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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 280 - Relationship between bread and wine. Knowing and doing. A task for the light-blue ones

1. Say I: “Since you have now grasped this, you also have to act accordingly, or you shall reap no benefit from My teaching! I shall now cause them to serve you a proper bread and wine. Here too bread is like My flesh and wine like My blood. This food shall strengthen you, and you shall henceforth taste no death, but instead life eternal shall dwell in you. (to Robert) You brother Robert go now and fetch bread and wine again!”

2. Robert takes a few steps southward through the little wood and, upon a clearing, finds a whole bucketful of the best wine besides a large number of glasses and about fifty loaves of the most beautiful wheaten bread. Seeing such a large quantity of celestial sustenance, he calls Helena and his new helper Peter and his wife, to help him move it all. The called ones are there at once, but all of them together are not able to move it all to the designated place.

3. This is noticed by the emperor spirits, who had been discussing celestial protocol with the disciples. They hasten to help Robert move the stuff, outdoing each other in serving the light-blue spirits, who gratefully eat the bread with much relish. Drinking the wine in full drafts.

4. After which I say to the monarchs: “My dear friends and brothers, It is certainly commendable to discuss Me and My kingdom, but nicer and better still to practice oneself in celestial business. Knowledge of course comes before a task, but being in the know then means action, whereupon a small good deed is better than knowledge without action. Because from a small action something can at any rate emerge. Deeds are steadily followed by works; but nothing results from mere knowledge, unless it moves to action.

5. Of what use is technology to a potter who never puts clay upon turntable to practice his craft? Faith likewise is a science of the heart: if not put into action, it is as if dead, only the accomplished works giving it life. And so am I now well pleased that you became active in a good cause, without being called. Verily, I say to you all: even a drink of fresh water that you handed to a thirsty one is highly regarded by Me, for I look less upon knowledge than action!

6. He who knows something is worthwhile but does not act is as much a sinner as he who well recognises the right thing but is not willing to abandon his lethargy. Wherefore one has to in My kingdom always rise above indolence and practice what is right, as discerned; only then is one what one is to become and should be within My order.

7. (and to the light-blue ones) And since you are now sufficiently fortified, let us betake ourselves once more to the depths, to there awaken what can still be awoken. Try to cool down inflamed passions, to potentially pre-empt war among Earth peoples. A great reward shall await you in My heavens for all reasonable success, which you can achieve with ease, since it is I who have shown you the unfailing way.

8. But make sure you always and everywhere anticipate those fiery red spirits, for they shall try everything to kindle a war between the regents. You shall certainly not be able to prevent everything, but quite a lot in My name which could have precipitated mankind into misery. Upon carrying out your task, betake yourselves to this spot, where a messenger shall await you, who shall lend you a helping hand in My name to enter upon My kingdom. And so let you be gone upon your task!”

9. On departing, one of the light-blue ones adds: “Oh lord and Father, what if we once again famish or thirst – as we don’t know how long this will take: from where shall we again obtain bread and wine?”

10. Say I: “Ask Robert and his colleagues here how long it is since they were dined and slaked and whether they ever hungered or thirsted thereafter. He who once has eaten My bread and drank My wine shall not hunger or thirst again eternally! For My bread is actual living food which, fortifying soul and spirit, constantly reproduces itself in your soul’s stomach. My wine likewise is a true drink not ever followed by further thirst. Hence you can depart with much cheer, for you shall not henceforth hunger or thirst again.

11. With this assurance, the light-blue ones leave boldly upon their errand. It is questionable whether they will achieve much, as the many red spirits have everywhere triggered developments to suit their own plans, but they can nevertheless still alleviate things substantially.

12. Say I: “Thus there has to now come a severe judgement over all who have forgotten how to call upon Me when in trouble and how to acknowledge the worth of man, who was set down upon Earth for reasons other than to have himself shot dead for the glitter of a throne. This time the people, if acting soberly, shall be granted victory for all times to come. Only then does My kingdom come into the world. Should the people act barbarically- which I don’t intend to foresee or predetermine, then they shall hardly ever attain to victory.

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-280 Chapter