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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 262 - Wandering spirits from the constellation Hare. Lightand love and their different effects

1. I continue: “But how did you like the great host of spirits of a better nature that visited us in great crowds in the earliest part of this morning? They did not ask for anything more than just to silently minister unto us, where after they moved towards evening and then took a brief respite upon the mountain Plabutch above the Murstrom!”

2. Says Robert: “These beings quite alienated me; they indeed looked like humans but seemed cold and almost without feelings. What were these, and what drove them here?”

3. Say I: “These were spirits from another planet, and that not from our solar system but a distant constellation, the so- called Hare. Their birth-place is a planet that is approximately as distant from its star as is the planet Mercury from our sun. The sun (or star) that the planet in question orbits is of a magnitude five, and these wandering spirits’ greatest enjoyment is to be always travelling. When they come to this Earth however – rather rarely, they take a rest and try to befriend My children.

4. At times they have incarnated here, but for candidacy to become My children there are like birds newly caught for the cage. They are restless, and it is almost impossible for them to stick to anything. As stated, roaming is their greatest pleasure, and if restrained, they turn melancholy. Wherefore their appearance on this Earth seldom has any reason other than mentioned, excepting that on this occasion they are gripped by a premonition that I am here Myself, which drove them here. Some of the wiser ones noticed My presence from a great distance and hastened here to offer Me their services. That actually sums up their divine service, that at specific times they show their respects to God the Lord, enouncing a type of poetic praise. In the kingdom of light the service of a messenger appeals to them most. Now you know what type of beings they are and what they seek.”

5. Says Robert: “Yes, Lord and Father! But it is strange how their unruliness coincides with the name of the Constellation named after that Earth animal; these are, as one says, real ‘Springisfelds’ (leaping fields). Some of their shapes were not bad, male or female, for they resemble one another like sparrows on Earth. Do people upon other cosmic bodies resemble one another like these spirits, or are there actual differences?”

6. Say I: “Spirits from the sphere of pure wisdom resemble each other like one eye the other, because their basic substance is only light which, with few colour variation, the same everywhere is, and so its products also are the same. Only love brings endless diversity within forms, and only greatest uniformity with light. Behold the snow on this Earth, it is a product of pure light; one flake is like another and only where many stick together one enlarges compared to another, and even that happens only if some of these products of cold light contains a small portion of love related warmth. If this is scant or lacking altogether, then flake-starlets of equal size and form fall down on Earth. Equally, ice shall always assume the same form, because only cold light participates in its creation.

7. And so everything related more to pure light is uniform in its shape and consistency. Only that which bears more to pure light is uniform in its shape and consistency. Only that which bears more love-related warmth within it shall be more variegated and diverse in form. Light indeed also produces warmth, if its potency multiplies, but this is not beneficial but evil warmth, which does not enliven but kills. Only light with a heat-source is beneficial and the warmth streaming from such light is enlivening.

8. All rapacious and poisonous animals and plants are products of pure light and its radiating warmth. This is evil, reproducing evil in everything not newly generated from love and its internally working light. But through beings of love, such evil light is then converted to goodness, thus re-assuming its primordial nature.

9. From this explanation you can see why these spirits resemble one another like sparrows. But they are extremely humble and desire only to journey on and on, which too resembles the constant advance of light. Just as light is restless, wandering further and further into endless space, so are also its creatures. But limits are eventually set to such efforts by Myself, where the maxim then applies: “this far and no further”. It then takes mighty fights before such beings are brought to heel. And so no more of this; spirits have now departed, whilst legions of others are arriving.

10. Today, Monday upon Earth, we shall not undertake much. Nor can much be accomplished with these spirits, who still are of a quite cool nature. But towards evening we shall release some warmth among them and then they, shall settle humbly down like light dew upon the flat of the Earth, and give us the honour. Tomorrow, Tuesday, three bishops of this city shall pay us a visit, resulting in some fiery episodes towards the evening.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-262 Chapter