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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 283 - The highest celestial sphere. Robert and Peter with three friends accompany the Lord to the holy Jerusalem. The city of all cities and sun of all suns

1. They all enter and all are permeated with life’s highest bliss. The exceedingly far-flung region is teeming with small, comely dwellings, and everybody has theirs painted and handed over as their full possession. They all take over joyous possession of their new celestial ground and soil, which is finely cultured.

2. Only Robert-Uraniel and his helper see no house ready for themselves, and ask Me where they are going to live.

3. But I say to Robert: “Behold, this is all actually your house! You are everywhere at home, together with your friend. At other times you have your dwelling in yonder city where I Myself usually dwell. This is the new, heavenly Jerusalem, the city of your God, your Lord, your Father and your brother in the Spirit of love. From there you shall always be able to look after your own house, and shall be on My part richly provided with everything thereto.

4. Follow Me to yonder city now, since all the small and the great have been well provided! If however you wish to take anyone of those that we took with us, then you are free to do so. I indeed see that you would like to take them all along, but that will not do yet. But take along Joseph, Leopold and Rudolf the first! Their dwellings are located next to the main road. Calls them and let them come with us to the city of the heavens: “

5. Robert calls the three, who at once step out of their houses – which they can’t praise too highly, and are in their way with us to the city. Robert asks Me however the whereabouts of those spirits who entered this kingdom with the patriarchs.

6. And I point ahead to the area towards mid-day, saying: “Over there you shall meet them all, for they too live in your house. The patriarchs however live in their own big houses, which you shall all get to know with time. Because there are countlessly many big houses like yours in My kingdom; you shall not estimably ever be finished with familiarising yourself. In My big house however, you shall meet them all by their celestial functions; do you recognise that spirit upon the road rushing in our direction?”

7. Says Robert: “This is the noteworthy spirit who gave Satana a hard time!” Say I: “That’s the one! Make this one a guard upon the hill, for he has much strength and courage. But no one should be guard upon Earth over one year, and hence Cado not either!”

8. At that moment Cado steps before us, saying: “Lord, I already overheard my task and am on my way to fulfil it!” – Robert gives him a kiss, saying: “Be good, just and severe, for Earth is in a bad way!” Cado bows down and hastens to the place of his first posting.

9. We however continue towards the holy city upon the ramrod – straight road that resembles a seven fathoms (1 fathom = 1.75 meter) wide a golden band with seemingly silky rainbow patterns towards the holy city not describable to an incarnate spirit, for its glory, size and joys inside same are without end. But its shape externally is of seemingly restricted that of the germ within each seed, and even more like the yet more diverse contents of the spirit’s heart.

10. Robert and his helper Peter and their wives, and Joseph, Leopold and Rudolf are filled with astonishment at the city’s splendour. Its glory increases with our approach, and deepest amiability beams at them from every side.

11. Robert, noticing a most glorious sun of all suns above the city, whose light streams into all of infinity, breathlessly asks Me what sort of sun this is, its light shining far more brightly than the natural sun being, as delightful to watch as the light of the morning star.

12. And I say unto him: “Behold, this sun I am basically Myself! There are two more celestial spheres – a pure wisdom heaven towards evening and a love-wisdom heaven. The inhabitants of these two heavens see Me only as a sun, it is the one you see shining in the middle, above the city

13. Only here in the highest heaven am I outside the sun, although also inside it, as you now see Me amongst you. Within the sun however I am merely spiritually, in the power of My will, love and wisdom. Basically I am this sun, and yet there is a difference between Me and it. I am the foundation, whilst this sun is like an emanation of My spirit, which suffuses, from here and out of Me, all of infinity with undiminished power, creating everywhere My eternal order.

14. But watch now the great hosts rushing towards us from the city most fervently.” Says Robert: “Oh Lord, looking at You I perish for bliss and love! All this is Your work, yet You are with us. Lord, what are we that you show us such grace? Oh God oh God, how great, glorious and holy are You! ”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-283 Chapter