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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 259 - At Frohnleiten. Small – mindedness; church spirits

1. Having arrived at the spot called Frohnleiten, a lot of spirits from its parish church converge on us, questioning us about where we came from, and whither we are heading and who we are.

2. Peter steps up and says: “We come from above and travel downwards for a while, to search for the lost sheep and lambs, and to punish the rams and destroy the wolves.” Say the spirits: “Oh oh, you are bound to be missionaries from Rome, hence ordained by the Pope himself for this vital ministry!?”

3. Says Peter: “Oh my dear ones, we are indeed missionaries, but not consecrated by your blind Pope but by God, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Whosoever from among you wishes to follow us shall be accepted by us for God’s kingdom. He who does not ask again who we are our names! For he who does not here at once follow what we ask shall not be accepted.”

4. Say the spirits: “If you are not ordained and sent by the holy Pope we cannot follow you, for God the Lord has placed everything in His hands. Whatever He binds on Earth is also bound in heaven and whatever He loosens upon Earth is also loosened in heaven. If you are therefore not sent by the Pope you can only be sent by hell, from where all heretics go forth, who too claim they go forth from God and He to be their Father – whereas their father is Satan. Just keep moving!”

5. Says Peter: “How do you know that the Pope received such immense power from God the Lord?” Says one woman with a two pounds heavy prayer book in her hand: “Well, the whole world knows that. God has given all power to Peter who afterwards passed it on to every Pope. Wherefore every Pope is equal to Peter himself! Has his lordship understood this?!”

6. Says Peter: “This sounds quite funny to my ears, as I am myself that self-same Peter into whose hands God the Lord placed the spiritual keys to the heavenly kingdom. I know nothing about passing this God-given power to the Roman Pope, just as I never had my seat in Rome, under the tyrannical reign of Emperor Nero, but not ever so the actual Peter! How then should I have elevated a Pope as my follower, transferring to him all the power God Himself imbued me with?”

7. Yells the woman: “Away with you, Satan! Just look at this fellow! Now he wants to be holy Peter himself! Not enough that the hellish heretics dismiss Christ’s doctrine, which the Pope alone has exclusively – they are going to be God the Lord Himself! Just get going now or you shall all be dusted out of here!”

8. Say I: “Brother Simon, here all effort is presently in vain; these will need another two hundred years to get brighter. Hence let us move on but I shall first let you shine celestially for a couple of moments and allow these nailed–up ones recognize you, after which we shall disappear from their sight. The vision shall stay with them as a guiding star by which they shall gradually find the true path to life. . .

9. At that moment Peter shines like the midday sun. All the spirits are shocked, but we disappear. On awakening, the spirits intend to fall down before us, but see no one. They begin to cry and wail, cursing their blindness.

10. But a whole squad of monks hasten from the church towards these wailing ones, instructing them in papal fashion that this manifestation is hell’s spooking. The spirits however attack the monks, ready to massacre them, and the monks flee to their cloister. The spirits laugh them to scorn leaving the place and moving to the mountains.

11. So much for this Frohnleiten interlude. We however move on with the aim of reaching the vicinity of Graz at six o’ clock, camping at the so called Reinerkogel, where the four scouts had already set up quarters.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-259 Chapter