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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 263 - Three bishops of Graz upon the clouds. A Jesuit as messenger. The tyrannical Sebastian and his better colleagues. Judgment over the arrogant gang.

1. Says Emperor Joseph: “Oh God, three Bishops at once, and that from Graz! Poor hill, this will make your head drip with cold sweat! Oh Lord, think of the spectacle at the Vienna Dom’s catacombs, and these were, with the exception of Migazzi, like-minded. Traditionally however each successor was a sworn enemy of his predecessor. Now three dog and cat bishops like that, with their body guards, in one hit: Oh Lord and Father, reach deeply into Your grace and mercy treasure- trove; we shall have indispensable need of them!”

2. Say, I: “Indeed, My dear friend, you may not be completely wrong, but there is one capricious one among the three, the other two being quite good spirits. There they come upon a cloud, visible also to the carnal eye, the dark colour of the cloud being an indication of its passenger’s natures. The two superior ones have lesser body- guard protection, but closer at hand.

3. But the one at the rear of the pitch- black night has more guard protection, close at hand, who shares his attitude and action. Just watch how he proudly rides upon the dark cloud, as if having to rule over Heaven and Earth! He has been an inhabitant of this world for nearly three years and knows it, or he would not travel upon the clouds, but has not relinquished one hair’s breadth of his steel hard attitude. He still is a leading papal prelate, and this honour no one is about to take off him. And with this big-wig assessment he now slowly drives towards us, expecting totally deferential reception from us; how do you like this spirit?”

4. Says Joseph: “Verily, a nice instance of bigoted stupidity! Such fellow would give a worthy impression at a museum. No, what should one say!”

5. Says also Robert: “I had heard most peculiar fragments about this zealot as far away as Saxony and commiserated much with this city and beautiful country for having to put up with such dim, domineering character in the ecclesiastical field, being made still more stupid than it already is. This mischievous fellow knows how to ingratiate himself with the court ladies, accomplishing all therewith and developing himself into a true church tyrant. He extended his royal household with many a country long since abandoned in this country, re-introducing them. He contributed not a little to the 1848 rebellion, and it is a great pity that he did not experience its outbreak in the world, for a few such caterwauling would have done him no harm.

6. Now he is already floating above us and acting as if he didn’t notice us. What does he mean by constantly crossing himself, and what for the red stockings and white Bishop’s cap, golden coat and silvern shepherd’s staff? Upon Earth it was indeed deception for blind mankind, but who does he think of duping here in the spirit world?”

7. Say I: “Just a little quiet now, My dear children, friends and brethren! We shall presently have him here, and he will trouble us. Watch how he is already despatching an attendant; from his enquiry you will discern how the airborne Bishop high above Earth thinks of us. He is here pay attention.”

8. One unmistakable Jesuit and his officer step cheekily before us and the first one asks: “What kind of miserable gipsy rabble are you, that you don’t lift your hats and fall on your damned knees before a prince of the church, furnished with all power out of God journeying upon celestial clouds to bless!”

9. Say I: “You say this Bishop is armed with all might out of God? If so, I would have to know whether the cloud on which he floats is a celestial one.”

10. Says the Jesuit: “Why precisely you, gipsy boy? God is bound to stamp it on your nose, stupid gipsy! Do you not know that already in the world all gypsies are everlastingly condemned by God?” Say I: “No, My dear one; of that too I know not a syllable, when I should be the first to know. Amazing – the things you know I don’t! Tell Me, were you present when God is supposed to have furnished this Bishop with such limitless power over Earth?”

11. Says the Jesuit: “God always provides such power invisibly, and one has to acknowledge its presence from its diverse effects. But God Himself dwells in the inaccessible light and, excepting for the holy, foremost angels who constantly wait upon His throne, no one is allowed to approach Him. Do You understand the depth of this wisdom?”

12. Say I: “Does not appear to be that deep- your wisdom! And once more I have to confess not knowing about any of this. Strange, but this I do know that your Bishop Sebastian is an ox, and you a donkey! Animals not of the evil kind but stupid beyond all measure. For ourselves, as we are here, God is most visible and dwells in a definitely most accessible light. Only to those still living it up carnally in the world God has to remain invisible, for their free will’s sake, for as long as they have not attained to full re-birth of the spirit. But also remains invisible to spirits of your ilk, because you are not pure and born again and he shall remain so for some time yet.”

