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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 281 - Departure for the kingdom of heaven.

1. Robert steps over to Me, saying: “Oh Lord, what plans await us next? All those who approached us have now been processed. The erstwhile Earth priests have been fortified, and the light-blue spirits are busy doing as commanded. I see no further hosts approaching us, and for me it is rather difficult to be idle; hence I pray You, oh my God and Father, give me something to do!”

2. Say I: “Friend and brother, activeness is indeed a spirit’s main attribute; but it is also of benefit to rest every now and then. During rest, the exhausted powers of the soul – which is an instrument of the spirit - gather themselves up for new activity. Hence you also need a short rest, so that you can strengthen yourselves for great new works in My kingdom. Sabbath is coming to an end, and what we had to organise here has been done, and we have therewith accomplished a day’s work upon this Earth. Look there eastwards – the familiar portal you were unable to open, same stands open, and all the previous friends await us longingly. Hence, My, dear friends, brothers and children, we shall get ready to depart from this terrestrial hill and enter through yonder portal into My kingdom, which has now gone forth as a new association from your heart, My dear brother Robert Uraniel!

3. And since we have all been fortified now, let us set upon our way in orderly fashion. As you all can see, we will not have to negotiate the in between valleys and hills. We shall move upon the straight path that I have just created out of pure light, to shortly reach the seemingly distant portal. You Uraniel however, as chief managing owner and guide of this association, go ahead with your helper and his wife! I shall follow you with the three brethren, and be followed firstly by all the emperors and bishops, and after them the big peoples’ crowd of both sexes.

4. Organise yourselves and set upon the new road, which I built firstly for yourselves and many after you. The good of this Earth be blessed! And so, forward now.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-281 Chapter