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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 285 - The Father’s house in the celestial city; splendour of its chambers and occupants, in contrast to the Lord’s plainness

1. Continues Robert: “Oh Lord and Father, full of love, gentleness and patience, what kind of glorious palace is that one facing us towards morning?” Say I: “This is My very own house, wherein there are many mansions, of which you too shall now occupy one forever. And all of you that are now with Me shall dwell therein. I am certain you will like these apartments.

2. Says Emperor Joseph: “What, with Yourself and in close proximity to You are we to be? This bliss would be excessive for us poor sinners. The last corner of this city would already make us exceedingly happy!” Say I “My dear brother, is it not written: “Where I am there shall be also those who love Me above all.” You all love Me now above all, and always in your hearts loved Me more than you thought, and so you must reside where I Myself reside, and eternally act in My company. You shall meet many in My house, for it is exceedingly great and has many mansions. Let us now enter, and let the three brethren precede us!”

3. We enter a great ante-chamber, with a floor of purest, transparent gold, twelve pillars on each side holding up the ceiling. The pillars shine as the sun, and their brilliance gives off all the colours of the rainbow, whilst their substance is pure diamond. The foyer walls are of Porphyry, the ceiling of emerald and the stairs to the first storey (the house has three main levels) are of purest ruby, bordered with gold, and lead on a straight gradient to a great door, which none but I myself am able to open.

4. All those present are overawed by the splendour of this hall. Says Joseph: “Brethren, could all the Earth’s emperors and kings with all their treasures be capable of building such lobby with terrestrial material? Oh God, what numberless splendours and indescribable majesty!

5. Yet the Lord himself always remains his plain self. Just as He once taught men upon Earth, showing them His ways to life, just so He walks here in His heavens. No shine and no beaming household with myriads of angels surround him; we here are almost His only retinue. Of course on the streets outside there is much tumult: loveliest hymns of praise resound in unison with harmonious harps, the celestial air being saturated with sound, as if these heavens were just song and purest harmony.

6. Things are most lively in the city, yet here with the Lord of all glory – the almighty creator and Father of infinity, things are simple, excepting the splendour of the house. No courtiers, no glittering retinue, no reception worthy of the Lord of eternity. Let us start some noise, to alert this house’s occupants to the arrival of the Lord. . .”

7. Say I: “Let that be, dear brethren! The tenants know quite well what to do on my arrival. Upon Earth you are accustomed to noise and think that much din must also be a made over here, but there is no talk of such here. When, after some accomplished action upon Earth or its spiritual regions, the hearts of my sweet little children quietly beat with love, thanks and life on my arrival, then that already is more than plenty of the most festive noise. On our entering the chambers they shall already come to meet us and great us in the nicest possible, loving celestial manner.”

8. I open the door, and my friends fall upon their faces on the stairs. Robert says with palpitating heart: “Oh Father, this is too much all at once for a created spirit, - a tiny atom within Your infinity! This light, this glory and the celestially beautiful angels stretching out their endlessly beautiful, soft arms after You and ourselves, with tearful eyes! With all our latest celestial appearance we nevertheless are, by comparison, formless!”

9. Robert looks back at Helena for a comparison with them, but Helena is already provided with the beauty of My children and, frightened, Robert says: “Oh Lord, what has happened to Helena and Matilda Elijah? These are already so beautiful that I can’t look at them.”

10. Say I: “Let you all get up and stop marvelling so much, because you too are of such form!” The seven get up and hardly recognise themselves for beauty; amazed, Robert says: “Is this actually me?” Say I: “Yes, it is! But now we shall proceed to the first chamber!”

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