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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 287 - The three emperors receive their imperial honours, and their significance. The inhabitants of the highest heavens’ portentous destiny

1. The imperial insignia are immediately brought over and passed to the three upon shiny red cushions, for glorification of what they had been called to do upon Earth. But the emperors also decidedly refuse to carry imperial honours at my side, since I as King of all kings and as most perfect Lord of all glory carry no crown or sceptre and even less sword and purple.

2. But I say to them: “My dear friends, there is no talk of a constant wearing of these insignia; yet need to accept and have them. There are divine conditions and life-tasks over here, and frequent, magnificent visits from the countless cosmic regions, as well as despatches to diverse worlds and suns. Likewise to the two vast lower heavens, and in particular to their countless associations. Upon such occasions, archangels despatched from here must bear badges of honour as clear signs of having won the mightiest victories over themselves, and consequently are now, with me, lords over all infinity.

3. With despatches to Earth, where my children are raised up, this is of course not necessary, for these have to be brought up in greatest plainness, wherefore they must not be awoken from their onerous humility by anything splendid from here. Something entirely different is it with spirits who are dwellers of the immense central suns and are already born into great light and glitter and live in dwellings compared to which even that which you see here is but a poor hut. On such occasions it therefore behoves us where necessary to make an appearance of great splendour and glitter.

4. So note on such not too rare occasions you require such badges of honour in order to impress upon those spirits that you are princes of the highest heavens and brothers, so-to-speak, of the highest spirit. Under the tread of your feet entire solar regions must tremble and the voice of your mouth sound like those thunderstorms that keep the fiery tempers of their mighty inhabitants in deep subservience. You will now comprehend why such signs are being handed over to you here.

5. The crown signifies that by your soul – which is your purified body you are my children – and that by the spirit which, originating from my heart as my very self within you, you are my brothers. The sceptre signifies that, carrying Myself within, you are equal co-regents with Me over infinity forever. The sword is a sign of authority and power, that you are empowered by Me forever, whilst the purple means that your exterior as well as your interior is pure love and that, like Myself, you want to order and rule everywhere through the power of love. And so you can now accept these emblems without qualms!”

6. Says Rudolf: “Oh Lord and Father, full of goodness, love and mercy we shall never be able to sufficiently thank You for the way we have now been decorated. But my other earthly offspring, although received into this highest heaven, nevertheless have been positioned outside this city, and shall never be as happy as us. Were it not possible that they too can come here and be made equal to us?”

7. Say I: My brother, your concern comes too late; just look back at the portal we just entered, and you shall see them all fitted with equal badges; full of joy, they are coming to thank Me. The difference between yourselves is only that they received their badges in their majestic apartments somewhat earlier, whence they already wear them; whilst you have not accepted yours yet; what will you say?” Says Rudolf: “Oh Lord and Father, I can’t find words to thank You. Do they therefore have the same destiny as us?”

8. Say I: “Of course; all inhabitants of my highest heaven have the same, immense destiny. Of course those living in My most immediate presence, in My own house have the most to do, just as man’s busiest life-nerves are those next to his heart.”

9. Rudolf and all the others now thank me most fervently. But I summon Robert, saying to him: “My dear brother, go with the three brothers Peter, Paul and John, who are already familiar with the household, and prepare a table! You know how I mean it, but take the biggest, for many shall be partaking.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-287 Chapter