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Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-278 Chapter

From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 278 - Location of real blissfulness within man’s heart. Path to heaven three spans long

1. Say I: “So it is! Only upon the narrow path and tight space can all men’s true happiness and bliss be achieved. He who looks for it upon the wide roads, thinking that bliss can be found only upon the big, glittering place shall never find it. It is haughtiness that builds wide roads of perdition to big places which however bring neither man’s material nor spiritual happiness.

2. In the world you often noticed how the great fatten themselves at the expense of the small and poor; yet who was ever made happy by gold, silver and precious stones? I say: no one! Seeking fame, and avarice, find far too little contentment and hanker day and night after more glitter and fame and riches. He who is not satisfied is never happy nor can be. A great and broad place takes much to fill and ceases to suffice even the owner, who endeavours to widen and fill it; and so one wedge drives another. For such people it is not possible to ever reach their aim of finding true, lasting happiness.

3. What actually constitutes the greatest unhappiness of every infernal spirit? It is their striving for the infinite; Infinity however has neither a rear wall nor borders, making it easy to see that a spirit striving for infinity can never gain real happiness. He who looks for bliss in infinity cannot possibly ever find it! The further he penetrates, the greater the endless abyss before him which he shall never be able to bridge

4. Wherefore My Kingdom is laid into everyman’s small heart. He who wants to get there has to enter his own heart and there create a spot of rest called humility, love and contentment. Achieving such, his bliss is achieved for eternity. He shall then find much more than he ever expected. For it is surely easier to furnish a small house with everything than it is a great palace which has an empty appearance in spite of thousands of items.

5. Wherefore you must not have too broad concepts of My heavens, but narrow and small ones, whereupon you shall find true bliss there. A heart full of love for Me and the brothers and sisters, together with a bent for action, shall bring every one of you a true foundation for eternal happiness.

6. Likewise you should not imagine My heavens at some immense distance, but close by. The entire road is just three spans long: the distance from head to centre of heart! With this distance covered, you are already there. Do not imagine we are going to journey upwards over all the stars, but just a journey down to our heart. There we shall find our heaven and the true eternal life!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-278 Chapter