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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 261 - Throngs of demons and nature spirits. Alpine spirit nature. Jakob Lorber, to whom the Lord is revealing this through angels, is present with his circle of friends in full view of the Lord’s only company

1. Asks Robert: “Where these from are and what do they want? Oh Lord and father, forgive me for constantly bothering You with questions, but I can’t help it! Because the diversity of creatures I’ve seen now is almost unbelievable. Verily, here Your might, dignity and glory come to the fore in unprecedented manner! Until now you have, at least to my mind, taken as passive a stand as possible, whilst we others had to carry things out of course in accordance with Your command. But here we are like gaping spectators, astonished at the painter, as it were, without being able to assist him. Oh Lord, say unto how me this is so in this alpine region.”

2. Say I: “My dear brother, that is because spirits of these highlands with very few expectations are endued with brighter vision than the more dull lowlanders. These many hundreds of thousands of spirits swarming around us certainly know that they find themselves in the spirit world, trying to make the best of their condition. They are of course still ensnared by many a superstition, but that matters little, as they are on the other hand more capable of comprehension and understand signs more rapidly.

3. Wherever crudely material spirits are therefore encountered, there you have to forge Me a path, because the most spiritual in My order must not straight away enter into direct dealings with the material. And behold, that is where you are required as middleman. Here, where the spirits know what they are, I can Myself enter upon a direct, practicable relationship without harming them. But just as upon the alpine dwellers live far more frugally than their insatiable valley counterparts, so it is also with the spirits occupying the Alps. When they beg for something, one has to always do something for them, giving them immediate satisfaction, and it would be wrong to give them nothing, for this would sadden them and in the end make them impetuous and distrustful again.

4. This is also the reason why such people are granted some prayed-for grace at places of pilgrimage upon Earth. Such granting is actually not beneficial, because it only augments such petitioner’s superstition. But if I disallow it altogether, they eventually drop all faith, and this would be worse. When one has to choose between a great and a small evil, it surely is better to choose the smaller one; don’t you think so, My brother Robert?”

5. Says Robert: “Oh, most beloved Father, it has to be so; but what were those twelve seeking who came to us from the city last night at about five thirty P.M.? One of them I already know – the one who brought bread and wine in Your name. It is some feeble little servant of Yours from Earth and writes what You dictate into his pen through an angel in Your name. The others were strangers to me.

6. Say I: “They were those few friends in this city on whose account mainly we made this diversion from Vienna. Behold, these love Me and are of strong faith, although they cannot see Me; had I shown Myself to them they would out of love for Me have left their physical bodies upon the mountain. But this cannot be as they have to perform diverse functions in the world in My name. And I love them and give them certain time upon Earth for their perfection. They shall shortly be proclaiming these our transactions to the world, yet many children of the world shall be greatly offended but shall thereby perish both materially and morally. And such shall henceforth not find light from the heavens directly. But did you also notice the two little women with them? Did you see their glowing hearts?”

7. Says Robert: “Indeed, Lord! This pair was of a beauty that I have not seen since Your earthly mother Mary. Verily, compared to these, my Helena and Peter’s Matilda would be nothing, so-to-say. The other five also were celestially beautiful, but the two were exceptionally beautiful and glorious. One of the five however I could not quite make out, as she constantly turned her face away from me; who was she?”

8. Say I: “That was the earthly mother of the four daughters and two sons of Anselm H. (Huettenbrenner) W. This one however is no longer an inhabitant of Earth but a pure inhabitant of the heavens; the reason she constantly turned her face away from you is that her superb beauty could also have harmed you, for she is an uncommonly superlative angel! She wanted on this occasion to share the joy of her family and found herself within the circle by My special permission.

9. Says Robert: “What in that case were those unruly bucks who came up to this height and bounded about for a few minutes as if the world belonged to them?” Say I: “These were two unripe nature souls who have yet to undergo a few more embodiments before their souls attain to the fully human form. Such souls mean to us no more than parasites upon the branches of fruit trees. Hence no more about such zeros of lowly life.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-261 Chapter