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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 260 - Another spirit scene. The Lord and His at the Reinerkogel. Alpine spirits in search of well-being

1. We nevertheless took another rest on the road from Frohnleiten to Graz, encountering a large crowd of diverse spirits of mostly former office bearers, souls of departed supervisors, border guards, policemen and court officials. These stop us demanding passports or, if not produced, threatening us with arrest. They profess essential strictness now, on account of strangers; and the law being what it is, compliance safeguards their job and they have to strictly administer it.

2. Here all the emperors step up in full regalia, beginning with Rudolf of Habsburg, saying to the guards: “Do emperors also travel with passports and licenses over here?” The guards pull back in fear and horror, one asking timidly: “Indeed, but how many emperors are enthroned right now? For God’s sake, there are almost more emperors than subjects. Of course here passport checking won’t do; the Russian emperor could be among them and we would end up in the stew!”

3. Says another: “But it seems rather peculiar that these great lords travel on foot.” Says the first: “Stupid fella, they will be checking the rail line and have to walk.” Says another: “That will be it; but who are the others?! There would have to be three thousand of them!”

4. Says the first: “No more stupid questions! It will simply be a big conference somewhere and hence candidates converging from every part. Just be quiet you all or we shall all be swinging breathless in free air tomorrow morning. I’m going over by myself and tell their majesties that they are free to continue their important errands unhindered.” The others now withdraw and the first goes over, bowing and stuttering his intended address.

5. Emperor Joseph however says to him: “The only reason for your strictness probably is that your office earns your bread! You don’t seem to be overly concerned about the law. I say unto you: you are a bad servant to your masters. He who does not do the good for its own sake is not worth his wages,- remember that! In future observe the law for law and never for bread’s sake, which will make you a proper servant of him who has the authority to make law. And now, with God’s speed, see he gets himself going!”

6. The official goes off and on catching up with his colleagues, tells them what one severe emperor had said to him. The others say: “Let’s be glad we got away so easily! Thank God they are moving on.” None of these spirits was ripe yet either, but this confrontation has at least given them a notion of being more accommodating. They are now withdrawing in the direction of the mountains, where they shall gain the insight of now finding themselves in the spirit world.

7. After this episode, we gradually move ahead amidst many discussions, arriving at exactly six P. M. on the fourth of October 1850, at the pre-determined spot – at which time you, My friends (Lorber circle, the trans. ) found yourselves up on the Schlossberg. Then, through all kinds of signs by little stars, then through an invigorating feeling, then the peaceful nature and the hill, you were able to perceivably note My arrival.

8. Immediately upon My arrival, a host of spirits of every variety began to crowd the hill. Many rather evil ones among them were pushed towards evening, informing your senses by the darkening of the Plabutschberg with black mist. Yes, even Satana was among this brood. Near the foot of the hill, better beings camped, praying for improvement of their lot. They passed on with thanks on having it granted.

9. Then, from Schockelberg, came a whole legion of spirits that were still oriented towards the natural kingdom; you were able to discern these to the right side through a fiery red hue at seven o’clock. These furiously demanded release from the burdensome mountain service, and this you saw through the disappearance of the brightness.

10. After that came a host of spirits from this place’s surroundings, praying for blessings for the region, and this they were given just before 7 P.M. You yourselves were included in this blessing, which you could note by rainbow-coloured outpouring of light over the plains. .

11. Our friends Andreas H. W. was also able to behold the presence of the many monarchs who had camped towards the south upon the mountain by the shine of tiny stars. You yourself, My servant (scribe Lorber) saw a white light shimmer eastwards Upon the heights; That was I Myself among the four scouts and three apostles.

12. A lot of dissatisfied spirits also were cheered up during the night. They then settled down, which resulted in a serene night as well as a fine morning and subsequent day. There shall indeed be more clouds: these are spirits who are after more than they have already received. Their love however is still feeble, and hence their gain commensurate.

13. To-day, the fifth of October at 9. 30 A. M. a host of powerful spirits came through the air, giving Me praise and honour and quickly erecting me an illustrious dwelling; for said their leader, it is not right for the Lord of glory to tarry upon the filthy ground.

14. But I said to them: “Let go of your zeal; I know why I act thus, touching the Earth with My feet. Fold up this tent; had I desired a dwelling then a worthy one would already stand there. Erect Me a right house in your hearts instead, and there I shall come to take up residence. This airy pigeon-house does not please Me in the least, and so pull it down immediately!”

15. These spirits did as commanded and then departed somewhat cheerlessly. You My servant saw it too, and wrote it down at once. The violet-coloured folk on either side of this pigeon-house were these very spirits who soon departed.

16. Robert says it annoys him that hordes of all kinds of spirits are constantly pushing unto the hill, whilst in Vienna one had to go look for them to strike up any deal; what is the cause?”

17. But I say to him; ”Behold, this is alpine country, and sprits who congregate upon the mountains already have a brighter insight and know where they stand, wherefore they are coming by the thousands to beg for improvement of their condition. But some still have a substantial portion of egotism, and one must only do for them what is absolutely essential for their good. If too much is granted them they became cocky and start a rumpus. If kept somewhat wretched they stay sober and ripen towards their perfection more rapidly. You shall be shortly finding out things that were alien to you before. But left us hold our peace again, because further crowds are approaching!”

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