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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 286 - Upon entering. Robert as new archangel and celestial prince, nimble and wise. Robert’s badge of honour

1. We now enter the first chamber through the previously sealed door, the first to be reached by the stairs made of Ruby.

2. Robert and his helper are speechless for wonder. Both are of Uranian extraction primordially, (Peter not being aware of it yet) and hence are of course great friends of building, especially of the gigantic variety. If on top of that such are grounded in corresponding magnificence and majesty, then it is to them superlative. Both have their eyes glued to the lofty galleries and especially the artful pillars, and hardly notice the gloriously loving celestial company who greet Robert as a new archangel, and manager of a new, great association.

3. Helena nudges Robert, saying: “But, dear Robert, don’t get lost in staring; look how they welcome you!” This brings Robert back to himself, watching how the most beautiful love-angels deliver him a crown upon a pillow of shining red, together with a sceptre of transparent gold that shines like a rising sun; and finally a sword that is surrounded (hemmed in) by in-extinguishable flames.

4. The bearers of these badges of honour stoop before Robert-Uraniel, saying fervidly: “Here, dearest, most glorious brother, receive the just reward that the Father has prepared for you from the beginning of the world! Upon Earth you became a martyr for the sake of Christ’s doctrine; well could you have avoided it but were not minded to and hence you were a martyr, for the substance of the pure doctrine of Jesus our God, our most beloved and holiest Father from eternity.

5. You did not indeed, upon earth, believe that Jesus, born in Jerusalem and called by you ‘the wiseman of Nazareth’, is God the Lord Himself. Yet you are especially fond of the wiseman, and in your heart indeed discerned His Deity, although this did not agree with your intellect. And this love preserved you His love and grace, which now elevates you to a great prince of the heavens. Hence receive now crown, sceptre and sword, as signs of power, authority, love, wisdom and righteousness, and become a wise regent of your association! The Lord has blessed you and wills it.”

6. Robert overcome by all this, says from the depth of his humility: “My dear celestial friends, if you had brought me a shoe-shine boy’s honour instead of these kingly badges of honour I would have received them with a deeply moved heart; but not these, for any price of heaven! If the Lord of heaven and all worlds carries no crown, sceptre and sword, how should I as a poor sinner do so? Look here, these emperors next to me, who are already, from Earth, accustomed to wear crowns. To them hand these insignias – it shall not make them vain anymore. I could however become haughty, and this would be of no benefit to me, nor yourselves, nor for the association or the kingdom of God in my heart. The latter is my real house that I am to manage within the order and the name of the Lord and Father. Hence desist from what is eternally not mine.

7. Say the messengers: “Friend, it is the Lord’s will; do you want to oppose this? Says Robert, pointing to me: “My Lord and God has said nothing so far; if He says so, then I will do it, but nothing without His word! For He alone is everything to me, and without Him the heavens mean nothing to me! It is written: “You shall all be taught of God. He who is not raised up by Him as the Father is not fit for the heavens, and shall not come unto the Son, Who is the Father’s eternal Kingdom!

8. The bearers of the badges come to Me, saying: “Father, what are we to do now? He will not accept these decorations!” Say I: “If he wants to stay like Me then let go, for no coercion ever applies over here but only unconditional freedom. This brother however is no ordinary spirit. There are not only many like him, and so we have to give it to him. Hence we will have to relent somewhat. Place these badges of honour in his chamber; he shall use them where necessary. But bring now the earthly regents their own crowns, sceptres, swords and purple; be it so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-286 Chapter