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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 277 - About the true nature of god. Love acts within narrow but clear circles

1. Says the Messenger: “This anxious astonishment once again is the result of your most exalted concept of God but these concepts are not appropriate for the true life out of and living in love! Of what concern is to you the infinite nature of God? Tarry within love, which desires to keep everything it has once assembled around itself within narrow circles. The light that proceeds from the bright flame of love surges ahead in straight beams eternally, not returning unless God has set a barrier with which it collides, to then begin its return to its origin. If however you assess the Deity by the spread of its light stream, making you true ‘light-jockeys’, flying upon the wings of spirit throughout the wide outer spaces, in search of the great God’s existence – then the true recognition of the actual nature of God shall eternally elude you. You shall eventually succumb to the endless greatness of God and be no longer capable of rising up within your heart, with which alone you can behold and grasp God’s true nature – that of your Father. If a being like Myself then stands before you and says, “I am He whom you have for so long vainly sought within infinity you take fright and faint of impotence. The reason is that the being which manifests itself as the real Deity in its primordial nature you still gape at with your infinity eyes, stamping your mind with its endlessness strait – jacket.

2. It is indeed right for a spirit or human to behold God’s nature in His works, but not allow himself to be swallowed up by them! Behold during the first phase of this Earth, men found pleasure in the erection of gigantic structures: a Nimrod built Babylon, and a tower jutting over the mountains. A Samiramis levelled down mountains. A Ninus built the great Nineveh. The ancient Pharaohs flooded Egypt with the most colossal structures and images; the Chinese built a wall hundreds of miles long. If one were to imagine such builders of a size commensurate with their works, one would surely by regarded a fool. Behold, the primordial building masters of the Earth’s great structures were men no larger than yourselves, but their energy inflated them and their effectiveness.

3. If however the small, created humans can bring about such works without increasing their stature by a hair’s breadth, why should the Deity in Its arch-primordial Being have the size of Its works? Is it not written that God created man in His image: Why then should God be a giant and those in His image atomistic animalcules that can occupy a dew-drop by the trillions?

4. Was Christ, who was God and man in all fullness, a giant when he accomplished the Salvation work upon Earth? He was no such thing, notwithstanding that His works were of incalculable greatness to you. And behold, the same, by no means gigantic Jesus stands now before you; it is only His spirit that streams for Him like the light from the sun, acting eternally throughout all of infinity with undiminishing power. But this Spirit is of no concern to you whilst you are with the primordial foundation and Lord of all spirit. Hence seize Him by His love and not His emanating light, whereupon you are truly His children and He the Father of you all!

5. Would it not be foolish for astronomers to measure the sun by the reach of its light beams? These continue to penetrate through the depth of eternal space, and its measure increases by each second. What instrument would enable such foolish measurement? Wherefore the astronomers measure the sun itself, for its size is constant and lasting.

6. Do likewise! Measure Me as I now stand before you with the right measure of love in your hearts, and let go of your absurd fear of Me, Who am of your size and love you with all the power of My heart! Then you are well-pleasing to Me and can blissful within the narrow circumference of love, outside of which there can never be any true blessedness for you. Have you understood Me well, or are there any dim spots left?”

7. Say the blessed, astonished ones: “Oh Lord, how different You are to what we imagined You to be! Yes, so You can and must be loved above all with the freest heart! He who does not recognise You the way You are carries fire and brimstone and hell in his blindness within himself. But he who recognises You the way we do now, has with one blow transformed everything into the heaven of all heavens.

8. But who is to blame for the foolish concepts people on Earth have of You? The most blame attaches to Rome’s theology; this teaches a God to be dreadfully feared but never loved. One is indeed filled with all hell and fear, but there can never be any talk of love. Where fear carries the sceptre, there love is far removed.

9. Now we understand things to a hair’s breadth: love weaves and acts only within narrow but clear confines. Only thus does it warm up the great and the small, the artist and the wiseman. Verily, it alone is all in all! It is the real sun, everything else being only shine without essence; oh Lord, how great You are!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-277 Chapter