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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 279 - The Lord’s simple but powerful speech. Along the short road to heaven. Reason and cognition of the heart. Fruit-picking parable

1. Say the light-blue ones: “We now have no further doubts that You are the true and eternal God, Lord and creator of all heavens, suns and Earths. For on hearing You, all reservations vanish like the mist in the sun’s light. Just as You Yourself spoke inimitably upon Earth, so You speak now before us. From Your unostentatious manner of speech flow the deepest truth and godly love-wisdom like mightiest fountains.

2. How glorious the depiction of the way to Your Kingdom! But we unfortunately fare like Nicodemus once, who also did not know what to make of your explanation on being born again. The way from head to centre of heart truly is a short one, but how is one to set out upon same? In spite of the hidden wisdom within it, the thing seems puzzling, and we ask with Nicodemus: Lord, how can we climb into our own bodies and even into the centre of our hearts with our own feet?

3. Might it not be easier to get to the most remote star of Your endless creation than into our own heart? Here we have to pray You for a more precise explanation, just as your apostles upon Earth had to do occasionally. For to them also Your wisest doctrines seemed like Spanish villages where no stranger can find his way. Where is the entrance here, and what does the building plan look like? Lord, make this a little more plain!”

4. Say I: “The reason you don’t understand this is your intellect, which still smells of the Earth; you ought to surely have enough sense to realize that the talk here is not of going with the feet in the natural sense, but a spiritual journey mentally. Nicodemus was still a terrestrially material man and it therefore is understandable that his intellect imagined a mother’s womb for being re-born a second time. You yourselves however are now bereft of all crude, earthly matter; how can you as spirits think so materialistically?

5. Have you never noticed a dual activity within yourselves – one within the head and another in the heart? Behold, within the head resides the soul’s cold, calculating intellect and its assistant, reason, which upon the soul’s intellectual body resembles a widely, reaching arm full of eyes and ears. The intellect constantly extends this arm further, wanting in the end to seize all of infinity. This vain and insane striving however is in itself that dangerous death-and-judgement-delivering attribute of the soul described with the word haughtiness. In the heart however resides love as a spirit taken from My heart’s spirit. This spirit already contains everything numberless fold that is contained within infinity, from the greatest to the smallest.

6. After the pompous intellect, realising the vanity of its foolish striving, instead of reaching out for the unreachable, humbly retracts the abovementioned arm – which is its rationality and perception, instead of trying to accomplish the unreachable guiding it into the heart – (as the dwelling place of My spirit in man) – then it has accomplished the abovementioned three-spans-long journey. Along such path one attains to the true eternal life and the true, happy rest, finding everything gathered together that infinity contains.

7. This endless interior kingdom of course manifests only gradually, like growth out of the tiny germ hidden in the centre of the seed. Whether the sowing of My works shall come forth to full ripeness early or late, richly or less so, depends solely upon the strength of love for Me and neighbour. For love in the heart towards Me is like the light and warmth of the sun, and love towards neighbour is the necessary fructifying rain. If however sun and rain are mutually active in the right order, then every crop shall ripen well and early.

8. I shall give you an easy picture for your better understanding: it is like unto a father who in summer takes his little ones to his garden, to quickly climb the trees laden with ripe fruit. The lustful children want to quickly climb the trees to pick and eat in excess. The wise father says to his naive children: just stay with Me, because, being too weak, you would easily fall down from the tree breaking arms or legs or even be killed; I and My servants are strong and know how to pick the fruit. Hence wait! I shall be able to enjoy them effortlessly. Once you are big and strong yourselves, you too shall master the high trees. Do you get the picture?”

9. Say the light blue ones: “Thanking You, holiest and best Father forever! Now all is crystal clear to us, and we can’t think what else to ask You.”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-279 Chapter