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Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-282 Chapter

From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 282 - Robert astonished at the new celestial region. His future mission. Bridge and hill of grace

1. The journey commences, and the portal is soon reached. Many thousands await us there, praising Me for My exceeding goodness, grace, love and mercy, and My righteous judgement, according to which everyone, through the word of eternal order, receives the judge into his own heart.

2. Robert steps back to Me, saying: “Oh holy Father, we now stand before the entrance. Endless lines spread out beam-like over the fields, the other side of the entrance, praise resounding from their mouths! All is lit up with intense celestial glitter. At the most distant end, something like a city appears, but the blinding light prevents me from seeing its shape. Oh Father, what region might this be? What kind of land – compared to which even the fields of the sun - which I saw with Sahariel - seem like dull night? What indescribable glories surge towards us; this must be the highest heaven!”

3. Say I: “So it is, but it also is the third storey of your house, which you saw outwardly at the start of your development in this kingdom, to soon afterwards take it as your possession. This region likewise represents the association which you founded and developed according to My order from your heart’s goodwill. Within this you shall as leader be eternally acting and ever seeing it towards the best order, whilst at the same time, from this association, take responsibility for that part of the Earth corresponding most closely to your tribal line. The two places upon Earth that we have just trodden shall above all henceforth serve you as the apples of your eyes. In Vienna, where you were dealt evil terrestrially, practice the good and noble; the second region that we visited last, use as a purification station for impure spirits, regardless of their origin.

4. The bridge I put in place from yonder low hill to over here is to remain! Whoever moves over it in this direction shall not be turned back! Place guards upon the hill so that every spirit who climbs it with good intentions finds a friend and good guide. Natural men however who still walk upon the Earth materially in the flesh shall find strengthening of faith upon this hill and be awoken in love, but without judgement or coercion. The sick are to find easing of their pain, but the good and faithful regain their health sevenfold.

5. If people want in future to erect us a memorial upon the said hill, they shall not be hindered, nor on the other hand supported, because every outward memorial to a celestial manifestation in the world is only too soon turned into profit and deception. But if someone insists on building a memorial, he shall not be stopped, because Mt Sinai, Mt Tabor and Mount of Olives shall be left to earthly mankind as constant reminders of what I destined them for. And now let us enter upon the true kingdom of everlasting life!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-282 Chapter