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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 265 - About nature spirits and stellar elements within man’s soul. How beings out of God canbecome impure. Seventeen prelates from Rein on a visit

1. Says Robert: “Lord, this I do understand, but you also mentioned nature spirits which melt into water; who and what are these spirits?

2. Say I: “These are primordial spirit-sparks or individual ideas from My heart. When through minor judgments they are suitably prepared and fermented through all kinds of activity within My love, they are also then embodied in matter, plant and animal forms. At the end of their cycle they become human souls with all intelligence, so that they become beings in whom My very own love spirit is connected with such souls.

3. Your own soul is something like that, but not from this but another earth. Constituents related to your flesh from this Earth are indeed additions, but you yourself ultimately belong to the souls from the terrestrial world called Uranus.

4. All the souls of this Earth have of course something from the stars within them. But what remains is predominantly what they acquired from nature in yonder terrestrial world where they were first developed as complete human souls. Do you now understand what these nature spirits are?”

5. Says Robert: “Yes, my God and Father, the thing is now clear to me. But I still don’t understand how out of Yourself, who are in everything the most perfect Being, beings can go forth that are impure and imperfect; for there cannot be anything anywhere that has not gone forth from Yourself.” Say I: “Friend, this I have already vividly explained on another occasion; recall it from within yourself and everything shall be clear to you.”

6. Says Robert: “Ah yes, that’s right, the time you explained the difference between your thoughts and ideas! Yes indeed, I’ve got it: every thought in itself as baseline from an idea is pure. Since one can however form an impure image out of a basic line (which for itself always remains pure) such images already are more impure than the original or basic idea, because they can also represent something impure, which is of course impossible with the basic line, because a line remains a line but not a figure that arises from a combination of lines.

7. But Lord, it is already Monday, and next to the Bishop Sebastian saga we have not seen or heard much. How about giving some other spot a brief visit?”

8. Say I: “Well spoken, but to-day seventeen Prelates from the chapter seminary of Rein shall pay us a visit and we have something to arrange with them. Only tomorrow shall we visit another spot for a few hours. Now however let us all hold our peace, for the Prelates are approaching.

9. Says Bishop Waldstein: “If they are not of too ancient a period then I may well know them?” Say I: “That hardly, because these all belong to the first, formative period of this chapter. Those belonging to your period are not ripe for a long while yet – for getting to where we are now. But they approach with serious mien, and so we shall receive them in a like manner and show them also that we too have the right to detain ourselves upon this hilltop.

10. This hill once belonged to this chapter and was cultivated with vines towards the south-west, whilst the northerly and easterly sides remained wooded for hunting. In later times things changed and various properties left this chapter’s control. These seventeen prelates however are still under the impression that they are still owners of what once belonged to this chapter. They were very proud of this hill and did not like seeing worldly visitors and that because of the game. Now they believe us to be disguised poachers and intend frightening us off this height. Be prepared for the ensuing agitation.

11. Says Robert: “Lord, would not Helena, with her notorious Viennese abruptness, be a fitting response for these heroes? That one could really fling the truth into these venison-lusting knuckleheads’ faces.” Say I: “Not advisable, as these seventeen are not versed in Viennese and are immense fanatics, they are descended from the so-called holy inquisition. One would make them malicious by awakening their slumbering zeal, through which so many faithful souls were tortured in the most pitiless fashion. What was to be done? These persons really were sufficiently stupid to believe that such ghostly deeds were a well-pleasing service to God. And the more inexorable such parson, the more holy he deemed himself, being considered so by all the other dimwits. Hence all of you hold your peace in their presence! Show indifference, as if you were not taking note of My dealings with them. But peace now – they stand before us, assessing us with their inquisitorial eyes.”

12. Following these words, one titular Prelate takes the word; this arch-papist, looking over his left shoulder with scornful mien, takes My measure from head to toe, saying: “Who gave you permission to set foot upon this holy height and frighten my game, which also is holy, as it is destined for God’s zealous servants? Speak, or there shall be a lynching and death and damnation!”

