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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 284 - Rudolf compares celestial and terrestrial conditions. The celestial city as portentous feeding-fountain for all of infinity

1. Emperor Rudolf steps up to Me, praising Me wholeheartedly and saying: “Oh how different are things and conditions in this spirit world compared to the mean Earth! Now conceited one was in the world, and yet one was basically nothing! For as long as man – emperor or beggar, walks in the world in the garb of death, and is perishable, his existence can only signify zero. Upon Earth I was a great emperor, but what was I when death overtook me. No more than a handful of dust and ashes! Here surely I am not by a hair’s breadth more than a most insignificant citizen of this eternal kingdom, - this city of God. And yet I feel more exalted than if I stood upon the world as a mighty regent before whom Earth and seas tremble!

2. How long my earthly conceit enchanted me even after the discarding of my body. It was left to one liberated by truth to awaken and shake this crumbling rock from deep sleep. The rock fell to dust and I stand before you here in all my nothingness, like a newborn infant, marvelling at a new world and its holy relationships. But what a huge start this child has on all the ever-so wise and mighty rulers of the earth! Over here everything seems to great and exalted and exceedingly portentous! Oh nameless and numberless splendours! Oh Father, how great and holy You are.”

3. Say I: “You are right! Upon Earth there have to be differences, or same would not be what it has to be. Over here all are equal. Here there is no status, excepting that you all are My children and I your Father and Lord. But there are differences over here as well, and nobody is to lose what was rightfully theirs upon Earth. And behold, you shall once again be emperor, but over a much larger kingdom than upon Earth. Over here you shall be placed over an entire sun, into which a trillion Earths would fit. In the city, and that in your own house, you shall be further appraised about your future destiny.

4. But now we stand at the door; hence let us enter to the sound of harps!”

5. We now enter the city: a city full of light and life where there shall be no want eternally, because everything is here in overabundance, and must be so forever, because of all of infinity draws all its sustenance from here, both physically and spiritually.

6. Robert and the others are astonished at the loveliness of the dwellings, of which there are numbers beyond anyone’s counting. For the houses of God’s city certainly have a beginning but no end. At the start, the city is indeed built so as to form a perfect square, but beyond that it spreads out endlessly, yet has nowhere and never an end.

7. Says Robert, after much astonishment: “Yes, now I begin to understand more profoundly what is meant by: “no eye has seen, nor ear perceived and no man imagined, what the Lord holds out to those who love Him. ’ If the people of the Earth only had the slightest inkling of what awaits them here! They would prefer a thousandfold dying to a minute longer upon Earth: But the Lord’s great love and wisdom hides this from the eyes of mortals, that they may pass their test and gain firmness of spirit, without which such fullness of bliss would be unbearable to them.

8. Oh Lord, now I can also see how spirits like me can almost forget their mortal brethren, only rarely appearing to them with such fullness of bliss; Who can still think about the evil Earth, unless reminded occasionally by Yourself oh Lord, to also keep our mortal brethren upon Earth in mind.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-284 Chapter