13. Says the Jesuit: “In what area do you see God?” Say I; “In the very one in which you don’t see Him and shall not see for a long time yet. And you would not recognise Him even if He sat upon your nose. Go over to your blind Bishop and say unto to him: here dwells mankind’s salvation! If he too is a human, then let him come here and give God the honour; God the Lord has need of no substitute world-blesser, as He blesses the world Himself. Let the Bishop just bless his own heart with humility and not ride the clouds with pomp. Tell him that God the Lord Himself now walks the Earth and it is not proper that an unfaithful servant avails himself of the clouds!”

14. Says the Jesuit; ”Who are you gypsy type being that you dare to treat me, a servant of God, and the royal church authority, in cheeky manner as if you had founded the church yourself? I ask you sinister gypsy who you and your company are?”

15. Says Joseph to Me privately: “Oh Lord, Thou dear Father, my patience is running thin like a spider’s web and will rip if this foe of love life within you does not clear him off at once.”

16. Say I: “My friend, be at peace and not angered! Can you ask something from a donkey that does not lie within his sphere? He heard what he is to do. If he does so, good for him; for means to rid ourselves of this pack animal shall not be lacking.”

17. Says the Jesuit: “Am I getting an answer or not?”

18. Say I to him rather loudly: “No, move or you shall be removed!”

19. He takes off to his Bishop with a sour face, bowing down almost to his toes to tell him all he saw and heard. Now behold the rude face the Bishop is cutting, as if taking counsel with himself: shall I let the Earth live a little longer? Are there no more lightning that I can throw at this crowd of blasphemers? But no practicable rejoinder comes to mind, and he is ready to depart.

20. But now he is surrounded by the other two Bishops with their impressive following, and the big one named Waldstein says to him: “Friend, and colleague, what’s the matter with you? What will you do? Don’t you recognise the shining crowd that covers the hilltop down there with their blessing presence? Do you not clearly discern, as at noon, Christ the Lord with His foremost disciples, all the emperors of the Habsburg dynasty and the notable Archbishop Migazzi and a host of perfect spirits?”

21. Bishop Sebastian says furiously: “I know you two heretics! The church destruction you wreaked in this country I was not able to put right in twenty years, and you want to lecture me on Christ?! Me, who am filled with His holy spirit and carry the keys to heaven and hell in my hands! Who could know Christ better than I?”

22. Says Waldstein: “Friend, if you talk like that then you have never known Christ, for the Lord’s Spirit does not walk with such arrogance. You are but a domineering parson in order to reach your goal through numbers, but the Lord cut you short; your efforts have achieved the exact opposite of what you set out to establish an absolute parson’s reign over the entire Earth. And you pretend to be the sole possessor of the holy Spirit! Oh you miserable wretch! You are indeed the sole carrier of the infernal spirit and the lie and arrogance, but have never recognised the spirit of Christ, as you are a determined enemy of the Spirit!”

23. At these Waldstein’s words, Sebastian and his follower’s rage multiply. Waldstein and Arko (prince Arko, Bishop of Graz) now touch down upon Earth, and I despatch Robert to lead them over to Me. They obey and come over to Me most reverentially, as I meet them half way, leading them to the hill top.

24. On arrival, Waldstein and Arko are about to fall on their faces, but I stop them, saying: “Friends, another time, for we have more urgent things to do! This Sebastian has evil intentions of doing the Earth harm. Today is Thursday evening; on Wednesday he took a rest, and so did we. This very day, having been humiliated, he intends to destroy everything in his path on Earth, but I have already given the powerful peace spirits a hint: even this night he shall be bound, together with his big following and flung down to Earth and there cooled down thoroughly.”

25. Says Waldstein: “Oh holiest Father, how will this eventuate, and how shall we discern it, as we still possess much blindness?”

26. Say I: “Lift your gaze upwards and behold the white spirits of peace how they are already lined up on every side in good order! They shall bind these brutes, together with Sebastian, with lightning speed and fling them to Earth. When tomorrow you see all the Alps covered in snow, then you know: here lies Sebastian, in his triumph, upon the best cooling apparatus for the fire of fury, namely under its blanket, which the peace spirits brought him from the North as a useful present.”

27. Says Waldstein: “So snow also has a spiritual significance?”

28. Say I: “Certainly! Whatever manifests upon Earth has firstly spiritual and only afterwards natural importance. But pay attention, for the wild hunt is about to commence!”

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