised you!”

13. Dismas, bowing down deeply before Me and all My other friends, hastens over to the above-mentioned company.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-103 Chapter