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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 264 - Capture of Sebastian by the peace spirits. Blanket of snow as special judgement for rebels against God’s order

1. Bishops Waldstein and Arko are greatly astonished and they and their humble followers lift their eyes upwards. As soon as they see Sebastian he is already a captive of the peace spirits, together with his followers. He is writhing like a trodden worm, flinging curses at these spirits who so shamefully manhandle him, the man ‘well-pleasing’ to God! But this does not trouble My peace spirits, and their cheerful mind ignores all the raging. They function like clock-work and accept no bargaining.

2. Bishop Waldstein says: “Oh Lord, this resembles spiders catching flies in their webs, and it seems to be these spirit’s system. They must have already had their net invisibly spread out beforehand, or their speed of operation would have been impossible. Is he and his crowd not cursing now!”

3. Say I: “That’s nothing new about beings of his ilk, nor did he not already in the world condemn everyone not dancing to his tune; how should he now be capable of acting differently over here? Oh this is a foolishly evil spirit who could have dispassionately watched a million people burnt to death as heretics. That’s what makes him so furious, that he can’t get things off his chest now.

4. Watch how the spirits are now pushing him through the air towards Obersteier; they shall fix him up upon a lofty alp, whilst the inferior spirits shall be accommodated at lower altitude, like Schokel, Rabenwald, der Kulm and others. Now they have reached the heights; watch how the crests of the mountains are turning first grey and then gradually white: how do you like that?”

5. Says Waldstein: “This thing looks truly shocking, for how long will such spirits have to remain under such cooling blanket: perhaps forever?”

6. Say I: “Not at all; as soon as they introvert and realise how basically wrong and wayward they are, turning to Me in their hearts, they shall at once be freed from such judgment; yet not a second earlier. Sebastian however shall have to be placed under the glacier’s ice yet, before he is properly cooled off. For he has much arrogance in him and also enough stupidity to regard his arrogance as God-given. Not much can be done with such fools, yet we must never set our patience, grace, love and mercy aside with them as they are our brethren, for whose salvation we must care.”

7. Says Robert, who also had been watching the capture and removal of Sebastian and his crowd: “Lord, Thou best Father, I now notice everything snow-covered as far as the eye can see; all the higher mountains of Steiermark, Kärnten, Tirol and Salzburg are deeply snowed under; this surely cannot all be on account of Sebastian’s false foundations!”

8. Say I: “That of course not, but there are plenty of such fools in every country. But with these spirits it is as with an electrical connection: even if some spirit is excited in some hidden nook, then in the same moment all spirits of the same ilk are precipitated into special action. If this is diametrically against My order then all such spirits are seized simultaneously in all countries and rebuked through appropriate means. But the reforming is not similar to and as sudden as the negative arousal, but proceeds somewhat like a thousand persons in a queue being knocked over in a field by an earthquake. They shall certainly fall simultaneously, but getting up shall vary. Some shall get up immediately, others, more or less hurt, shall only gradually get up with much effort. And the seriously injured shall indeed need much effort and time to get up, whilst others may remain stretched out as if dead. And just so is it also with these individual judgements! They are taken captive simultaneously but release is not so, because this depends not on an external force but only their own life force.

9. So you see how with one stroke all mountains are covered in snow, which is a cooling blanket for hot-headed spirits, but by equivalence it is the apparent power of the peace spirits. On withdrawal of such power by the spirits, the nature-spirits captured simultaneously melt away as water, whilst the real captive spirits underneath are set free and can do as they please. If turning to the good, then good for them; but if they return to evil, then of course they will fare badly again.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-264 Chapter