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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 258 - In Muerzzuschlag. The age of technology. Faith and love are lacking, and hence also true blessing

1. We are now coming to the place called Muerzzuschlag, and all admire the architecture in this place, surrounded by mountains.

2. Says Joseph, standing behind Me: “Lord and Father, did not I in my lands also have masters of mechanisms; why did no one in those days think of these machines, developing such power from steam? There were great spirits in my century, but the fortunate use of steam remained foreign to them. Verily, had such invention been made under my reign then pure Christianity would also have fared differently. Superstition would of course have given me much trouble, but this I could have overcome. Had superstition once been defeated and the dim clergy knocked to the ground, spiritual education would have made rapid advances.

3. It is no small thing even for spirits to watch how their youngest Earth brothers invent things of no mean accomplishment in the distance I note a long wagon train move at arrow speed. It would have taken a day’s journey in my time to put such distance behind me, yet half the distance is left behind even as I speak. Lord, it must hearten you to watch how your little ones upon Earth accomplish such formidable things with their unripe intellect. For such precise balancing between cause, power and effect is something that does great honour to Your Spirit within man.”

4. Say I: “My dear friend, it would hearten me indeed if people grace Me the honour for such works and were to build such works on the pillars of love. But hardly a single one of those bringing such works into being thinks of Me. All this travel takes place under such strict rules that only those in completer submission to them can avail themselves of it. First they have to pay their money by the stipulated time; a penny underpaid excludes them from usage of this express. No person is transported even one yard free of charge.

5. Would it take much to couple one free carriage to each train for the extremely poor? But this organization would not hear of it. Behold, such ex gratia carriage would be a blessing for such entrepreneurs, and their stocks would soar to the top. But I say: for as long as the poor are not given free service, this organization shall not yield the desired percentages. Take note: where there is no love there is no profit, for love alone provides lasting gain.

6. But now a good friend of Mine from Graz is arriving on this train and with him another and another! These three we must bless. They shall of course not see us, but they are to perceive a marked yearning in their hearts. But another three also are on board who are not bad either, yet not quite right either in faith or love. But our blessing shall not be withheld from them. A woman also is on board, with the ability to see spirits. She would get to see us if her eyes were directed in our direction. Here the spiritual eyes are meant of course. She too shall receive our blessing.

7. And now, dear friends, we shall continue our journey. The fairly warm wind for this season, on whose wings billions of spirits are borne in the shape of clouds, shall indicate to our few friends in Graz that we are approaching this place. We shall first camp ourselves upon a hill towards the North; on further approach this hill shall be described more closely.”

8. Now we are coming to Bruck, a small town that likes to show off; however, here we shall hold no siesta but depart at once.

9. While we are yet approaching Frohnleiten, a pious spot that nevertheless was severely stultified by the Iloguorians, Robert and the officer Peter and their wives have gone ahead in order to, as it were, set up quarters for Me and the whole company, near the place called Graz.

10. This morning (a day in approx. 1850 – the trans. ) six of these four persons have arrived in Graz; the three heavy knocks at your door, my scribe, was the signal of the arrival of those four guests. They made a deviation to the suburbs as it were and to the house you dwell in, wakening you with three loud knocks at your door. From there they went straight to their destination, which shall be described, more fully upon My arrival.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-258 Chapter