13. Say I: “The Lord of the world has the right to settle down wherever he pleases and has no need to ask the worldly pseudo-owners for gracious permission. And so he was pleased to arrogate to Himself the right to settle down upon this place, and that because of all places of this city’s surroundings; profaned by evil men, this hill was the least desecrated. I am Christ the Lord and am come to give the malicious world judgment or on the other hand grace, forgiveness of their sins and eternal life to My faithful followers. He who recognizes, receives and is not offended in Me shall not perish! But he who is offended in Me and believes not that I am the first and the last, the beginning and ending, the Alpha and Omega, shall be lost. Now you know everything you need to know; what will ye do now?”

14. Says the Primas: “Give us a sign and we shall believe your words.” Say I: “These are plenty of signs before your eyes; take note and they shall provide you with light, because you are not actually too evil, but blind and stupid; are you aware of having actually died? Says the Prelate: “What, what, who died? How, where and when? Am I perhaps not alive now? Am I dead? Who can prove this to me? Hence signs and proof of everything, or you shall be put in prison as rogues and poachers!”

15. Say I: “Not so feverish, my dear ones, or you could provoke the same in Me, which shall somewhat overheat you! But since you have such mighty fear for your game, which still exists only in your imaginations, we all shall leave this hill for a while and betake ourselves to the Schokel mountain; there your eyes shall be opened for moments, to see whether you still are the lords of this chapter, or alternatively administered by a new prelate long since.”

16. Says the primus: “What – we are to scale the highest mountain in Styria which, on account of its height and its many witches, has never been trodden by mortal foot?” Say I: “For that very reason you must go there in order to be healed of three major stupidities which have held your vision captive: firstly, that you still live upon Earth; secondly, that the Schokel is not the highest mountain of this land by far, and thirdly that neither witches nor evil spirits dwell there. Only then will you comprehend that this hill is by no means still your property and that there is no more red game there and hence no poacher either.”

17. Says the Primas: “How shall we get up to that frightening height? It will take us several days journey.” Say I: “Not at all: To prove that you too are no longer carnal men but spirits, we shall put this journey behind us in one moment; I only say: ‘Be it so! ’ And behold, we are here. Now, how do you like it here?”

18. Confounded, the Primas says “Ah, that is a bit thick: how did we get here so suddenly? Like lightning were we shot here from the Reinerhugel; a light starts to rise within me. We seventeen have indeed been disembodied many years ago; how did this not occur to us earlier? We could have realised it from the fact that this chapter used to have only one prelate at any one time, yet we counted seventeen of us that joined up later; strange how one can be so stupid and blind! And now I can see also that there are much higher mountains than Shockel – and no trace of witches or evil spirits! We have to thank this wonderful leader! Even if he is not Christ the Lord Himself, he would have to be a mighty spirit sent to us from God.” They all fall on their faces before Me, praising God’s power in Me.

19. Asks Robert: “Lord, what have I actually in common with these?” Say I: “They too are Uranians like you, and hence most stubborn, for which reason you were to receive them into your house; do you now understand this phenomenon?”

20. Says Robert: “Yes Lord and Father, now I do so of course; are those previous spirits with us upon that lower altitude down there also my primordial compatriots?” Say I: “Not exactly, but they are similar in their love and hence also belong to your organization. For I say unto you that you are henceforth a major pillar of a new organisation, a reward for those who worked in My vineyard for honest and good reasons.”

21. Say the two Bishops humbly: “Lord, did we not also work in your vineyard: are we not to also oversee some office over here?” Say I: “You were indeed workers too, but the world has already given you good wages. He was paid for his efforts by death, and that distinguishes him from yourselves. He is a martyr: are you such? He fell as a victim of his love for his brethren; are you such?”

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