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From Hell to Heaven

Chapter 288 - The magnificent children of God. The Lord’s dining-hall. The Creation’s great primordial garden. The perfected one’s diction proportionate to perceived love

1. Robert asks whether he should also take his friend Peter and the two wives with him. Say I: “Did you not hear just now how here, everyone has the fullest freedom? Why ask? Here you can do as you will, and it shall be done correctly. For no one comes here who has not fully cast off his earthly world-will, and taken up Mine within himself completely. Since you have done so, you cannot possibly want something that I don’t want Myself. Yet there is nowhere and never a higher and more perfect freedom than that of My own will. Since you have now completely internalised same, how could you be restricted in any action?

2. Without unconditional freedom, I and all who have become one with Me would be pure insanity, and fullest bliss of my children a lie. Hence you can disport yourself here as if you were the complete lord of the house. And others can do so too, for here in My house there are no differences of rank. Here everything is fully brother and sister, and I alone am your Lord and Father. But regarding the Spirit and innermost truth, I am also your brother. Now you know everything; hence act and ask no more.

3. Robert now takes Peter, Helena and Elijah and, together with Peter, Paul and John moves to the adjacent chamber. Once again he can hardly find his way for amazement, saying to Peter: “Friend, brother! You step in here as boldly as if not noticing the countless splendours of this big hall of God. This is really strange; for me this hall would be an object of never-ending surveillance

4. Says Peter: “You are wrong dear brother, if you think that habit has made these works mundane and less remarkable. Quite the contrary, but I study everything with a certain peace of mind and proclaim praise to the Lord in my heart. You however are still a newcomer here, not yet knowing proper house etiquette, and are furthermore of a most lively and fiery spirit wherefore everything quickly catches flames with you. Once you will have with time become more acquainted with the eternal Father’s great house and its most loving house-rules, you shall find behaviour quite in order.

5. Your zeal by the way pleases me exceedingly, for your spirit is much like that of our brother Paul, who like you is still full of fire, being still the same fiery spirit. But I am nonetheless no less an enthusiastic lover of everything that is of the Lord; it’s just that I seem quieter, making little noise on the outside but that much more in my heart

6. But now for the action! Do you see over there the big table of purest, transparent gold; that one we shall move to the middle of this hall, and then richly set it with bread and wine and all kinds of celestial fruit, that we shall find in plentiful quantity in the cabinet upon the midday wall.”

7. Robert is glad to hear these Peter’s words, and all go into action and set up the table in moments. Seeing the rich and splendid fruits of every variety, Robert says: “Verily, there is here the greatest abundance of whatever noblest and ripest fruit can be found upon the superior cosmic bodies. The only Earth-fruit I recognise is the pineapple.”

8. Says Peter: “What – did you never upon Earth see grapes, figs or peaches? These occur here as well; come to the window and look at the big garden. You shall see every imaginable fruit variety that you ever saw to Earth, either naturally or painted upon canvas.”

9. Through the window Robert sees an immense and luxuriant garden; he pauses petrified, saying: “Hearken, brother, this would have to be the garden of all gardens within infinity! What boundless expanse! What order and fullness of countless varieties of the most select and rarest fruit Verily, the entire Earth could be well provided from here for a thousand years, following just one harvest! Yet who shall ever consume such shuddering masses?”

10. Says Peter: “The first consumers are we; the next are all inhabitants of this city, which truly has no limits towards the East. And the third consumers are the two lower heavens. Down through them the entire spirit world and through them the natural world. For this is the model garden for all of infinity; do you know where you are now?”

11. Says Robert: “Yes, brother, that’s what I suspected. But now I would like to know what kind of workers cultivate it in the Lord’s name.” Says Peter: “This, the Lord Himself does through His almighty will. He wills it and it is there, whilst transplantation is done by chosen spirits and angels who have the task of fertilising all cosmic bodies.

12. But these spirits and angels are not stationed there permanently, being given new tasks after being replaced. There is no chance of monotony in action, but rather most diverse change. One does what one likes for as long as it gives him joy and bliss. Once the novelty wears off somewhat, he immediately has an array of other choices; is this not plenty of freedom?”

13. Says Robert: “Praise God that I call free life! Oh Earth, of such freedom you have not dreamt yet! But what now; the table is laid? Shall we signal them?” Says Peter: “Friend, this was still an earthly idea; do you think the Lord and the other occupants of this house don’t know that we are ready?”

14. Says Robert: “Indeed, the Lord knows, for sure; but how do the other occupants of this only house find out? “ Says Peter: “Behold, there is a system: a signboard in every one of the countless apartments on all three main floors, and the Lord leaves a message on events, and all occupants at once joyfully respond.

15. There are similar arrangements in all other heavens, but to a carefully calculated lesser degree than in the Father’s house. You shall get to know it all more thoroughly. Believe me, here learning never stops: One remains a student forever, our perfection depending on love and receptivity for the Father’s steadily growing grace. In terms of knowledge and experience, we remain the Lord’s disciples forever. The Lord alone is omniscient, and we only to the extent the Lord considers it desirable.

16. Wherefore there is here in spite of a spirit’s all-embracing knowledge a constant asking about and explaining of all kinds of manifestations you too shall never come to an end of them. The easiest thing is to constantly strengthen oneself in love rather than knowing, because love satisfies but knowledge never does.

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