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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 276 - The light Blue ones astonished at the Messenger’s power, not recognising His actual nature Human and spirits’ concepts and recognition of God

1. Now the light-blue ones, not understanding the sudden transformation of their garments, say: “Friend, it is intriguing: Whatever You say happens! You mentioned our clothing, yet we knew not when they changed. Our attitudes completely changed and we now comprehend some things to their foundations: You must be an exceedingly powerful friend of the Lord. The two previous messengers who came to us with their wives indeed also were imbued with powers, for after they pushed that war-mongering crowd back, these could no longer approach us. But to magically transform things through the word turns another page!

2. Tell us, dearest friends, by what peculiar power You do such wonders. Behold, we did not give much credence to Christ’s miracles when still in the world, but very much to His doctrine, which is of purely nature. But now we are gaining insight into His miraculous works; this makes them godly; we crave to know how this is possible.”

3. Says the Messenger: I can presently tell you just one thing: with God, all things are possible. But whoever loves God above all and is therefore at One with Him, to such everything is possible, as with God Himself. Did not Christ say in the world: ‘whatever you ask the Father in My name he shall grant you!’ All power resides exclusively in love; even God’s endless power resides in His endless love. And so every spirit can, exclusively through love, attain to power commensurate with his love in and for God. Without this however there is neither life nor its commensurate power; have you understood this well?”

4. Say the now light blue ones: “Glorious friend, who should not understand Your words, which flow into our hearts like balm. We pray that You lead us up to that height – to Jesus the Lord, at once! We burn with love and desire to see Him, and perhaps exchange a few words with Him – if in His spirit He is and He was on Earth, namely full of love and endless gentleness!”

5. Says the Messenger: “Yet when He drove the buyers and sellers out of the Temple, overturning the pigeon sellers and money changers‘ tables He was not exactly gently about it, nor when He condemned the fig-tree, or when He uncovered the hypocritical Pharisees’ their shameful deeds; what say ye to that!”

6. Say the light-blue ones: “Oh friend, there He was especially gentle and condescending. We would with His power have proceeded quite memorably: these fellows would have had to roast like a veal ham on Easter Sunday. Regarding the fig-tree however the Lord Jesus merely sketched an image of probably the Roman Catholic Church, which too is full of pagan ceremonial leaves, behind which no fruit is detectable. Hence over to Him, for better or for worse! He must let himself be loved by us head over heels.”

7. Says the Messenger: “Well, we shall try, with the responsibility being upon yourselves.” Say the light blue ones: “Forward march, we shall stand up for you, as we are not afraid of Him!”

8. Following these exclamations from the light blue ones, whose number counted thirty men besides numerous servants, the hill is climbed with despatch. Arriving at the popular tree circle, past many rows of spirits of the good variety, the three apostles, the emperors and several Bishops are standing there, all bowing deeply, whereupon the light blue ones ask the pseudo Messenger: “Friend, to who are all these spirits bowing down? May they not already be seeing Christ the Lord somewhere, whom we, on account of our unworthiness, not able to glimpse? Show us at least the place from where He comes, that me may throw ourselves down before Him, to pay Him our respects from the dust of our nothingness!”

9. Says the seeming Messenger: “These probably see the Lord and simultaneously recognise Him, the reason for their bowing down. For there are many who see the Lord and speak to Him for many a day and often years, yet don’t recognise Him because their heart is still blind. These too then ask: ‘Oh, if only luck would have it that we could for once see the Lord Jesus, after which we would ask for no further happiness! We would wallow in the dust from the depths of our humility and praise Him with all the David’s Psalms and the songs of Solomon!’ This they tell the Lord to His face but know him not, always tarrying for Him, notwithstanding the fact that they bumped into Him a hundred times with their noses.

10. But of what use the seeing without the recognising? The recognising of whoever is usually made difficult by the clouds of arrogance left in the depths of the human heart. It finds it hard to get accustomed to a more human Deity than the normal view of God as something totally extraordinary. Or if in shape of a perfect man then it is expected and imagined to shine at least like a sun.

11. Man can only conceive of God as something exceedingly extraordinary. The reason is the seeing of the material world in its relationship of mass, size and system. The stellar sky points to an immensely massive Deity, the sun to its light and the Earth to its might and power. The Pope and all the clerics of every confession also proclaim Him as something that man can hardly dare to contemplate; added to this is the heart’s own haughtiness and its worldly understanding that feels embarrassed by an unsightly, plain God, not eager to denounce the name Jesus among respectable company and even less assert his Deity.

12. And so it happens especially here in the spirit world but occasionally also upon Earth that the Lord Himself, often for lengthy periods already, interacts with otherwise intelligent spirits and also men on Earth, not however being recognised for above reasons. More than the spirits, people on Earth clamour for great miracles, as small ones are unbecoming of their large God. And should God be discussed, they say: Great, almighty God, creator of infinity, Guide of worlds, Father of eons, and such-like. If Jesus then encounters men upon Earth as a completely plain, sometimes one seemingly endued with human weakness, although speaking most wisely, eating and drinking with them without however working miracles – then he is certain to be recognised by no one, not withstanding that He promised to be with His own till the end of time.

13. Only in poor men’s ’ apparel does the Lord often come to His own upon Earth, but they don’t recognise Him because their concepts of God are themselves already arrogance; just as a nobleman will let himself be dominated by a more lofty nobleman of sixteen ancestors. Let him however be subordinated to a commoner, and his obedience and respect are at an end. So it is also with the Deity-for the arrogance-bloated. If the Lord exhibits nothing in line with their lofty expectations and nothing miracles, and fire, storm, lightning and thunder don’t precede His appearance, then it is the end of His Deity.

14. Indeed I say unto you that quite often in the last eighteen hundred years in the world, the Lord was cudgelled out even by otherwise pious people. Wherefore it is getting harder for the Lord to approach men upon Earth. Coming in harmless fashion, no one recognises Him; what does one do to be acknowledged?!

15. Behold, in the celestial kingdom the only one who is first and most preferred is the one who is the least of all and seemingly most insignificant. How should even God himself then exempt Himself from such rule of His eternal order? Ask yourselves whether in respect of recognising God, this is not also the case with you. You may have been seeing Christ the Lord for quite some time already but are not able to recognise him because he does not appear too distinguished for a God.”

16. Only now are the light blue ones starting to scrutinise the messenger more closely, saying “Surely you are not He yourself? Ah, this would be a quandary! If it were You, then what of us sinners? But judging by Your words then, by God. We would really believe it to be so!”

Main Page From Hell to Heaven RBLUM-276 Chapter